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Donations and comments from my previous crowdfund.

Name Comment Amount
Anonymous Courage calls to courage. Good luck Allison. 10
Anonymous So many people are with you and admire your bravery. 11
Anonymous Good luck, Allison, and thank you for taking this on. 25
Al Thank you for standing up for women. 25
Anne Anyone who challenges Stonewall ( lobbying group) is a friend of mine 5
Lily Power to you. Nail this thing. With you all the way. 10
Anonymous Thank you for your courage – and how outrageous, that in 2020 it takes courage to defend the right of gay and lesbian people to single sex attraction: an orientation supposed to be Equality Act protected. Your treatment has been disgraceful, but please know you are not alone. 50
Tina Well done and good luck! 20
Anonymous Good luck with the case. It’s time to have some level-headed sanity in this debate. 50
Mary Happy to donate. 10
Anonymous Sending solidarity and wishing you luck. Thank you for your clear and comprehensive elucidation of the issues involved, in your statement accompanying the fundraiser. 10
Yvonne It’s time to stop Stonewall and their totalitarian nonsense. 25
Anonymous With you all the way 10
Jane This is so important, thank you for sticking your head above the parapets. 10
Rose We need you to win this one! 25
Marianne Thank you for taking on this fight for all of us who are being erased 10
Anonymous I’m supporting this because it is very important – women should be able to speak out on these issues without fear of losing their jobs, or of physical violence, or of any of the other threats and insults with which they are deluged. 25
Laura Good luck Allison! I am appalled at the way you have been treated. 10
Rebecca Thank you 25
Anonymous I admire your courage and resolve. Such a shame you need both. Good luck and stay brave! Many, many of us support you bringing this case. 25
Helen Thank you for helping. 10
Sarah Thank you Ms. Bailey for having the courage to take up this cause that concerns us all. We know it comes at great personal costs. The lies must stop. 50
Anonymous Well done, Allison! 25
Michelle Thank you for doing this 5
Rob This is a very courageous action. It is so sad that Stonewall has come to this. 25
Margaret Stonewall used to command respect. It doesn’t any more. It has abandoned the people it was set up to defend in favour of others with a malign agenda. 10
Helen Good luck Allison! This is such an important fight for so many people. Thank you for taking a stand against these bullies to protect all women, children, and same-sex attracted people from having our hard-won rights and human dignities belittled and abused. 35
Anonymous Great. 10
Anonymous Thank you Allison x 10
JANE Women are all colours but are not men 5
david I am in support of you Alison. Good luck 10
Barney Good luck 15
Sheila Thank you Allison for taking on Stonewall. 25
Anonymous So important to challenge this 35
TRACEY Good luck, you are a star! 25
Susan If ever a case was needed 25
Anonymous Good luck Allison, without free speech we aren’t a democracy. 10
jane Being a lesbian of a certain age I have watched our community being destroyed by these women/lesbian hating men – Thank god the time has come – GO ALLISON! 35
Dr Fight the good fight. Women and lesbians have been suppressed and abused for too long. It’s time to redress the balance. Women are adult human females. 5
Anonymous Stonewall make me so angry. Males going into schools and exclaiming their difficulties at being ‘accepted’ as lesbians to young people coming to terms with sexuality is gaslighting, abusive and grooming. Shut them down! 10
Ruth For You Alison. You speak for many of us. Many who have no voice. Many who dont know how to use their voice. And many who have already been silenced by Big Brother Stonewall. Rewriting history, rewriting sexuality and rewriting the law, by stealth… 50
Anonymous Go Alison! 10
Mary solidarity! 25
Shereen Thank you for your bravery and eloquence. Proud to count myself amongst your supporters. 25
Anonymous Thank you for helping to protect women and lesbians 25
Kelly Thank you for your courage in standing up for free speech. 20
Karen From my mum and sisters too x 100
Gillian Good luck 25
Kathy In support of a courageous lady. 10
Maya Forstater I am so proud of you. Women standing up and speaking out will beat this authoritarianism. Thank you Allison 25
Anonymous Keep fighting the good fight, you have more support than you know x 20
Julie Good luck. This bullying needs to stop. Shocking reading how you’ve been treated. 10
Alan Halting the institutional capture of Stonewall is important for the protection of women’s rights. Stonewall Diversity Limited is a misnomer: they demand complete obedience to their misogynistic notions – no diversity of thought is tolerated. 25
Stephen This must be stopped. Thank you 50
Wendy Thank you Allison. I pray you succeed for all our sakes. I’m sorry I am not in a position to give more right now but when I can, I will. 10
Bronwen I’m on benefits so can’t donate much but glad to support this important fight. Thank you for doing this. 10
Sal Sorry It’s not more. Bit skint at the moment due to reduced work hours thanks to Covid.
Sock it to them Allison!
Margaret You have my 100% support. 10
T I can’t believe your own chambers have behaved this way, but Stonewall’s behaviour doesn’t surprise me. Good luck and I hope my small contribution helps. 50
Anonymous Good luck 25
Beverley Too right. For many (many)years, my politics around gender, sex and sexuality chime with new LGB Alliance and I find the toxity and standing of Stonewall’s incomprehensible. 20
Richard In awe of your courage and determination, Allison. 200
Anonymous Thank you for your courage 25
Anonymous Happy to support you in the fight against such vitriolic attempts to erase women and our sex-based rights 5
Jules Good luck, Allison X 50
Paul Excellent stuff. Avanti! 25
Jane from Jane and Lizzie, in solidarity x 50
Anonymous Sorry it isn’t much, money is very tight but I wanted to support, even if It’s just a little. Im heterosexual but very supportive about LGB rights. 5
Anonymous Thankyou 35
Anonymous All the best of luck you wonderful woman you. 5
Cerian thank you Allison
Good luck!
Anthony Alison big big hugs and love to you, total respect for standing up to these ideological bullies who are not listening and want us to accept patent absurd nonsense about biological sex, you have my full support love Antz x 50
Lorns Good luck thank god for people like you standing up to bullying which is what this is ! 10
Anonymous Good luck with this. 10
Anonymous I stand with you against the unjustified discrimination you’ve faced. 10
Anonymous Wonderful woman. 10
Tracey I sincerely hope you wipe the floor with them, Allison. I have every digit crossed and applaud you for bringing this case. 25
Sarah All power to you. X 10
Anonymous Thank you 🙠and good luck x 10
Vicki Thank you for standing strong ‘ 25
Caroline In standing up for yourself in this new era of Salam Witch trials and McCarthyism, you are also standing up for others. 20
Anonymous Thank you Allison, you’re truly stunning and brave! 50
C Good luck Allison! 10
Jessica With love and solidarity x 50
Anonymous So behind you, thank you 50
Diana This is fundamental. I stand by women in their rights for security, privacy and freedom. Good luck Alison. 20
Catrin I wish I could pledge more but finds short at the moment.
I will forward this campaign to like minded friends.
Good luck as this is very important case for so many.
