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Name Comment Amount
Ceri Black And DONE.

All the very best to you and i really hope you win.
Jen Davey 50
Angela Yates Brava, Allison! xxx 10
Julie Sorry it’s not more, but glad to be a part of your fight & thank you for standing up for women. 2
Alison Simmons 10
Apollonia DeMello My Shero – One of the most amazing and courageous women I know. 10
Dee McCullough You are amazing, standing up for women and girls legal rights! Much respect from an adult human female lesbian who is same sex attracted 25
Rob Caiger Still inspiring us all Allison. Good luck with this fight! 10
Elizabeth Griffiths Found another fiver!!!’ 5
Mary Douglas All power and strength to you, Allison. For AH’s records, I’m a woman with a vagina — like 90% of the rest of the people who’ve donated. 25
Linda Lett Best wishes. X 10
James Lennon Good luck! 25
Richard Andrews 25
Lisa Gowdy Keep strong 💪🏿 5
Muriel Walls 100
E’s Mum I have donated several times already but this one is specifically for my teenage lesbian daughter who I love very much. Thank you for speaking with such eloquence about the cotton ceiling today, the world feels like a safer place for my daughter with you in it. 10
Jemma Winborn 10
SE Miller 25
Sara Lewis Good luck Allison! x 25
Paul Jordan Hello Allison. I wish you all the best with your case. Thank you for standing up for the truth. Paul Jordan. 10
Nava Renaud 5
Janet 50
Barbara 25
Patrick Toner Good luck Allison! 25
Catherine Gayfer 10
Lucy Roberts Thank you Allison for being our voice – I wish you well at the trial. 10
Lynn Fraser #IStandWithAllisonBailey
Adam Britton 25
Jonathan Good luck, Allison! 25
Catherine McGee I stand with you Alison 50
Dorothea Willcox Donating for a third time, having just reading your witness statement. What a magnificent woman you are. 10
George Anderson Nearly there! 10
Jeanette Jones You are an absolute Shero, Allison, such courage! 25
William Boyd Good luck! 25
lynn hilton 10
Patrick I wish you all the best in your case Allison, I believe you have more support than many more public people might realise. 10
Anna Castle’Byrne We love you, Allison.
You’re tackling so much with this and your witness statement shows your fierce resilience.
Thank you so much for doing this
Rebecca Murphy 10
Richard 10
Sonia L 50
Sarah Turnill Well done Allison for bringing this case 100
Stewart McCallum 25
Pauline Curwen Good luck. Hope this helps4921 1000
Julie Hornsby 200
Vicki Good luck Alison 50
Nancy Christenson Go get ‘em! 5
Michele 25
Penelope Collins 25
Kate Tyler You are already a winner, Allison! 10
Ruth Edwards Go, sister 25
Deborah Wood 20
Sheila Tames You are an inspiring woman. I count you as in of my latter day heroines. Thank you. 25
Sarah I hope you win!! 10
Tessa Green Good luck 25
Another angry woman Thank You Alison. 10
Lesley Praying for your safety and wishing you every success. 20
Stuart Curran 25
Dinara Bekmansurova 10
Paula Filseth I have just read, front to back, your witness statement, Allison. What you’ve experienced is appalling. What I see happening to women’s sex-based rights everywhere (here in the States, too) is appalling. No one should have to stand alone against this tyranny, since everyone who stands up to it helps us all (and makes all of us a little braver). Thank you for taking this on, at such great expense to your own peace. I can’t imagine how hard this has been, and continues to be, for you. Please know that you are a hero to me, and to many! 25
Richard Freeth Finally somebody willing to stand up to these bullies. 25
Shirley H Thank you for standing up for LGBT rights and challenging those that judge and accuse anyone whose opinions differ of ‘hate speech’. You cannot change your sex – fact. Women must have safe-spaces and anyone that is naive enough to believe that all transgender people tell the truth need to be educated about naivety. I wish you every success with your case and would be happy to financially support you again in the future if needed. You are our voice. 15
Penny I’ve also been reading your witness statement. You are one incredible woman, Allison. Your courage and determination is an inspiration. Keep going! 10
Paula 25
Louise Jones 5
Clara 10
Rosalind Donovan Thank you Allison for doing this. 5
Amanda Muldoon Good luck 10
SARAH Watson-Fisher Keep going. It’s important to challenge this. 25
Oliver Ferns Let reason prevail 10
Suresh Suriyagoda 50
Nick Jones Donating to protect women’s rights – good luck 5
Catherine DPG Donating to support women everywhere… we’re behind you all the way, Allison. Thank you for fighting this fight for us. 50
Helena 19
Klara 10
Alice Kaur Thank you for standing up, I can only imagine how exhausting this has been. I don’t have much right now to give but hope this little bit helps. 20
Claire Jenkins Thanks for being brave and taking up the fight to protect women and girl’s rights. 10
James O Rourke 25
James O Rourke 10
James O Rourke Good luck! 10
James O’Rourke Good luck 10
Anne W Good luck, Allison. Another gender critical feminist behind you all the way. 10
Corpus Christi A little more – I have been reading Allison’s Witness Statement and turns out I once knew one of the Witchfinder Generals. I look forward the that person’s cross-examination 10
Richard Young 25
imogen makepeace 25
imogen makepeace 10
ruby lescott so good to see you back on your feet and fighting for us! 10
Sarah Lloyd-Davies 10
Janet Meredith Just a little to help with the cause
Wishing you well Allison
Ken Keable 25
Catriona Howatson 10
daniel baird 10
Grace Weathers We’re behind you all the way! 10
Anne bewicke-Copley Following your important case with interest 100
David Jegier 10
sabina Thank you for fighting the good fight 5
Andy Mead I am so sorry that you have been put in this situation as a gay man I have ultimate respect for transgender men and women as trans men and women but not at the expense of the right of others, particular women and children respect and fair treatment to all. Stonewall should be ashamed of themselves Good luck Allison. 100
Sarah Byerley As a teacher in a girls’ secondary school, I see the damage Stonewall et al are doing every day. This is a very important case, thank you for taking it on. 10
Rajavel Subramanian 500
L Morgan Good luck Allison and i hope you are feeling better. 10
Dean Emery 25
Elaine 25
Clare Bashford Thank you for standing up for women & lesbians, Allison. 25
David My donation is in memory of a lifelong family friend, who passed away in April.

This was the chosen charity of his family.

Best wishes,

Liz Norman 5
Amanda Sending strength Allison X 10
Patsy Colebourne What do Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner and The Respondents Bundles have in common?
Neither want to be ‘ pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered ‘

Good luck Allison!
Susan Watkins 25
Linda Whitehead It gets even more important that people like yourself continue these court cases. We ARE getting somewhere! I have some inkling of the cost to you and your health and wellbeing, but I’m sure it’s much greater than we realise. Your courage and determination are inspirational. Love and best wishes. 25
Edwina Askew 25
Pippa Tolfts 20
Alexandra Davis 10
Sally Wastie 25
Liz D’Alvarez 5
Maria Ines de la Cruz 10
Victoria Wright 10
Jacqueline Maas Thank you, Allison, for standing up for yourself and for women everywhere. Your strength is inspiring. 50
Stella Perrett 10
Julie 10
Heather Graham With you all the way Allison! 25
carol vickery I stand with you Alison, time to expose Stonewall once and for all -goodluck 10
Alison Macnair 25
Jo McDonald 5
Simone Gold-Wahlhaus 5
Fiona Redding 25
Emilie Netteland 25
Catherine Bjarnason Wishing you every success 100
Amanda Kok 25
Reet Sahota 5
Elizabeth Calhoun 15
Maggie Sinclair 20
Helle Larsen In solidarity 10
Alan Neale 25
Craig James Win or lose, the light this will shine will be worth every single penny. This will be best return on investment I’ve ever had. This can’t be an easy endeavour for you Allison, know that we are all with you, no matter what. 50
Jim 10
Thomas McPhail 10
Nicola Jenkin 25
Armele Philpotts Stonewall has sadly become a homophobic and coercive organisation, I welcome this legal challenge. 25
Jamie McKay 10
Val Woodhouse 25
Charlotte GREENLAND 10
Tracey Oakley Solidarity and strength and Thankyou 200
Jenny 50
James Waring Do us proud:) and thank you for standing up for all the homosexuals out there 5
Robert Lederman It’s not much but than wide support from many is better than a lot of support ($) from a few 10
nell sully You’ve got to get this heinous misogyny straight. The treatment to you and other professional women ‘just doing their job’ with due care and diligence is the criminal gaslighting travesty of our times. I applaud you. I support you. I pray for you to keep your strength. I hope they see the error of their ways and the true harm this ideology is doing to all women one day. 1000
Ann-Marie The women are with you, Allison. 💚 10
Angus You are on the frontline of the fight for sanity in the western world – thank you 25
Andrea Blood 10
Nadine Littledale You’re doing a very important thing Allison. Misogyny takes many forms. 10
Sam 25
Emma Brealy Good Luck Alison. Thank you for standing up to Stonewall and the ideology they are pushing into so many areas of society and the impact this has had on the sex based rights of women (ie human adult females). There should be open debate about issues, not the bullying and shutting down of debate by calling anyone with a different opinion a transphobe. I’m sorry I can’t donate more. 5
Ruth Kennedy 25
Tom Clement 5
Soreh Levy Such an important case! 25
Helen Suddaby 25
Joan Elliott 5
Leigh Taylor Thank you Allison. Society, not just women, will thank you for standing up for the facts. 10
Melissa Martin So glad you are better. ❤️ 😊 You missed the usual gibberish from our opponents. My new personal favourite is the claim that the Suffragettes didn’t believe sex matters. 🤦‍♀️ 5
Simone Wish I were as brave as you. I stand behind you and am very very proud of you. 200
Bea Thank you. Look after yourself. 25
Bea Thank you. Look after yourself. 5
John R thank you! I’ve been feeling so alone in what should be my community. I’m happy to see someone still cares about us. 100
Polly Tuckett Good luck, we’re all rooting for you! 10
Gloria Foran Good luck old gal! ☘️ 20
Carol Park Let’s win this. 10
Alexandra Keating Sorry I cant afford more. Keep going, you are inspirational. Stay well xx 10
Marcia Rathbone 20
Rosemary Taylor Good luck 2
Legal Sisters Allison, so sorry you have been unwell. Thanks for shining some light. 230
Alison Kelly 25
Neil MacInnes Keep strong. 100
Suzanne Coleman Thank you for standing up for women 10
Victoria Baldwin 5
Pippa Booth Good luck…Allison. Hope you’re feeling better. 20
Catherine Downie 5
Clare Can’t thank you enough for being willing to take this on Allison. 30
Rachel Hay Adult Female Adult human female Woman supporting women. Thank you for standing up Allison. 25
Aileen O’Beirne Allison you are such a brave and inspiring woman. Thank you for taking on toxic and homophobic Stonewall. 100
Louise Good luck 25
Helen 20
Deirdre Kirk Thank you for standing up for women and children 100
Holly Sherbourne 25
Magda Lena Women won’t be silenced. We will free ourselves. 10
Louise Hart Just read about you in the Guardian, admire your bravery and know what courage it takes to stay strong, strength and Love the cause is just and you are in the majority of women I share your definitions I’m 70 and angry our rights are under such attacks after 50 years of campaigning1 100
Lisa 10
Linda Thank you for standing us for us 20
Eileen 5
Fr. Tsuki Chan You inspire all of us to be stronger, better, dignified women <3 2
Rebecca Philpot 5
MightyMightyO Allison! Get well soon. I have faced bombs and bullets, blown up by IEDs three times… but I am genuinely in awe of your moral courage. I am so sorry that you have all this on your shoulders because it takes such a toll… but win or lose you have shattered the stonewall and we are all rooting for you. I wish you all the best.