Rosa-Lea Solidarity from Canada 50
Anonymous You’re amazing. Thank you. Xxx 10
Karina Thank you 5
Anonymous I am appalled at the direction Stonewall has moved in. They need to be called to account for this behaviour. 100
Anonymous I’m one of the many women who has to stay silent publicly but who wholeheartedly supports you. Thank you x 25
Laura Thank you for standing up 20
Janet Alison you are doing valuable work for women, lesbians and BAME people simply in your professional work and political campaigning. That you are targeted in this way is appalling. Everyone has the right to political views in any case, but the fact you’re targeted as a black lesbian is beyond belief. 25
Victoria Good luck. Stay strong. 200
Eileen I wish you luck Allison. Women must stand with women, we haven’t yet won the equality battle, so we have to endure yet more misogyny and hate 50
Anonymous I’m sorry I have to do this anonymously for fear of my job. I hope that your case will remove this fear from so many women. 100
Jez We’re with you every step of the way! 10
Anonymous I’m unemployed due to the virus, but this is worth it. Go Allison. 10
Emma All power to you. I’m so disgusted by this. Please know that you have thousands upon thousands of women (and men actually) behind you and willing to fight this bullshit. 10
Anonymous Dear Allison, I am nor lesbian nor back, but a woman and I fully support you! 25
Anonymous Time we all stand up and be counted. Lauren x 100
Anonymous You’ve got this! 10
Anonymous You’re very brave. Thank you. 20
Anonymous Good luck, Allison. 20
Moira Best of luck, it is appalling that you and many others have been treated this way. I cannot believe this is happening in 2020 and I do not think the majority of the public are aware of what is going on. 25
Carina You are wonderful and many thousands stand with you . 20
Stephen We are with you! 50
Anonymous Thank you for standing up for women 20
Meg I have so much admiration for you Alison. And gratitude on behalf of all women and girls for taking up this fight with so much dignity and attention to derail. Good luck. 10
Anonymous You are amazing. Go get em. 10
Anonymous Good luck fighting this homophobic anti-feminism. 10
Sarah Sorry it can’t be more. Thank you for speaking up for us 5
Kim Stonewall UK are misogynistic, homophobic bullies. 10
Anonymous I strongly agree that natal born women’s sex based rights must not be removed. I also think that Stonewall must be exposed & investigated. Natal born women – how ludicrous is it that the word women needs this further definition – must not be afraid (as I am) to speak about this. 10
Marie We’re rooting for you! Thank you for fighting for women and girls everywhere. 10
Anonymous Gay (male) friends keep telling LGB Alliance is a hate group. Prove them wrong xx 10
Sibyl I wish to support womens rights, black rights, and the rights of lesbian women and gay men Like Allison I am also very clear that the the rights of transpeople must be respected – but not at the expense of women, of children and of freedom of speech. 10
Jane Such outrageous overstepping by Stonewall. I send you all the luck in the world in fighting this. I stand with you. 25
Anonymous Thank you for fighting the bullies. You are inspirational, a role model to us all. 50
Jessica Thank you, Allison. Your moral courage is matched by your intellectual power. Everyone should read your essay here to understand Stonewall’s duping of the UK establishment. 50
Helen Glad to do SOMETHING as am v worried about the obliteration of women’s rights 10
Anonymous Thank you, Allison. Right behind you 25
Anonymous Go girl! You’re doing something brilliant that has the widest ramifications. 10
Anonymous Thank you for being so courageous x 25
Kim More power to you, Allison! 100
Anonymous Allison, there is no amount of good wishes it would be sufficient to send you. Sending all I have nonetheless. 50
Gina Sorry I can’t afford more but in a single mum on ESA 5
Neil Best wishes to you. Courage. 10
Andrew There is too much riding on this for you and that is so unfair but I hope you win for everyone’s sake. 50
Anonymous Black Lives Matter… unless they disagree with Stonewall. 10
Alice Appalled by what you’ve been put through – and in total support of the action you’re taking. 10
Robert Very best of luck with your action Alison. It’s always hugely inspiring to see somebody willing to stand up to bullies and It’s a privilege to be able to make a small contribution to help. 10
Emma Allison I stand for your fight and support this fantastic decision. The tyranny of Stonewall needs halting. Thank you. 25
Ewan You have my full support 5
Anonymous Good luck! 25
Pippa Thank you for standing up to these lobbyist attacks on women’s rights and free speech 25
Anonymous Thank you for standing up for the rights of women and girls and from what I have seen, actual trans women are not at all part of this TRA agenda which doesn’t seem to advocate for trans women at all but for homophobes and misogynists 25
Anonymous Every day I am shocked by this prevailing Orwellian and regressive ideology. But every day brave women like you stand up, fight back, and inspire us all. Thank you Allison 50
Kristina Solidarity to you and thank you for your bravery and initiative in challenging this appalling treatment of people by Stonewall. The bullying of people who defend sex-based rights & attraction including trans people like myself must end and a civilised conversation about sex & gender begin. 20
Alice Thank you for standing up for us 10
Joanne Thank you 50
Roxanne Thank you for speaking out- your voice represents many. 10
Dianne Good luck! You are my favourite kind of woman – strong, supportive & you stand against injustice. 25
Sarah Proud of you Allison. Just the last 48 hours has seeN the housing of Emma Nicholson and the suspension of Glinner. As you say, the situation is unbelievable but infuriatingly real. 50
Wey Good luck Alison. This is important work. 10
Julie Stonewall is a disgrace. Good luck Alison, we have your back X 25
Anonymous You are an inspiration. it’s terrifying what Stonewall has become. 20
catherine Thanks for taking this on! 25
Anonymous This organisation is acting way, way out of its remit. It’s become a privately funded stasi 50
Issy Solidarity! This is a sad but very necessary battle – how did we get here? 5
Lesley This is so important, the collusion between Stonewall and members of a once reputable chambers shows that nobody is safe. Stonewall need to be stopped. 50
Alex It is criminal that a private citizen has to take this step against a campaigning organisation. There are laws in place which supersede ideology and yet, no one is enforcing them. All power to you. 100
Gary When it became an advocate of aggressive and absurd extreme gender ideology, Stonewall betrayed not only LGB people, but also women, children and mainstream transsexual people. Stonewall’s work today encourages ignorance, hatred & intolerance, and it is helping to forge an increasingly ugly society. 50
Carol Good luck Allison. 10
Orwell Stonewall Law is not the Law. The fact that they have been able to convince so many of our public and private institutions that women’s and girls’ rights are discriminatory to people who have male bodies, is shocking. Transwomen Are Women is a thought-stopping mantra. 10
Jen Thank you x 25
Alicia All women everywhere should contribute to this legal action. We will all benefit when she wins. 25
Marian Solidarity to you and all LGB. 10
Debby Best of luck 10
Lindsay Keep up the good work Allison 50
Laura Good luck Allison, we’ve got your back. Nevertheless, she persisted! 🖤✊ðŸ¿ðŸ’ƒðŸ¿ 25
Bev Jackson As you rightfully pursue justice for your own cause, you are also pursuing justice for the LGB people who have been betrayed by a movement that has lost its way. And sending a signal that women and LGB people everywhere have had enough of these efforts to crush and silence us. 100
Anonymous Thank you Allison. 10
Dominica Give them hell! 35
Anonymous Keep fighting! Women cannot lose the voice that was fought for over such a long time to obtain. 300
Lola Fight! And win!
Best Regards.
Katherine Good luck and thank you. 50
Susan I am with you Alison, this intimidation and the madness that It serves must be stopped 10
Anonymous Thank you for all the hard work you are doing and so sorry for all the trouble it’s causing. 35
Liam Sorry I can’t commit to more at the moment, I hope this helps. 10
Edward L To get you started. Best of luck! 65
Ann Allison Bailey is a valued member of AEA’s
Advisory Group. We are happy to support her in this important case.
Anonymous Goodnlick 10
Kerry Courage, mon ami. 10
Anonymous You have my whole-hearted support Allison. I’m beyond appalled that you’ve been subjected to this. The only reason the general public should be aware of you is because you’re an outstanding role model, not because you’ve been traduced in this shameful & authoritarian manner. 25
elizabeth thank you for this 25
Alastair Fully support you! Your courage is inspiring! 25
Anonymous You’re inspirational and I’m very concerned and with you here s to succcessss against Stonewall who I now abhor 10
Anonymous From a solicitor 10
Stella Cancelled female political cartoonist ( Morning Star 2015- 2020). I support LGB Alliance and ReSisters United. 25
Anonymous So many women are behind you, Allison. I am astonished at what Stonewall has become. 20
Charlie Bon courage! 25
Anonymous Thank you Allison for what you’re doing for women’s rights. Sorry for what you’ve had to go through and are continuing to go through, but know many people are with you. 25
Margaret Thank you for taking a stand for women. 10
Anonymous I supported this because women and gay people deserve to be able to campaign for our rights without being hounded, bullied and vilified.

I’ve done this anonymously because I can’t face the thought of more abuse. Sorry to be such a coward.