Also the PayPal option isn’t working, or you might have multiple donations from me. One of those. I’ll survive, make sure you do too. After all this take a well deserved holiday.
Hazel 25
John 10
Susie 100
Venetia Hall Strength to you. 💜🤍💚 5
Patsy Colebourne Good luck!!
(Making an extra donation as I love the fact that the well-known intellectual heavyweight/ MRA Ann Coates on twitter a) doesn’t understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative data b) can’t spell her own name backwards).
Joyce Chester Supporting Allison as a lesbian and a woman. Thank you, Allison, for standing up and being counted. 50
Andrew Cecil 5
Jules 100
Elaine Shimmin I hope you are feeling better, Allison
Hundreds of thousands of people are wishing you well
Karen Bartlett 10
Amy Sutton Bunging another £50 your way. Hope you’re feeling better Allison. Much love x 50
Gareth Pegg Good luck against the Stonewall bigots and homophobes 10
Alan 25
Sandra Clark 20
Mairi MacIver Good luck, Alison. Your strength and courage are an inspiration. 5
Laura Cheong Time to fight back! 50
Helen Thank you Allison 10
Michael 25
Hoey Rixson Thank you Allison. 10
Beverley Hixon 10
Rebecca 25
Sue Bruce Thank you for all you are doing – we’re all with you. 25
Abby Wishing you the health and strength to win this case – both for you personally, and for all women (adult human females) and girls. It is so important. 25
Susan McDonnell If each of the 4500 of us on the list give £5, we will be home & dry. Good luck, Allison, be well, find strength in our admiration & gratitude. 5
Polly Thank you for your bravery 10
Hermione Bon Courage, Allison. 25
Nigel Tebb Delighted to be able to support your case – however small the donation. I fully support genuinely trans people, but this appalling double speak, conflation of gender (whatever that is exactly) with sex, and the damage it is doing to vulnerable young people must stop pronto. And holding Stonewall to account is an essential move. 10
S West You’re a brave woman, good luck 25
S Bartlett 25
Mel W Hope you are feeling better. Be strong and good luck. 25
Fiona Rivaz Get well soon 5
Hannah 10
Nicola McAllister I hope you are feeling better, Allison. You have much support. 10
Jo Eismont 3
Jonathan Ross Good luck. Stay well. 500
Ruth Higginson Thank you for standing up to the aggressive bullying and insidious lobbying of Stonewall- I am so grateful for your strength and for putting yourself forward . 10
Cheeky W Bism 25
Fenella Maddison Thank you for your courage Allison. Your case shows how Stonewall has become a bullying, homophobic snd toxic organisation. 25
Siân Steans 20
Claire O’Donovan Love you Allison! 10
Val Stevenson 10
Heather Self Sending a small top up to my previous donation, to hope you will feel better soon. 20
Clare W So much love to you Allison, and the very best of luck – you have my deepest respect and gratitude for your immense courage and integrity in bringing this case. Thank you xxxxx 25
Monica Cachon Suarez 15
Ann Aire So brave.In sisterhood and gratitude.In hope of a better world for all. 10
Rebecca Rendle Sending you the very best of luck and love. Thank you for taking the case. It means so much. 100
Neil Mason 5
Alison Griffiths 100% behind you Allison. Please try to relax and take care of yourself. 20
Janis Wheeler With you all the way Allison. 50
Thomas @thomasbyname Lots of love, Alison. You’re in safe hands with Ben. He will do you and all of us proud. We shall overcome and justice will prevail. 💚🤍💜 25
Emma Perry 10
Oliver Robinson Allison, you are carrying the hopes of the world. 50
Diana Bailey With all good wishes, Allison. 25
Suzanne Young Have already contributed but just wanted to say get well soon. Thank you for everything you are doing. We are all behind you and on the right side of history. Thank you ❤️ 5
Deborah Harris Good luck and try to stay strong! 25
Sara Wade-Vuletic Thank you Allison and please take care. 10
Ruth Jepson So proud of women like you! 200
Martha Wendzicki I hope you get well soon. Thank you for all you are doing for women. 10
Emily Griffin Go Allison – you wonderful wonderful woman. Get well soon and thank you. 25
Geraldine Curtis 10
Karen Morrissey 10
Luke Burke 10
Rob Quinn Very best of luck Allison – pray for Stonewall’s odious practises to be front page news across the tribal political divide to highlight the harm they cause 10
Fiona Hurlock You’re a legend. Thank you for suing Stonewall. 10
Sue Jones 5
Katherine Latham 50
Rita Rake In lieu of grapes! This horrible case must be an enormous strain, so hoping some more cash will ease your worries. Hoping you’re feeling better soon. Lots of love xx 10
Sharron Gamble 10
Karen Davies Hope you are soon feeling better. 20
Simon Riley I’m on Team Allison 50
Takanori Hoshi 50
Bobby Bright Take care Allison. Hope your recovery is speedy and best wishes with this incredibly important action. 25
Victoria Kennaway 🤞🤞🤞🍀🍀🍀❤️❤️❤️ 10
Anne Sims 10
Pauline Pollard Third donation – wish I could say it with flowers but loving seeing the gap closing towards your goal. 10
Kelly Get well soon x 25
Jean Dowton 10
David Basson Full support!! 25
Elly Bailey May common sense prevail. Thank you for your courage and leadership. 50
Christian Jeffery 100
Shabanah Fazal So sorry you’re having to go through this hell just to defend yourself and reality. It is truly sickening and shameful what gender ideologues are doing to the very people their organisations once championed. Solidarity with you Alison, and all the other unbelievably brave women and men standing up for all our sex-based rights. Stay strong – millions are behind you! 20
Ros Sinclair You are doing this for all of us, particularly the children.
Get well soon!
Ronni Stene-Strøm Wish you all the best! 10
Sally Wainwright Sorry you’re unwell Allison. It must be a truly horrible time for you. All I can do is express my admiration for you and make a small contribution towards your legal costs.
Wishing you well, in health and in the legal battle.
Pakeezah Thank you, Alison, for your courage and commitment. Your case may change history. It will certainly impact on women and girls lives now and in the future. 25
Titchy 25
Debra Isaacson Good luck and get well soon! 25
Christine Wood 5
Sara Shepherd Good luck, and thank you! 5
Beck Laxton Best of luck, Allison! 10
Mary Gordon Alison I hope you feel better soon. 5
Michelle 10
Shelley Thank you for doing this and get well soon. 5
Carl Taylor wishing you strength 30
Kathleen Bryson 10
Mary Galbraith Solidarity with Allison. Bon courage – bonne chance 10
David McDonald Proud to support this cause and people like you Allison standing up for truth, integrity and common sense. 11
Richard Horton Good luck. 10
Virginia Williamson 25
Peter Daly 25
Stella Williams Go girl!!! You are a 💫 and I love you for the resilience and courage you have shown in this crucial battle – stay well 💚🤍💜 25
Kate Potts It’s not much but if all those women who admire Alison Bailey give a little then her target would have been reached long ago, 25
Angela Stewart-Park Love and strength 100
Helen Clough 10
Toni Morris They picked on the wrong woman when they picked on you. How could they not see that someone with as much integrity and strength of charafter as you would allow this injustice to stand. I’m only sorry I can’t give more and I hope you get well soon. 10
Rachel Smith You’re an inspiration Allison! 50
Tatiana Suarez Get well soon 5
Anya The bullying has to stop. 100
Sheldon 10
Jane Hartman-Jemmett 25
Kathryn Brooke Sending love and solidarity to a brave woman. 15
Ruth W Wishing you a speedy recovery. Good luck for the weeks ahead and hope you’ll soon be able to put this horrendous situation behind you. 10
Dianne Hird Holding you in my thoughts 10
Simon Fitzgibbon 50
Patricia Hicks 10
Zohra Best of luck 5
Margaret Hines Million percent behind you Allison!! You’re doing this for all of us x 25
David Nicholson All the very best. ❤ 25
Sonia Good luck and get well soon x 10
Faye HOUSE All power to you, Allison. The hateful comments made about you today are beyond the pale and directly responsible for our small contribution today. 25
Patricia Courage calls to Courage.
We believe in you.
Alex Dunlop With you all the way Allison. 10
Rosemary Griffin 25
Kathleen Maguire A smidge more. Get better, Allison! 10
Nicolas Denholm Get well soon Allison – massive respect. 25
Laura Jones Solidarity, sister xxx 2
Patrick 25
John Cocula Go Allison! 25
Sara Worley 50
Amber Ault You are strong. We are with you. 10
Andrea Jackson 25
Mary Humphreys Get Well Soon Allison 10
Emily Copeland 30
Claire Huddersfield Rad Fems Much love and support from your sisters at HRF 100
Susannah Alison I hope you feel better soon. You are an inspiration to everyone in my house – a living breathing heroine to my 14 year old dd (well, she will be 14 on Saturday!) She is an autistic girl who was bullied by the school yard equivalent of Stonewall – aka 11 year old girls who were telling her that “cis people are evil” and that she was a boy. She is still very traumatised by the bullying she experienced.
Allison. Our hearts and fighting spirit are with you at this time. Our daughters need you. My daughter needs you for her future to be safer. You have so much admiration and respect in this house. Goddess speed you. I keep sending little bits in dribs and drabs as we are not flush at the moment but it’s important for us to help you in any way we can. You fight for us Xxxxx
Chris Pook I am sorry to hear that you have fallen ill, Allison. I hope you are receiving the best care the NHS can provide and I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for standing up for the rights of lesbians, and women and girls more broadly. 10
Alison Matthew 10
Elaine Alison,
I waited over a quarter of a century for someone to stand up to those expecting us to just accept having our lesbianism reduced to the sexual satisfaction of misogynists. I cannot thank you enough for taking such personal risk for all of us and for the freedom of expression of all women and men, gay and straight.