Maureen This is a hugely important case in support of women’s rights and freedom of speech. These attempts to ruin the careers of women who stand up for sex-based are happening all over the UK. They need to be challenged. 50
Anonymous Wishing you every success. This is important. 100
Anonymous You are AMAZING thank you for standing up for women’s rights at a time when we are being silenced. I can’t leave my real name on here BUT THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. 10
Anonymous Go Allison. 10
Jo Massive thanks to you!!! 100
Mark Coz if James Dreyfus says It’s right it will be 10
Anonymous It makes me horrified that I have to be anonymous nowadays when supporting a fellow LGB person against homophobia and sexism in case I get death threats. Stonewall is supporting homophobia, sterilising and mutilating minors who might turn out to be happy gay people. I admire you so much Allison. 50
Anonymous Thank you 10
Anonymous thank you 50
Anonymous I’m so glad to support this, and sorry I can’t give more. Wishing you all the best eith this case. 10
Anonymous Thank you for making this stand. Bullying and censorship has no place in our society. Good luck. 25
Al Good luck Alison. This takes courage but most decent minded people are on your side. Stay strong 35
Mark Second pledge to this today. This one is because Graham Glinner, a big advocate of this cause, is being silenced 10
Philippa Good luck Alison 50
Donella Thank you Alison for your strength and wisdom. For taking up this fight for everyone who believes that being a woman is not just feeling in your head. 10
Anonymous So sorry it had to fall on you. But you are the shero we’ve been waiting for. Please win this for my daughter. For all our daughters. 10
Christina Good luck 10
Michael Good luck Allison! It was a real pleasure to see you chair the WPUK meeting in Oxford. 50
Anonymous Harassment at work should never be tolerated. 15
Anonymous Wish it could be more. Very best of luck. 10
Anonymous From a gender non-conforming German woman, for my daughter’s future. 10
Anonymous Best of luck! 25
Joachim Good Luck, this is amazing!!! 25
Anonymous Go get em! 50
Alison You are fabulous Alison, and we can already see how many other people think so because look at the total raised already!!! 25
Anonymous Good luck 25
Anonymous It’s not enough to sit on the sidelines cheering people on, sometimes we need to dig deep. I’m happy to contribute – Dazzly Pants 50
Anonymous I am so sorry you have had to go through this and I admire you very much for challenging this bullying behaviour. I am very disappointed in your Chambers 20
Laila Proud to support this challenge to our rights as Women to our inalienable Rights to Free speech, to defend OUR sex based Rights enshrined in British Law. We will not bow to an orthodoxy that aims to make the sex based class known as women become invisible as we once were pre 20th century. No way! 50
Anonymous Good luck 25
Jessica Respect, solidarity, thanks. 25
Mary You expressed the threat to women and girls very powerfully. Stonewall are now dangerously mysogonist and homophobic and must be challenged. Thank you Alison 15
Naomi Good luck Allison. You are doing this for all of us. 50
Anonymous Good luck with this! 10
Anonymous Allison, you have been treated shockingly. I am so glad that you are undertaking this case and I am proud to support you. That Stonewall worked to co-ordinate the removal of a lesbian black woman role model from her profession and livelihood is appalling. 50
Anonymous I am concerned that pressure will be put on the Crowd Justice platform to remove this so please contact me directly if that happens. 50
Lene You go girl
In solidarity 👩â€â¤ï¸â€ðŸ‘©
Robyn Good luck. 50
Daressa I am appalled by the increasingly obvious attempts to attack women and girls rights. I am a woman, a mother a successful engineer. I am also a trustee of a charity For homeless girls and young women . Many have been abused. They must be protected. Gay and Lesbians rights must also be protected. 100
Jonathan All power to you, Allison. And thank you for taking such an important stand. 25
Kathryn Thank you for bravely making a stand for women everywhere. 25
Jackie This case is too important not to support. Good luck on behalf of all all women and lesbians who have been targeted by Stonewall through their employers for standing up for women and LGB rights. 10
Lesley Standing right beside you. 50
Anonymous I wish it could be more, when I earn some more I will pledge some more. Well done to you; good luck! 20
Sue Thank you for having the guts to stand up for the lesbians & gender critical feminists like me – I support you totally in refusing to be silenced. Sue Griffiths 50
VE Right beside you Allison. 10
Rachel Thank you for everything you’re doing. 10
Anonymous Thank you for speaking for me xx 50
Alexander I’m sorry I can only leave a small sum of money, I am a little short of cash. I believe that is a good cause so am willing to chip in what I can. Keep up the good work!! 5
Kim Thanks for taking this important step. Wishing you and the cause every success. 25
Anonymous You are amazing! Thanks so much. It is really good to see the undermining of female sex rights clearly articulated as being in breach of equalities law through indirect discrimination. Not to underestimate the impact on LGB rights and child safeguarding, I’m highlighting the legal route used here. 50
Irene Thank you sincerely for taking a stand, Alison. 10
Anonymous Good luck – I admire you. 20
Anonymous Rise up sister, we got you 10
Jen Thank you for standing up for women, and all the work you do to support LGB. 10
Anonymous I hope you get justice 10
Roisin Good luck! 50
Anonymous This is a courageous stand against a blatant attempt to punish you and others for holding a view that is different from Stonewall’s. It is not the liberation we have been fighting for. 100
Anonymous Good heart Allison! 50
Alison Thank you. 50
Aisling Go Alison! Thank you for standing up to these bullies. Love and solidarity to you xx 10
Jenny This is such an important action – I’m proud to support it. Thank you Allison. Stonewall have and are shamefully failing lesbians (and gay men) and must be held to account for that. 20
Anonymous You’ll need to appeal of course, due to Maya’s case. And I’ll donate again and again ! 10
Katharine Thank you Allison for your immense bravery in standing against the silencing of lesbians & anyone who questions trans orthodoxy. LGB Alliance supports your every step of the way. 50
Cara Good Luck with this Allison. Now, more than ever, the rights of actual women need to be protected. 20
Cathy I hope you succeed. 50
Clara Good luck and thanks. 10
Anonymous Can’t walk by and not support. We need brave, ‘difficult’ women. I’m sorry that this invariably comes at a personal cost. 20
Caroline This action is so important. Something needs to be done to stop this juggernaut of abuse meted out by Stonewall who are determined to destroy anybody who disagrees with their dogma. Its both terrifying and unjust that they can do this so easily. Good luck with this case, women and children need help 10
Anonymous Thank you for standing up for women 25
Anonymous Best of luck. 10
Donna-Marie I applaud you for standing up to the Stonewall scourge. 25
Rosemary Solidarity Allison. Stonewall has seriously lost its way and that they think it is acceptable to go after an individuals employment, behind their backs, rather than engage in a public debate is horrifying. I wish you every success. 20
Anonymous Good luck Allison! You are doing great work. Thank you 10
Rae This is so important. Winning this case will help Allison Bailey – but will also help many more in the fight against the victimisation of people – particularly women – who voice their concerns. 20
Claire Good luck. We are are supporting you and doing our bit in our own organisations. I am in ‘Fire’ and educating and enlightening. Most people are oblivious. Stay strong ‘ðŸ». We have your back. 10
Sally Thank you and good luck! 91
Anonymous Sorry it’s not more. X 10
Dawn Am a supporter of LGB Alliance. Feel very strongly about what you stand for. Wish you luck. 50
Heather Thank you for standing up for all of us. Your strength, courage and clarity of thought amaze me. 10
Trish Wishing you success in your case and sending heartfelt thanks for your bravery in standing up for all women and their hard won rights. So sorry you have been subjected to this vile treatment. 10
Anonymous Happy Pride 2020, Allison. I hope you win. 10
Anonymous No modern day McCarthyism please- this time the target is women. 10
Anonymous Thank you! 30
Anonymous Thank you Allison. 50
Shelley Best of luck Allison. Your story moved me to tears rage and open mouthed astonishment. You have an army of women at your side. 10
Marianne Good Luck! 25
James It gives me hope to see people like you fight as you do. 10
emmie Hi Allison. I’m outraged and terrified in equal measure by the way groups like Stonewall are treating you and other lesbians. I’m happy to support you and so grateful to all the incredible women & men who are fighting this crazy cult of trans activism. I wish you luck x 50
Anonymous Courage! 35
Anonymous We are right behind you, Allison! Thank you for your courage. 50
Ann-Marie The very best of luck. 100
Sue I am so grateful to you for taking this on. What’s happening seems more and more horrific – like you, I did not understand at first, indeed it’s taken months to get my head round it. 50
Ricky Solidarity Alison, I’m sorry there is a need for you to do this but with all my heart I’m rooting for you. Take care, stay strong. 10
Annemarie dont give up 25
Sherry I hope this case encourages others to fight back against stonewall and their damaging ideologies. Best of luck 35
Anonymous Fight on x 10
Anonymous Thank you, Allison. 10
Kate The very best of luck! 10
Edward Good luck, solidarity from a gay man 50
Kelly I don’t claim to know a lot about what is going on but have been following this saga for some time. I am horrified at how women are being treated for purely wanting to protect womens rights. You are all so very brave for putting yourself on the frontline and I want to support you as much as I can. 25
Anonymous Thank you, Allison 10
Sophie 🙌🻠15
Mo Thank you for doing this. 💕 from an angry adult human female. X 10
Anonymous I’m outraged on your behalf. 10
Doreen Iv been waiting on someone to take Stonewall on. Their stance against the rights of same sex attracted people is blatant discrimination 25
Christine Thank you for this. Women now and in the future owe you a huge debt of gratitude. 25
Janaki I’ve been labelled a terf but women have to stand up for our hard won sex based legal rights 100
Anonymous Good luck. Keep fighting for women’s rights to safety, dignity and free speech. 10
Anonymous Hope this case persuades Companies and Organisations currently paying tithes to Stonewall to reconsider.