Cheyanne Hewitt 25
Cherith Simpson 25
Alix O’Hanlon-Alexandra We are with you, Allison <3 25
Ceri Allman 10
Jackie Fagan 5
Illana KLIMIONEK Good Luck Allison! 25
Joanna Bradburn Good luck brave lady, your courage is calling to me. 5
joanne evans Thank you for everything you are doing 5
Sara Baladi Bray 5
Diane Cowe 10
Niamh 15
Alison Macnair 25
Alison Macnair 10
Anita Newsam With all best wishes and love, take care of yourself and get well soon xxx 333
Catherine Sent with love and gratitude x 25
Emma With love 10
Jean Molloy 10
Sarah Carr 25
Chris Get them Alison, they no longer represent many of us 10
Mary Leng Wishing you all the best. 25
Toni Hope you feel better soon Allison. Best of luck with the case. 25
Sophy Dale 5
Denise Phelps My VERY best wishes to you. 50
Debbie Halliday Love and solidarity, Allison x 50
Laura Whyte Go get them Alison x 10
Leela Ventura Thank you for fighting this. Hope you’re feeling better. 5
Lesley Sullivan Go get ’em Allison, we’re all behind you. Xxx 25
Ka H 5
laura storey 50
Ben Hopkins 10
Carmel 25
Stefan Milenkovic 50
Vicki Ware 25
Melanie Holihead Wishing you a speedy and full return to good health, strength and serenity. Thank you for all you’ve done, are doing. 25
Leo 25
Katherine Brierly 5
Holly Pritchard Hope you feel better soon.
Best wishes, Allison and good luck, you’ve got this.
Judith Ross 100
Pauline Curwen The very best of luck to you. 10
Cathy Harris Love & best wishes and massive thanks ❤️ 25
Amber Vitai You are fighting for the rights of women and children and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 50
Laila Namdarkhan Backing you 110%. Allison you are a legend , stunning and brave in the real sense…..take care…get well soon. 25
Jacqueline Malone Get well soon Alison 25
Shauna Morton Keep going Alison we believe in you and are behind you 10
Charles Beaton In solidarity 10
Julie Matthews Stay strong Allison & thank you. 25
Jenny Wilkes 5
David Hart 50
Diane Davidson 10
Maria Duggan 50
Hedy Watt Good luck and I hope you get well soon! 10
Gary Dorken 10
Amanda Littler Every little helps, lovely lady. 25
Denise Peters 25
grace carley Get well soon, you hero! 25
Sarah Murray I am pleased to support Allison against Stonewall. They cannot continue to suppress free speech with impunity. 10
June Mc Thank you Alison, I wish you a quick and full recovery 10
Alexandra Jarup Get well soon. Wishing you all the best. 5
Henry Gibson 25
Janice Mariolle Thank you for standing up for LGB.❤️ 50
Inga Bullen 25
Katherine Pearce You are brave. Get well soon. 20
Carol Hamilton sorry not more. Get we’ll v soon. we need u 5
Suzie Love 5
Nicholas Lukacs 25
Elaine Thomas Hope you make a good recovery and win your case. 15
Eleanor Coghill Best wishes for a swift recovery and a successful case! 50
Julia South Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. I hope you can draw comfort and strength from the fact that there are so many women and men right behind you in this fight. We have your back. 50
Fiona Magee 10
Ronan Culhane 25
Annie Gray Wishing you well you wonderful woman. All the very best x 10
imelda brophy Best of luck x 25
Lucy Catterall 200
Annette Mahoney 10
Tara Frakking 20
Donnalyn Wigan 10
Joanne Lawrence Thank you 25
Laura Mccolm Get well soon Allison 5
Pauline Graham Good luck Allison – and get well soon! 10
Amanda de Lussey 10
Maggie Mageean With much love,respect and gratitude- thank you . 10
Maria Hume 5
Alan Doherty 10
Duncan Best of luck. 20
Sheila Morgan 10
neil buckingham 15
Kimberley Denning Solidarity Allison.

Please get well soon & best of luck with your case!