It is no longer a fit and proper charity to guide on LGBT matters.
Nicola Thank you 10
Anonymous Good luck!! 5
Kerri Behind you all the way 10
Amy Stonewall’s tactics to silence female critics are chilling. This has gone too far, thank you for holding them to account. We are behind you. 100
Anonymous Good luck 10
Pauline Good luck 25
Anonymous ✊ 20
Sally Thank goodness for people like you protecting rights and not being frightened off. Thank you! 25
Anonymous I am both sorry for you and absolutely terrified by the trans lobbying and its insidious reach into schools and all areas of society. 25
Anonymous Good luck 10
Anonymous Go for it Allison. This is so important. 25
Russell Go get ‘em. 100
Amanda I stand with you. 20
Anonymous Good luck, Allison – hugely admire you for doing this. 50
Tiffany I’ve been a lesbian my entire life, trust me it’s never even crossed my mind to be sexually attracted to a male just because he calls himself a lesbian too; that’s a comedy sketch gag, not real life. Wake up, people. 25
Anonymous Thank you for doing this! 50
Bonny I support you all the way, thank you. Xx 25
Catherine Alison you are amazing. Stay strong. It is so important to defend debate and sex as a political class without being labelled transphobic 50
Michelle Best of luck to you. Never let the bastards grind you down x 50
Sara Thank you. Stonewall must be called to account for its destruction of women’s rights and their freedom of speech. 50
Andrew Good luck in the case, hope you win. I support the rights of trans people to be free from discrimination, but do not believe in conflating gender and sex, they are different things. 10
karen Sorry I haven’t got more to pledge. Good luck with your case 5
Angry Mum Provoked to pledge by LGBT Youth Scotland’s leaflet (aimed at teen girls) for ‘women who have sex with women’ which says ‘if either you or your partner has a penis’. Stop lesbian erasure NOW. No equivalent leaflet for gay men, of course. 10
Kathleen Good luck, Allison. I support you all the way. 20
Ann I am sorry that I am not in a position to give more at the moment. I have been a feminist for fifty years and am giving this on behalf of my grandaughter so that she can enjoy the rights and freedoms that so many have fought for. 10
Anonymous Good luck you wonderful woman. I am so horrified to hear what you have been through, and what so many other women are going through too. Thank you for fighting this terrible injustice. Joanna 50
Lindsay Thank you for standing up for all women. 35
Anonymous Good luck. The erasure of sex & (same) sex based attraction is something that worries me. It all feels very Emperor’s New Clothes. I don’t hate trans people but I do dislike some of the muddled headed and damaging actions done under the guise of standing for trans rights. 25
Anonymous Best wishes and good luck xxx 5
Elizabeth Good luck and thank you for standing up for women and girls. 10
Anonymous Thank you for setting out your case out so eloquently. 20
Anonymous I’m so sorry you had the experiences you had. Thank you for doing this. You are brave and strong. 10
Anonymous This is so important. Solidarity, Allison. 10
Ashley Take them DOWN 35
Beverley Back you all the Allison! No woman should’ve had to go through what you have. Solidarity all the way! 10
Anonymous I will donate more when I next get paid. 100
Annette Such an important fight. I cannot believe the malevolent forces that have gathered in so many areas of public life. Please win this case – right is surely on your side. 100
Anonymous Thank you for standing up for those of us who are afraid to speak out. 10
Anonymous Good luck with your case – so sorry you have been treated this way. 10
Anonymous I’m not LGB but this affects us all, thank you for standing up to these bullying and silencing tactics. 50
Anonymous Good luck, Allison. I’m sick of the no-platforming, doxing and the policing of opinions in the workplace. Whether you agree with them or not, women should be allowed to speak. 15
Anonymous Thank you so much for everything you’re doing. We’ve got your back. 35
Melanie Good luck!! 20
Kruti Thank you for standing up for gender critical women and against Stonewall, a powerful lobby group that can no longer be trusted to fight for LGB people. 25
Serena Thank you thank you thank you , we need women like you !! X 25
Hazel You go girl. I am with you. 10
Rebecca Privileged to have the opportunity to support you. Thankful you are taking this action. Best of luck. 10
MONICA Merci!!!!! 10
Anonymous Good luck from a gay man 10
Anonymous Thank you 10
Anonymous Behind you all the way Allison <3 10
Anonymous Thank you Allison 50
J Good luck 10
Anonymous Best of luck Allison, and thank you for doing this on behalf of all women and survivors of male violence. xx 50
Sarah I am trans-sexual and I fully support you. 10
Anonymous Thank you for speaking up for free speech and to protect women’s rights to safe male-free spaces when they are needed. 35
Maria K Thank you for continuing to take a stand Allison. 25
Monica Sorry this happened to you Allison – keep fighting 100
Heather Thank you for showing who Stonewall 2020 truly are. Support you all the way 20
Anonymous Wishing you all the best in this important action 50
Monika This is such an important case. Thank you for fighting. 25
Kim Would give more if I could. What you are doing is so important 10
Philippa If not stopped free speech is gone and noone is safe from being bullied like this 10
Claudia Good luck Allison, love and solidarity to you x 20
Anonymous Best of luck and well done for standing up for yourself and others. 10
Anonymous Good luck Alison. We are with you. 20
Anonymous Good luck, Allison. Thank you for standing up for women’s rights, the safeguarding of children, and the protection of LGB people. 5
Gillian Thank you Allison for taking a stand against this dangerous ideology. We are all rooting for you. Stay brave! 50
Jeopardy Good for you! Gender critical women are fed up with being bullied by Stonewall. 100
Anonymous Thank you and good luck. 20
Helen I support Allison Bailey’s courageous effort to hold Stonewall to account for its egregious campaign against free speech & distortion of human rights and the protections of women, children & same sex people enshrined by 2010 UK Equalities Act. 50
Kate Thank you for fighting for all of us 25
Ruth Thank you for doing this. We’re with you every step of the way. Solidarity x 25
Helen This is a very important case. Many, many people will be supporting you. 25
James I support your challenge to the bigotry and malicious influence of Stonewall. 25
Diane Fully support you in this Allison, this ideology is so regressive wrt gay and lesbian rights. 50
hazel respect 50
Anonymous Good luck 20
Luis Fully behind you. I am a lesbian and over the years have seen extreme TRA misogyny is eroding our voice, space, identity and now safety. 10
Anonymous Good luck Allison! 5
Alix 60k? No problem. Should be done by tea time at this rate! There is a huge appetite for this case to go to court. Thank you for being the one to take it there. We are with you and WE will not let YOU down. 30
Diana Agnes Solidarity Alison, we are behind you 35
Anonymous Important to stop the intimidation by which people are forced to keep silent or risk their jobs 10
Sarah Thank you so much. Know that you have my support. 100
Anya Good luck, Allison. Stonewall have taken their protection racket too far and your chambers should never have listened to them. 50
Alessandra I am not afraid to say I support you. I am proud of it. 50
Anonymous We stand with you! 25
Elise Please keep up the good work 100
Audrey It is important we uphold everyone’s human and equality rights; and balance them when there is conflict. To go after the career of a black lesbian for simply defending her rights is shocking behaviour and this sort of legal action is needed to stop this. 25
Liam LGB sexuality issues matter. Stonewall must stop intimidating people who disagree with them – cancelling people is underhand and unethical. 25
Isabelle Thankyou, Allison, for taking this action. 50
Caroline I wish you all the luck in the world. 100
Anonymous Alison you have been so inspiring and brave, and all that has happened to you horrifies me. You are in the right. I also suffered, years ago, for doing the right thing at work. Eventually I was vindicated, and it turned out better all round, and I hope the same happens to you. 25
Anonymous Good luck 20
Leigh Best of luck, much hinges on the success of this case and a big thankyou for standing up for women’s rights. 25
Anonymous After reading, ‘Orwellian’ is an understatement. Desperately sorry for the abuse you have endured. Thank you for bringing this case. 25
Gerard Stonewall is an extremist organisation. If you work for a Stonewall Champion please lobby your CEO to get it to leave 100
Anonymous Thank you and solidarity. 5
Susie I wish you every success 25
Sarah Shero 25
Anonymous The damage being done needs to be stopped. Thankyou for standing up and doing this 50
Tanya Carter Thank you. Thank you from me and my daughters for your commitment to the true meaning of inclusion & diversity. Thank you for your understanding of safeguarding & your refusal to be silenced. Thank you for doing what is right even when it is no longer popular. 25
Alison Good luck with your claim. You deserve to win. 25
Anonymous Allison – very best of luck. Thank you for laying out your case so clearly. You are obviously in the right. Very best of luck. I will contribute again if you need it. 50
Susan I’m shocked and disgusted at how you’ve been treated by both your chambers and Stonewall for being vocal and proactive in support of women and children’s rights, and I applaud your courage and bravery. Best wishes. 35
Richard When Stonewall ‘investigates’ the opinions of a lesbian woman for stating the truth that lesbians are women, something has gone horribly wrong with Stonewall.

Stonewall is no longer a lesbian and gay rights charity, its an insidious lobby group pushing Gender Identity politics.
Jane Clare This is an absolutely vital case Allison. We are all behind you sister. 25
Helen Absolutely agree with you. Keep fighting. 10
Anonymous Wishing you and the cause much success. 35
Steve Good luck, you deserve better from Stonewall but since they have become a trans lobby group you won’t get it. 25
Carole Thank you for taking this on. Strength and courage! 50
Sarah Well done Allison. Really great that someone is brave enough to take a stand against Sonewall’s bullying tactics. Good luck. 10
Angry End this. 100
Anonymous Thank you for being brave and staying up for all women – please don’t let the venom and threats from those who will label you a TERF stop you from bringing forward this very important topic. 25
Nina It is high time that Stonewall was taken to account for its intolerance and lighting towards LGB issues and towards lesbians in particular. I think that you have been treated appallingly. I wish you the best of luck. 10
Anonymous Stonewall need to be challenged on this. Thank you. 25
Abigail Good luck. 10
Alice We fight to win. 200
Anonymous Well Done Alison, this is vital to win 25
Isabella Fighting the good fight!! 20
David Stonewall is no longer fit for purpose. 25
William This is a particularly shocking case of Stonewall’s excessive influence. 10
Sara I wish you well with your case. It is so important that Stonewall are held to account and that we are able to discuss our sex based rights without fear. 10
Deborah I stand with you. A foot soldier in the Terf wars. 500
Daniela Thank you for shouldering more burden than you already do, or should. Here’s hoping that many more in the law get off the sidelines and throw their weight behind protecting LGB and women’s rights. 200
Joanne The best of luck to you. The women, like yourself, brave enough and able to challenge this “new orthodoxy” deserve as much support as the rest of us can muster. This will affect us all in the end. 25
Zoe Best of luck Alison, thank you for standing up for women. 10
Women Didn’t pledge enough the first time. 300
Anonymous Good luck! 50
Anonymous Go for it Alison. Standing with you in support. We’ve got your back. 25
Martin Stonewall no longer represents the LGB 25
Rebecca Stonewall used to be a great, commendable organisation focused on LGBT rights. Now it’s just the T to the detriment of the L in particular. They keep spreading misinformation and silencing people. This is not on. 10
Anonymous So glad that you are able to go this. 50
Anonymous They have captured many organisations by stealth. 10
Catherine Thank you Allison. 50
Yar You’re an inspiration! We need more voices speaking up on this issue. 10
Elizabeth Fighting the Good Fight. 10
Anonymous Thank you for fighting against this madness. 50
Anonymous Good luck! 10
Lucy Good luck! 10
Anonymous Stay strong Allison. 50
Luisa I hope you win. 25
Anonymous Wishing you the best of luck with this. 10
Alasdair I’m fed up with the bullying behaviour of trans rights activitists. It seems to me to be infantile, narcissistic and tyrannical. As a middle aged bloke I really don’t want my grand-daughters subject to their vile strictures. 25
Anonymous Solidarity Allison 25
Anonymous Right behind you Allison! Go get em! 25
Susan This is an important case. Thank you for fighting it. 50
SE Hi Allison
We met at Resisters last winter, I fully support you on this & hope to meet you again soon! Fabulous woman!
Brenda Full support to Allison Bailey 25
Julie Good luck xx Your sisters are with you every step of the way 10
Anonymous Good luck Allison 10
Anonymous Waiting for my salary. Will give more when I can. Best of luck. 10
Elizabeth Good luck Alison. 10
Victoria Go get ’em! 25
Anonymous Thank you for having the courage of doing this, from a very grateful mother. 10
Kevin Great admirer of your work so far. Judging from that, Stonewall’s choice of enemy seems… unwise. 100
Anonymous Thank you for your bravery and good luck x 10
Jo Since becoming aware of the insidious and creeping infiltration of Trans activism supported by Stonewall and Mermaids and many other organisations l have been appalled at the misogyny and aggression shown by those who would keep women quiet. It is imperative that we use all our force to stop the inf 100
Tracy Thanks Allison 25
Sonia I fully support this Allison – amazing x 25
Chris Good luck! 25
Anonymous This is such an important case, I wish you all the best and wish I could offer more. Sex is not a dirty word. 10
Anonymous No organisation should be exempt from scrutiny. Good luck Alison. 10
Anonymous Best wishes with this 10
Grace Thank you for standing up for women and girls! 10
C Good luck against the sinister agenda of those that wish to silence women. I know you have the support of many, and many of those are still silent in fear of the repercussions that so many face when speaking out. 25
Clare Good luck Allison! 10
A. Good luck 25
Allison I to have been labelled a TERF for near – identical views as yours. We shall not be silenced. Women must be allowed a voice. Coercing anyone into sexual contact is illegal, I don’t care whether you’re trans or not – no attraction and no consent = no action. 10
Anonymous I am with you. 10
Anonymous Good luck Alison. As a gay man I want to return some of that solidarity from the Act-up era! 10
Kate Good luck Allison. This is really important. 20
Katharine Alison, I have seen you speak at a women’s lib event and was so overwhelmed by your courage, strength and your conviction to speak out and stand up for women’s rights. I am so thankful to you for all you are doing and very proud to support you here. 50
Helen This is an important test case and I wish you the very best of luck 20
Gareth Good luck Allison, I’m supporting you! 25
Karen Thank you Allison 20
Anonymous Pledged as should anyone who is too scared to show their name through fear of losing their job 25
Lisa So happy to pledge, this is about all women and girls. Thank you for taking a stand. 10
Sophie Sorry to hear that you have been put through this. Thank you for fighting it! Best of luck to you. 10
Kate Good luck Allison. 10
Women Gwan gal 10
Issilly Stonewall oppresses lesbians. This needs to be challenged. Thank you, Allison. 50
Viv Thank you for taking the stand, Allison. It’s time To expose Stonewall for the travesty it has become. It no longer represents lesbians or gay men. 20
Mark This is so important.
Stonewall has lost its way,, is rewriting its history & is vilifying those it swore to protect
Cathy Go go go Allison
I am straight but this us important for all women and all same sex attracted people.
Charlotte THANK YOU and good luck!!!!! 25
Lisa Without free speech there can be no democracy. I don’t want to live in a totalitarian world. 10
Anonymous Good luck. You are a brave and inspirational woman standing up for yourself and women and girls everywhere. 10
Barbara This is so important for all lesbians and all women. Thank you for taking the case forward. 25
Karen The many of us who are gender critical are worried about speaking out and belong to private groups, so v glad to be able to support your case and give visibility to the dangers of the misogyny of the TRA agenda. 10
Jen In solidarity, sister! 25
Liz Stonewall should be held accountable for its ongoing campaign of erasure of LGB people. 25
Justin I stand with women and LGB Alliance.