Val Stein get well soon Allison! 5
Helen Bailey 10
Anne Troake Thank you for your courage in this essential fight. 10
Sue Sylvester Thank you. From a Lesbian. 200
Lauren Good luck from across the pond! 25
Susan Thorne Get better soon, Allison. 20
Helen Jackson 10
Elizabeth You are an amazing woman, and a shining beacon of integrity 💗 I hope you know that whatever the outcome of this particular case, you are an absolute heroine and inspiration to women and girls everywhere. Thank you for everything you have done. 25
Dermot O’Brien 25
Marie Morris You are amazing ! 10
Sarah Gellner So many of us want to see you nail ’em Allison! 25
Ian May 25
SUSAN JOHNSON This is such an important issue: thank you for taking a stand against the new bully. 25
Dorothea Willcox Sending love. 10
Karen Wylie 25
Claudia Courtis I hope you’re okay, so many people are supporting you and wishing you well. 10
A Havinden Wishing you strength and solidarity. 25
Geraldine O’Malley 10
Kate Lewis 25
David Ryan Take care of yourself, Allison. 5
Jane Robinson I can afford to give, I can’t afford not to. 25
Bekie 25
william meikle 100
Rachel Edney Get better soon sweetheart xxx 10
elizabeth doyle 25
Carrie Smith 10
Melanie Freeland 5
Janine Humphrey Donating again to wish a speedy recovery, rooting for you – Good Luck! 50
Pauline Stott Best wishes Allison. 5
Debbie Collins Good luck 10
Leigh Brown 10
Helen Schroeder With hope for a speedy recovery, dear Allison. All the best. H. 25
Andrew Guenthner Thank you for choosing to fight for your rights rather than submit in silence. 25
Bob HAMMOND Good luck Allison. 20
Jane Ayres 10
Louise Thorburn 5
Penny Young You are an inspiration, Allison. Best wishes for a swift recovery. 10
Elin Ryosa Thank you for fighting for women’s rights! 50
Jackie Woollam 25
Sade Get well soon. Solidarity. 5
Patricia Winters 10
S A KEENAN Allison, if it’s the case being too much, ditch it. We want you happy and whole xx 25
Steve Hawkins 50
Andrea Wishing you all the best, thank you for what you are doing. 50
Charlotte Revely Heard you were in hospital, hope you get well soon. Small donation in lieu of flowers or grapes. Wishing you the very best outcome for your health and the tribunal. You are one inspirational woman. 10
Vikki Deas Thank you forall you do your amazing and I hope you win this case. 10
Esther Card You are beyond brave. 10
Susan Taylor Best wishes Allison ♥️ 5
Kerry Collins Thank you 50
Lauren McGovern 5
Kayleigh Luisis 10
Rebecca Chandler-Wilde Thinking of you Allison x 25
Dorothy Badrick Thank you you brave courageous women 10
Joanna Young Good luck & get well soon Allison. 10
Hannah 20
Debora Singer 25
Margaret Fitzpatrick 25
Claire You matter, Allison. Strength to you, we’ll help you hold them to account. 250
Ian Court I give this donation in memory of my late mother, Joan. She grew up in poverty and experienced it through most of her adult life. She worked tirelessly to protect her children and to make sure we were fed and clothed She protected us from harm, no matter what the cost to herself. Allison reminds me of her – she too, is selfless in her determination to challenge those who choose to disregard all evidence, that they are causing harm to the most precious thing we have – our children Get well soon, Allison 1000
Jane Vaus 25
Kate Melville A few £lowers to lighten your load… sending much love. Please rest and take care x 25
Helen Rogers Wishing Allison a speedy recovery and sending all my love along with this donation to support her courageous case in face of discrimination by Stonewall and Garden Court Chambers. 10
Nicola Burkinshaw Wishing you a speedy recovery. Thank you for all you are doing. x 50
Rachael Lloyd Love and solidarity, Allison, we’re with you. Only wish I could give more xx 10
Janette Martin Donated once but here is another small donation. Hope you are on the mend soon. Thank you for not giving up x 5
Honey Corbett 35
Angela Lee 50
Noor Cox 50
Kate Read Wishing you all the best Allison 10
Justin Kerr 25
Jacqueline Jackson 10
Emma Hill 10
Dianne Vine Vine Good luck. 10
Lisa Please feel better soon Allison. I hope each donation removes a little bit of the pressure from your shoulders 💚🤍💜 25
Caroline Reid All the best!!! 25
Stewart Law Sent with love, and wishing you all the good things you deserve. xxx. 10
Charlotte Thorne Thank you Alison 25
Paul Milnes 10
Andrew Willshire Good luck! 10
Angela Get well soon Allison, the whole world is behind you ❤ love you forever dear one ❤ 25
Kate Lewis 25
Ann James 3
Jess McFadyen 25
Nicky Mein 25
Penny Muir I can’t recall if i 25
Emily Howard 10
Bridget COLLINS Wishing you all the very best, and in admiration of your strength and bravery. 50
Polly Roo 5
Freya Papworth I hope you feel better soon 25
Isabel Taylor A true shero. 30
Patrick 25
Caroline Key 10
Lelia Cady 10
Melissa Martin Nothing but love for you, Allison. ❤️

“Let Justice roll down like waters, and Righteousness like an everlasting stream.”