Anton Thank you so much ! 10
JS Alison- I am behind you all the way. Good luck. To have your reputation so recklessly toyed with after all you’ve done by this bunch of cowboys is intolerable. And what they’re currently doing to the reputation of Stonewall, is a crying shame. 50
Anonymous Good luck. Brilliant initiative 50
Avril Much love xxx 20
Debbie Good luck 20
Anonymous I support this & you. Thank you. 10
Anonymous Thank you for doing this. 25
Mary Wishing you all the best in this important fight 20
Michael Solidarity! 10
Rebecca Freedom of speech is essential in a democratic and the forces trying to shut this down by bullying and harassment must be stopped. 20
Callum Good luck Alison. Thank you for doing this. 10
Pauline Thank you for fighting for all of us and our right to be who we are 10
Anonymous Wishing you all the best. 10
Claire The best of luck Alison. 100
Anonymous Good luck 10
Colleen Good luck! 35
Nicola Thank you for all you are doing 25
Gina Stonewalls behaviour is disgraceful. They are behaving in a similar manner to Hitlers brownshirt brigade in their attempt to crush all those with whom they disagree. 10
Anonymous Good luck. 10
Jenni Allison, thank you for your courage in standing up for women’s rights to safety, identity, freedom of speech and freedom from fear. 200
Kathleen Good luck Allison. Thank you for doing this. 50
Anonymous Good luck – this is a 21st century witch-hunt and Garden Court ought to be ashamed of themselves 25
John Good luck, cancel culture must be cancelled. 25
Sarah Good luck Alison! 10
Lucy Courage! 10
Anonymous For our daughters. 25
Jessica I am shocked that, in 2020, women are scared to discuss issues that affect us in case we are attacked and branded as witch’. This action by Alison is just and brave and she represents women everywhere. 100
Janine Thank you so much for having the courage to stand up to protect women and girls. Your message is so important and your voice needs to be heard. 50
Anonymous Solidarity sister 25
Anonymous a woman, paying my entry fee, to follow you up the hill im willing to die on. 10
Carolyn Good luck Allison! 50
catherine I support you Allison and wish you the best of luck. You deserve to win! 25
Anonymous The new transactivism is not about rights of ordinary trans peopl. It’s about males forcing themselves into every facet of life, erasing women and same-sex-attracted people from law and slandering anyone who dare oppose. I hope people will start to wake up to this. Good luck Allison 50
Anonymous Courage. 200
Anonymous Good luck with your case. I’m sorry that you have been targeted in this way and very pleased that you are prepared to take Stonewall on. Gender ideology is damaging us all and we should be free to speak about it. 20
Anonymous In solidarity 20
Emily Best of luck Allison – you are so inspiring. Stonewall needs to be held to account. 50
Joanne The best of luck, Allison x 10
Miriam Best of luck with this Alison. You have far more supporters than your adversaries would have anyone believe. 50
Alice Thank you, from another lesbian who has been bullied and shamed by trans activists for being same-sex attracted. Stonewall are misappropriating public funds in the name of LGB people as they’ve redefined us and refused to listen to our objections. I’m a homosexual and proud. 10
Andrew Thanks for taking on Stonewall. They have become a powerful pernicious influence in UK society 25
Anonymous We’re with you Allison. Much love from Australia. 5
Anonymous I’m horrified that you went through this. Thank you for everything you’re doing for me and my family. 10
Anonymous Anything that helps expose Stonewall’s betrayal of lesbians. “Acceptance without exception” unless you are a lesbian who says “no” 25
Anonymous Your chambers has behaved appallingly. I’m sorry for what was done to you as a child and angry that you had to disclose such personal information just because some people can’t or won’t understand why women need single sex spaces. 35
Miranda Stonewall have become an organisation antagonistic towards lesbians and gay men. 25
Nick Go Allison 10
Gerard You have mine and millions of others full support. This is a crucial cause. 25
Anonymous This case needs to be heard. We are all behind you Allison, good luck. 25
Anonymous Allison, this has moved me. I wish you all the luck in the world. Years ago I used to support Stonewall with a small monthly direct debit payment – no more. You are a braver woman than me. Lots of love, and good luck Xxxx 10
Amanda Good luck and thank you, you are awesome!! 5
Anonymous We’re with you Allison! 30
Noreen All power to LGB and to you For being a warrior for justice 25
Jayne We are completely with you in taking this action. Thank you Allison. 50
Anonymous It’s shocking (but sadly not surprising) that Stonewall is doing this to a lesbian. Thanks for speaking up and challenging this. 10
Malcolm Go Allison. Take them down! Repeal Stonewall Law. 200
Anonymous Allison, you have such integrity. Please keep going for those of us who can’t yet openly speak out. 100
Sarah It is long overdue that this this once great, but now sadly toxic organisation’s influence was challenged.
Courage calls to courage everywhere.
Anonymous Love from Australia – never back down. 10
Jamie In support 50
Anonymous We have your back Alison, you brave and amazing women. 50
Karen Even Margaret Atwood could have imagined anything so dystopian. 10
Rachel Enough is enough. 35
Janice The public do not realise that Stonewall have changed beyond all recognition. They must be stopped. 25
CJ Happy to support you. Important to stand up to bullies and for our hard won rights. 50
Anonymous Good luck , Allison. This organisation is dangerous and needs to be stopped! 50
Jane Good luck Allison. You are fabulous. Will spread the word. 25
Nat See you in court Stonewall 50
Anonymous Pledged on behalf of Frances Lumsden 10
Anonymous Best of luck 20
Anonymous Good luck with this. This issue is so incredibly important. 25
Cat Hi there – I’m 43, completing my BPTC and starting in chambers in Cardiff on Jan 4th 2021 (delayed due to Covid). I think what you’re doing is critical and your bravery knows no bounds. Thank you. 10
Kate Courage. 10
T Pls keep fighting for gay and lesbian rights Alison. They’re under the worst attack I have seen in my lifetime. 20
Anonymous Right behind you! 10
Anonymous For freedom to think and freedom to speak. 10
Anonymous Thank you for challenging the right to have free speech. 10
Dianne Heartfelt thanks from Australia 50
Emma Thank you 25
Diane Stay strong. We will win this together… 20
Jo Thank you for speaking up and speaking out and fighting the good fight. 50
Anonymous Have courage. So many of us are behind you x 10
Barbara I wish I could do more. Thank you for fighting for women. 25
Emma You’re pretty amazing . Thankyou 10
Anonymous Very best wishes Allison. With you all the way. 10
Anonymous This is so important. Thank you. 10
Anonymous I stand with you Allison and wish you every success with your case. 20
Anonymous Thank you! 10
Anonymous Love, support, solidarity and respect 10
Anonymous Thank you for doing this Alison. So many people are with you all the way. 50
Juliette Good luck Allison, I admire you so much – you are inspirational. xx 15
Lisa-Marie Best of luck with this important challenge to methods deployed by Stonewall. It is time for them to be held accountable. Thank you for taking them on. 50
Frankie Stop the erasure of women who speak out and tell the truth. 10
E Thank you Allison. Many of us have had to tow the Stonewall line at work and have been silenced and called transphobic for defending women’s rights. Stonewall are not a statutory arm if the government and should not be treated as such. 10
Lisa Good luck. Stonewall must be stopped! 20
Tish Standing in solidarity. A hugely important case for Women & all our gay youth. 10
Lisa Solidarity with you, Allison. 50
Stacey So good we have a woman like this (and her legal team and supporters) to take this important fight on. Stonewall have become a monolithic and misogynistic and homophobic organisation. 50
Anonymous Thank you for standing up for all of us on this critical issue. 10
Daphne Woman – adult human female. 10
Claire The way that Stonewall is behaving is chilling. This needs to stop. 25
Diane Thank you x 10
Anonymous This is sinister. If the GEO was fit for purpose it would be investigating Stonewall UK. 25
Joanna Thanks so much for doing this Alison. I’m so happy to donate but I’m also so sick and tired of women having to spend our money on legal cases just to stand still. The current assault on the rights of LGB people women and girls is nothing short of disgusting. 15
Stephanie We’re all with you Allison x 50
Mary Right beside you on this Allison. You’ve been treated shockingly; women are under attack but together we can stop this. 20
Anonymous Good luck xx 50
Diana Fight a good fight, Allison! 10
Sas Good luck! Your story made me cry. You are an inspiration and role model. 10
Claire Courage calls. Thanks Allison. 15
Deni A fellow Lesbian RadFem TERF from Aus. Good luck Sister, we’re fighting the good fight. Bless â¤ï¸ðŸ™ðŸŒ¹ 10
Rebecca Thank you for standing up for this. 25
Anonymous Good luck. This is a fight that needs to be held and I’m sorry this has happened to you. 50
Michelle Thank you for fighting. I’m so appalled with the rampant brainwashing and forcefulness of these awful organisations xx 10
Anonymous Good luck Allison, Stonewall’s gross misrepresentation of the law and overreach needs to end. 10
Leah Such an important issue Alison. Thank you for taking a stand. 10
Debbie Thank you for doing this Allison. Stonewall’s totalitarian behaviour is a disgrace and they need to be held accountable. 10
Jen I worry for our young gay people in all of this. 10
Anonymous Thank you Alison for all you are doing to defend the hard won rights of women 10
Anonymous Glad to be able to help in some way x 50
Richard Good luck 10
Joanne I have not walked in your shoes but your stance is right, fair and lawful, thank you on behalf of all my LGB friends. 50
Andrew Free speech is for everybody, or it’s for nobody. 10
Anonymous Go Allison x 10
Anonymous Good luck 5
Anonymous Thank you for your eloquence and bravery. 20
Anonymous Good luck. 500
Anonymous Happy to support you in your fight to bring this organisation to account 30
Katrina No “charity” should have the power to secretly collaborate with your employer to damage or end your career or employment. Stonewall is using power through fear to control both public & private sector organisations & need to be brought to heel before it’s too late.
Well done Allison & good luck.
Anonymous Thank you for speaking out so clearly & eloquently. Thank you for taking this on. I am deeply sorry for you that this is necessary. Thank you. 10
Nic Thank you for fighting back against misogyny and homophobia 25
Anonymous Go, Alison! A reckoning against this overblown, & now homophobic and misogynistic organisation has been long overdue. It has long since lost sight of its purpose. 10
Toni I am in full support of Alison and as a lesbian I’m horrified by Stonewalls erasure of lesbians…apparently anyone can be a lesbian including males. The have even gone so far as to rewrite the very meaning of homosexuality to a ‘gender preference’, my sexuality is neither a preference or an identit 20
Anonymous Good Luck! 15
Vanessa Good luck with your case. 25
Margaret Good luck Allison and thanks for all you do. 50
Steve Strength to your arm! 10
Rachel Thank you sister x 50
Denise Thank you for being brave enough to do this Allison. Good luck to you. 50
Anonymous Good luck Allison. I’m sorry about everything you’ve suffered and want to say thank you for standing up for the rights of women and children x 10
Brian Best of luck, Allison 50
Fay Just put simply, thank you very much. 50
Anonymous Good luck, I think this case could set an important president for future cases, I really hope it is successful. 20
Michelle From Spain, good luck 25
Anonymous Good luck 10
Piers Sergei You have my support 25
Nicola More power to you Allison, what you’re doing is so important! 20
Nikki With you all the way, Allison. 20
Rita Good luck Allison. The insidious and pernicious influence of Stonewall needs to be exposed to public scrutiny. 10
Anonymous Good luck 10
Gillian Solidarity 10
Sibyl About time Stonewall is shamed for its negligence and divisive politics 25
R You are so brave. I want you to know so many of us have got your back 20
Anonymous Way to go! 10
Jane Solidarity Alison, and thanks for everything you’re doing. 25
Sonali Thank you for your courage, Allison! Stonewall has betrayed its founding purpose and become an anti-lesbian, anti-feminist organisation in its addiction to the corporate dime. Its organised behind-the-scenes bullying of women who refuse to acquiesce to lies needs to be exposed. Solidarity xx 25
Ann-Marie Good luck Alison and thank you. 25
Annabel Good luck, and thank you! 10
Anonymous Stonewall have let lesbians like me down so badly they must be exposed. The fact they deny there is an issue just shows how far off off track they have gone. 10
Andrea Such an important case 25
Anna Wholehearted support. 5
Alex Fight the good fight for Allison for women, free speech and biological reality. 25
Jackie More power to you, Allison. 25
Claudia Thank you Allison! This is so important. We can all tweet about stuff like this (and I do) but this could actually make a difference xx 25
Emily Thank you. I’m a bisexual autistic who grew up around the time of the MMR hoax, and I’ve seen many quack autism “cures” come and go, but this one that sterilises children is being supported by autism groups. It’s a eugenics attack on autistic and pre-LGB kids. 25
Polly Good luck. xx 10
kate Alison, you have my utmost respect and support. I welcome this legal challenge to Stonewall and their use of the outwardly benign *Diversity Champions* use as a tool for challenging those whose opinions they disagree with. 25
Anonymous With you all the way Allison xxx 10
Linda I am not a lesbian, but have been horrified by attempts to shut lesbians up, make them accept males as sexual partners and label them transphobes. Good luck Allison. 10
Anonymous Good luck and thank you 25
Ananda I stand with you in this very long fight against misogyny 25
Dr Adrian Woman = Adult Human Female

Thank you Allison. I hope you win. We are all behind you.
Anonymous Good luck. 50
Anonymous Best of luck 25
Lisa I am proud to support your crowdfunding to tackle this Men’s Rights Movement. 30
Cathy Good luck Alison. Your bravery in standing up for women’s rights is inspiring 10
Lizzie Solidarity and respect 25
Tim Glad to be able to offer a bit of support to Alison in her fight against an organisation which benefits from grants from several UK government departments and multi-national corporations as well as the National Lottery, but which does not represent my interests as a gay man. 25
Julie It is surreal that this is what women have to do to ensure our basic rights are upheld. We are in danger of losing our democratic rights as corporate charities/lobby groups exert their influence over all aspects of political and civic life. Allison, thank you. Soilidarity. 50
Frances All strength and power to you in a fight everyone concerned with fairness, free speech and human rights needs you to win. 25
Vicky Allison this is such an important case, and you are incredibly brave to stand up to the these bullies. You have millions of us behind you, supporting you. 10
Michelle Best of luck to a brave woman. 100
Siobhán Solidarity. 10
Anonymous So happy to pledge. So grateful you are fighting this fight on behalf of so many. 5
Elaine Marvellous 25
Anonymous You are so brilliant, Allison. Good luck. 25
Anonymous Best of luck, Allison, thank you for fighting on behalf of everyone. 5
Young Delighted that I can support this important cause 15
Claudia Punching the air for you, sister! With you ALL the way. And THANK YOU. 25
Helen Best of luck Allison, and thank you for taking on Stonewall. They need to be held accountable. Much love xx 50
Anonymous Allison, I am awed by your courage. Will be following your fight, and thank you on behalf of all of us. 10
Anonymous Hi Alison you are an inspiration women in particular young black women. 25
Nicola Keep up the great work you’re doing 10
Hannah Good luck with your case. You are an amazing woman. 10
Anonymous Thank you for fighting for this important principle, and fighting back against this sinister behaviour. 100
Davey Vital work.the most important issue of the times.who would have thought the left would let us down so badly supporting the era of the bullies posing as the bullies. 10
Jean You are a phenomenal woman. That’s you. 10
Steven For justice 35
Tatiana Well done. Thank you. 5
Anonymous Thank you x
Anonymous Courage calls to courage 50
Anonymous Thank you for the work you are doing. 10
Deborah Harassment at work should never be tolerated. 15
Emma Thank you for doing this. I am genuinely terrified about what is going on now, for what the future holds for women, and in particular for my 8 year old daughter. 5
Jennifer In support of all my sisters. 10
Anonymous Thank you for your courage. Good luck and all strength to you. 10
Anonymous You’re brave and intelligent. I’m so glad you are throwing a spotlight on Stonewall- 2 weeks
ago I would have absolutely trusted them. Not now. I suddenly feel afraid for my job since our uni has adopted Stonewall as a partner. So many are willing you to victory!