Kim Crangle 10
Shazia One day this will be over and you will be recalled by women like me as the woman who stood tall and stood for
Leah Cuerden I wish it was more. Good luck. 5
Karen Bevilacqua Best of luck Allison and get well soon. 25
Dominica Maxted Hope you feel better. Lots of love 10
Monica Green Wonderful initiative. Thank you. 100
Jenny Baboolal Thank you for your courage in putting your head above the parapet Allison. 25
Lauren Black Good Luck, Allison 🔥 10
J Groom Thank you for standing up for what I’m sure we are all thinking and feeling 50
Christina Johansen 25
Orlagh McKay Thank you Alison. I cannot imagine the toll this must be taking on you and wish you nothing but love and success. 10
Tom 25
Fiona O’Connell Let justice and common sense prevail, go Allison Bailey. 10
ali morris You are an amazing inspirational woman, and I look forward to the day I read of your success in this case and the demise of Stonewall. This is for the sake of so many people, and you’ll go down in history as the lady who put a stop to all this nonsense! 10
Kathrin Best of luck with all! 25
Kathrin Best of luck with all! 25
Mohammed Kanneh 10
Lucia Etxebarria 5
Michala Thank you. 10
Jan Swaby 10
Adam Salazar Thank you for your integrity. 25
James Dreyfus I wish you luck, love & all my admiration xxx 50
Marian Shiels Allison is a hero for the ages. 25
Mary Moeller 25
Jessica Wolff-Wigley 10
Cherry Austin 10
Sarah You are amazing for standing up to these bullies, and thank you for standing up for women and girls’ rights…you have so much support. Good luck 10
Michael Blackburn 10
Helen Holmes Wishing you well in this x 10
Georgina I hope this encourages others to stand up for themselves. Shame on Garden Court Chambers. 5
Lisa Stirling 10
Liz Doyle Good for you. It’s hard to make such a stand against such bullying behaviour. Wishing you all the best. 25
Amy Ogier 5
Dorothy Horsburgh 10
Sarah Tilley 50
Caz Weller Knight 100
Catherine Pinnock Go for it! 10
Sima Ruparelia 25
Alison Hudson Go for it girl! 25
Claire Jordan 10
Gwen Lee I’m sorry i cannot donate more but I really wish to show my support. Best regards. 10
Martin Hilliard It’s high time a stop was put to Stonewall’s gallop. 10
Miriam Peck 50
Rob Marchant 10
Frances Wollmer 50
Dale Herbertson Now the truth comes out. 25
Steven Wadsworth Well done Alison. We are with you all the way. 25
Anthea Economides Thank you for taking on such shameless bullies, Allison 50
Alison Butlin Totally support you. 25
Charles Britton Good luck 10
Jenny Cowgill 25
Charlotte Cowell You are doing this for women and girls everywhere – we are cheering you on – and I very much hope you succeed in winning this case. 10
Samantha Wood Good luck Allison. 10
Laura Bevis 100
Verline 25
Tezel Bahcheli 25
Michelle Bull Thank you for standing up on behalf of us all. 20
Shir Easton Go for it 25
Rachel 5
Claire Kershaw 25
Mandy Holloway Who would have thought we would have to put Stonewall out of our misery 50
Louise Platt 25
A Dear Allison, wishing you strength and love during your court case. 10
Margaret Palmer 100
Ned Using the Hansard search engine it seems the Legbit acronym was first used in 2006. How came it about that a chap who wishes to be considered female gets bracketed with homosexuals or lesbians? Who decided this? What if the chap intends being chaste? Who is Stonewall to fight his corner if he doesn’t want them to? Good luck to you lass, your fundraising is impressive – I’d contribute more but I’m a skinflint. But if you get stuck at £499,998 I’ll chuck in another two quid. 2
Bela Demchouk Thank you for fighting the good fight! 100
Pramudya Warm regards from Indonesia, hoping you to prevail 15
Julie Richards Thank you Allison for being brave enough to take on the bigots. 100
Alison 25
Jacinth Fowler So thankful to you, Alison, for standing up for all of us. Thank-you for giving us a chance to support you in some way. 25
Elizabeth Garner Good Luck Alison.Brave women like you change the world for the better 10
Violet Harrison-Diver Good Luck Pet. 10
jane dancey 5
Sue Edwards Thank you, thank you, thank you #istandwithallisonbailey 25
Alexandra Milne I am a straight woman and cannot believe straight forward misogamy has become acceptable public policy. At least the move to recognize Pedophiliac was squashed relatively quickly, perhaps because affected boys as well. 5
Elisabeth Good luck! 10
Linda Hart Hope you win! 25
Clare 25
Laura Bucklow 10
Brenda Ellis A lesbian supporting another lesbian against the vile homophobic Stonewall. 50
Devin Bowden Stop StoneWall from unfairly trying to eliminate all dissent from their cult-like takeover of the movement homosexuals created! 50
Pieter Best of luck with the case! 50
Tara Taras 25
Steve Bradbury 100
Aliki Chapple Either the entire natural world is transphobic or a certain ideology has become a cult. I know which I think is likelier. Go, Allison! 25
Jim Turner 25
Jean 25
Huali Wu Thank you! 25
Jim Turner 25
Angela Jones Good luck. 20
Mariana Yarnold We stand with you. Always. Go get them, take their mask off. You are awesome 25
John Boxall You are so brave. I am in awe. Keep fighting. 25
Janette Leck All the very best 💕 25
Ruth Suckling Keep up the good fight. It’s important. 100
Kim thankyou for standing up for women 10
chris frost Great, we need this 25
Liza Cowan Watching your case with admiration from the US. 25
Wendy 50
Kim Thank you for doing this for all of us. 25
Sarah Maginness Solidarity #IStandWithAlisonBailey 5
Jayne Tweedie Here’s hoping. 5
Kat Whittaker You have my endless support. Your success in this case will be a welcome victory for women who believe that men cannot and will never be women. Thank you for being a path leader. 25
Alison From Alison with one L to one with two. Please win your case. 25
Ruth 25
Jane Dace 50
Morag 25