Anonymous Good luck. It’s outrageous the way you have been treated. 25
Jonathan I am shocked and appalled. You are very brave 50
Tracey You are an incredible woman! I hope my small contribution helps you take them down 20
Karen Absolute solidarity 10
Anonymous I wish I could say it’s a shocking betrayal that an organisation pretending to support lesbians is trying to eradicate them, but it’s not. This has been going on for so many years but if anyone questions them they are attacked and portrayed as being “phobic” – we need strong female role models! 5
Sarah A I wish I could give more x 25
Anonymous In sisterhood x 50
Richard You go Girl! 10
Michelle Thank you for standing up. 25
Seán From Seán. x 5
Jan Great explanation of the issue. Brave and principled. Best of luck with it. 20
Anonymous Stay strong, Allison, you are fighting for all of us 40
Wendy Bloody Hell! 10
Ruari I don’t agree with everything you stand for but on the fundamental fight against discrimination, bullying and misogyny, we’re are as one. 10
louise I really hope this works as Stonewall is toxic 10
Anonymous Good luck, this is so important x 25
Charlotte Good luck 5
Anonymous I totally support your efforts and it gives me great hope to see you carrying the torch …Magdalen Berns would be proud of you! 10
Nicola Thank you so much! 35
Lindsey Courage and strength to you, Allison. 25
Iris I stand with you, Allison. 10
Rona Go and get them, Alison 30
Anonymous Having lived through the threat of losing my child in the 70s and the ignominy of Clause 28 in the 80s, to Civil Partnership in 2006 and finally, marriage to my partner of 32 years, this latest assault on our rights and freedoms is truly awful. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for this xx 50
Anonymous Thank you for standing up for free speech and people’s rights. 35
Anonymous Thank you for your courage and wishing you all the best. 10
Anonymous This is a really important issue for women. 25
Diana All power to you, Allison. It’s about time they were held accountable for their behaviour. 25
Anonymous Thank you for your advocacy. I am a straight woman, and a TERF apparently! I believe in LGB & women’s rights. All the best for your new organisation. 20
Joanne For you Peter and Rachel my gorgeous Gay and Butch lesbian brother and sister. 25
Anonymous Solidarity from a fellow lesbian. Stonewall have failed us. 10
Anonymous Happy to support such a vitally important case. 10
C Thank you for standing up for women’s rights, scientific fact and debate. 35
Anonymous With you all the way Allison! 10
angel Thank you for standing up for women xx 25
Sarah In solidarity 50
Deborah There is no justice in a world that denies women’s sex based right to privacy and security 50
Anonymous Gay people, and notably gay women, and all women generally, have not come this far to be hounded and bullied by the trans community to deny their rights. People have the right to be themselves : by choice of action but also by biology. Women are women. Being a woman is not something you choose. 500
Anonymous This nonsense must stop. 10
Jane Thank you for fighting for women’s rights! â¤ï¸ 10
Elizabeth I have a daughter and we need women like you to protect our daughters futures. You go Queen!! 5
Sue Thank you for your courage & standing up for women & lesbians. 10
Anonymous From one woman to another. 10
Anonymous Your fight is a righteous one, I’m confident you’ll prevail, and by doing so you’ll make it safer for others to speak out. 50
heather With you all the way on this. Good luck! 50
Michael Shocking behaviour by Stonewall is no surprise. I hope more corporate sponsors learn about their misconduct through this case. 25
Karla Best wishes for a successful outcome 25
Anonymous Thank you 10
Liz I am a white female straight ally. Thank you for your bravery. Best wishes for a satisfactory outcome 25
Gavin With you all the way 25
Roxanne Thank you for speaking out. 10
Anonymous Thank you for standing up for the rights of women and children.
Such courage.
Anonymous Thank you for standing up for women and for LGB. 50
Get The L Out UK sisterhood and solidarity with you Allison! 100
Anonymous Stonewall are now a homophobic trans-lobby group funded by Govt. They need to be defunded. Hate groups should not receive govt funding! 5
Sarah Good luck Allison – so pleased to see the support you are getting x 10
Anonymous I wish I could give more. Good luck Allison. 10
Anonymous Good luck with this important case. 10
Genevieve You are a real inspiration to me and it’s scandalous that you have been victimised in this way. 10
Anne Thank you, Alison. You are doing what needs to be done, cheered on by uppity women everywhere. 50
Gaye StonewallUK has let down children, women and the LGB. A change is needed, and a lawsuit is one step. The homophobia of this organization needs to be put on full display. 25
innessa Thank you! I was so incensed I wanted to take Stonewall to court myself over conflating gender and sex, go get em Allison!!! 40
Judy I am outraged at aggressive Trans rights campaigners stifling debate on legislation which is direct threat to women’s rights to single sex spaces for privacy and safety. The term ‘transphobia’ is being used along with accusations of ‘hate speech’ to silence even the mildest disagreement. 25
Nicholas In a democracy it’s essential to be able to exchange and debate the pros and cons of ideas freely so that the electorate can make an informed choice at the ballot box. What Stonewall are doing artificially restricts that space & is fundamentally undemocratic 10
Jeffery Dignity and respect for all and by all. Thank you for your voice. Free speech is good. Gay is good. 50
Anonymous Thank you Allison xxx 10
Mary Sorry you have to do this but grateful for your courage in speaking out. 25
Helen Good luck 10
Jane This is so important. Good luck 10
Susan Wishing you every success- for all of us! Thank you. 10
Siobhan Good luck. 50
Maggie Thanks for doing this – I support you all the way 25
Peter So many aspects of all this are deeply concerning, particularly the attempts to crush female, gay and transexual voices of dissent. The behaviour of Stonewall is particular has been appalling. I greatly admire your bravery and wish you the very best of luck. 15
Hale Hope I could donate more. Thanks for fighting. 10
Anonymous Thank you . 25
Anonymous Good luck Alison, keep up your courageous work. 10
Jenni Thank you, we are all right behind you! X 35
Mary Ellen Sending support and solidarity from the USA. 25
Anonymous Thank you and sending love and support! 50
Jennie I always respected Stonewall but this is a direct attack on free speech and an indirect attack on all women, lesbian, bi, and straight. Thank you for your courage. 10
Veronika I suppoet you! 100
Anonymous Thank you 10
Bridget Thank you for your courage and intelligence. Also for comprehensive explanation of your reasons for taking action. We always need to be on our guard as so many men Really do not like women and will do whatever they can to reduce and belittle us. 10
Raquel You are a heroine. And we’re all rooting for you! 15
Anonymous Amazing, brave, fabulous woman. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for what you are doing. You give me hope. 10
Ellen “Courage calls to courage everywhere and it’s voice cannot be denied.” 25
Anonymous Good luck. 50
Alison Stonewall interfering in internal employment matters and infringing people’s personal data in an insidious attack on free speech. This case needs to be supported for so many reasons. 25
Anonymous the best of luck 10
Anni I support you Alison. 5
Kat Am alarmed by reasonable debate being shut down. Worried that women are being shouted down once again. Good luck! 10
Lara Thank you bravely speaking out 20
Helena Supporting you because some aspects of life and rights are genuinely sex based, and NOT gender based. Stonewall should not have any responsibility for providing guidance in this area, as they are mainly representing the right of males (sex) to do what they want without considering anyone else. 50
Anonymous I hope that you whup their sorry asses! I’m so fed up with misogynistic organisations parading their hatred of every aspect of being a woman, under the guise of Wokeness. Thank you for everything that you are doing, you incredible woman. x 25
Sarah Thank you so much for taking this on Allison. Courage calls to courage xx 50
Christine Incredibly brave woman. I hope and pray you succeed. Many thanks 10
Deborah Someone needs to stand up to these bullies, I’m so proud of you for taking a stand. Thank you! 25
Melody Thank you for doing this Alison for the millions of women in the UK who don’t have a voice. Good luck! 10
Michele Wishing you strength Allison, your courage is awesome. Solidarity 50
Sarah Thank you for courageously standing up to the hateful behaviour of Stonewall. 25
Anonymous Good luck Allison and keep fighting the good fight! 25
Dawne Fight the good fight xx 5
Joan Good luck. Illegitimi non carborundum! 10
Alessa Thank you 25
Diane I am proud to support a brave woman who is taking on the idiocy that is Stonewall. 35
Lorien Good luck x 20
George thanks for standing up against the bullies 50
Anonymous Allison, you are an inspiration! 25
A Thank you! 10
Alison We don’t have a Stasi or Thought Police in this country and Stonewall and TRA’s attempts to create both based on gender ideology must be resisted at all costs. 10
Robert This is such an important issue . It’s sad that people have to be brave to stand up for free speech and the rights of gays, lesbians and women. How as a society have we allowed everything to revolve around certain trans groups as though they are gods to be worshiped at any cost. 20
Anonymous Thank you. 20