Stella Percival Thank you for standing up for all of us. 10
Anna Horton I stand with JKR and Alison 10
Sue Curtis Wishing you success. Thank you for taking this on. 25
Pauline Brown Go for it sis 25
Kate Birch Thank you for your courageous stand. 10
Graham Hishmurgh 25
Victoria KENNAWAY Best if luck, we need people like you. ♥️♥️♥️ 10
Dean 50
Brenda Burton Good luck 20
Caroline Havers Good luck 20
Alan Well, that was a good read. Can’t see how you can lose really, but good luck all the same. 10
Sheila Good luck 50
Tara Kaufmann 5
Rachel Mcknight Huge respect for Alison 15
Kym Barlow 10
Janet Sellers 25
Carol Spencer 25
Sarah Same sex attraction is a thing 20
Jane Austen My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.’ 15
Louise How is this even a thing ? With you all the way. 20
Jane Price 25
Kate Whistance 25
Wendy 25
Louise Tooms 25
Darleen jones 20
Ali White 100
Lorien Helm All the v v v best. You got this x 25
Lucy Bassnett-McGuire I am a 49 yr old working mum of two teenage boys. My mum is supporting you, my friends are supporting you, my husband and sons are behind you. I am behind you. There are so many of us out here. Good luck with the case. 100
Caroline Williams 5
Male Allies Challenging Sexism Good luck and credit to you for standing up! 50
Sara You are fighting for all real women. 5
Elspeth Wrigley Best of luck Allison, and thank you for bringing this case 25
Brian Harris 50
Chris Savage With very best wishes. 25
Penelope Go Allison! I am a proud hetro woman and what you are doing is for all of us. Women! Women! Women! 10
Katrin Turvey 25
James Irving 10
Caroline Campbell 10
Michael Mount 25
Paul Sarjantson 5
Elisabeth Kennedy 10
Laura Macnamara 5
Elizabeth Standing with you, Alison. 25
Amanda Morrison Thank you and good luck. 50
samantha harris Go get em Allison !!! 25
Henry Woodcock 25
Brais 10
james davidson All the best Alison, a just fight against a hideous ideology. 25
Rajeev Gupta 10
Toni 25
Kurt Kramer 25
Loren Thacker 5
Katherine Armstead 25
Mary in San Diego 10
Devin Bowden Stop StoneWall from unfairly trying to eliminate all dissent from their cult-like takeover of the movement homosexuals created! 25
Devin J Bowden Stop StoneWall from unfairly trying to eliminate all dissent from their cult-like takeover of the movement homosexuals created! 25
Devin J. Bowden Stop StoneWall from unfairly trying to eliminate all dissent from their cult-like takeover of the movement homosexuals created! 25
Bob Peterson Thank you and win this one. 5
Adam Pooler 25
Helene Ryles A gift from a pro life vegan deafblind Asperger Terf I am also a writer. 25
Lucius Tan Thank you for standing up for common sense and free speech, and taking a stand against the Stonewall bullies. May you prevail! 33
Kelly Brooks Happy to support you! 25
Stacy Kennedy Pulling for you, Allison! 10
Aideen OHalloran 25
caite petts Good luck 25
Sara Christie Best of luck with your court case, Allison. 25
Alice Bondi 10
Paula Campbell Fight the fight! Good luck! 25
Linda I wish you all the luck in the world 10
TJ Jacoby 25
Will Barton 5
Cristiana Germeno 50
Paul Traynor Such an important cause. Activist intolerance as a means of suppressing legitimate discourse needs to be stopped. 50
Anne McDowall Go get ‘em, Allison! 10
Amanda Simmons 5
Mel Martin 10
Prudence Evans thank you for making this stand against stonewall who are causing trouble for women, children, and gay men. 50
Graham Kenny 25
Elizabeth Lagrem 10
Philip Goodwin Good luck! 25
Marc Burgess You should not be discriminated against & your job threatened because of your entirely reasonable beliefs. Good luck in your case Allison! 15
Laisa Barros 10
Laisa Barros 10
diane wilson 25
Marian Wigg 25
Mf Nearly there Alison, 4th donation along with all the best wishes in the world to you. And Happy Lesbian Visibility Week 🙂 30
Ellie Heretic Good Luck, Allison xx xx xx 10
David Byrne Good luck with your case from a 68 year old grandfather who values free speech and those like you who help us preserve it 50
Kiran How Stonewall is still surviving after the Nolan report is scandalous. Please bring them down! The harm to children and women they are causing is absolutely unforgivable – all power to you Allison ✊ 20
Alexandra Jones Thank you Allison. 25
Sanvir Aulak-Hite 50
Dr A G Bannister 5
Jon Pike All the best, Allison and team 50
Diane Scott 50
Jane Hickman After a lifetime in both feminism and the legal profession one might hope I’d find this all rather surprising, but sadly not so. I wish you complete success in your case against Garden Court and Stonewall. It’s a brave step, a necessary one, and much appreciated by so many women. 50
Heron 25
Rob Wheeler Good luck 50
Lucy Mooney Good luck! 15
Ioana Best of luck, Allison! 5
Gwyneth Deakins 25
John Islip Every good wish for success! 100
Niamh Lyons 10
Vernie Sex is an immutable biological fact! Gender is a social construct! Whilst trans rights must and should be ‘supported’ by appropriate laws, this cannot override the protection and rights of women, girls and their spaces. Looking forward to seeing this properly debated in the courts. Good luck! 50
C Dodd 10
Kerstin Komischke Thank you, this is so important 50
Ulan Mamytov 100
Suzanne Fisher All the best of luck Alison. You are on the right side of history. 10
Claire O’Neill 10
Andy Hunt 50
Gay Fischer It’s such an important thing that Alison and her team are doing..all the best. 50
Cathie Good luck 25
Karen Cushnie Thank you Alison 25
Anne Burke 10
Caroline Upton Thank you for your grit and determination and for being willing to stand up and be counted. An inspiration in bravery. 50
Simon 10
Frances Lynn 100
Helen Keenan Hoping it all goes well. Good luck. 20
Irene Brown 10
Caroline Go Allison! All power to you and your team. Sorry it can’t be more. 25
Clare Palmer 25
Tiffany Walker 25
Jessica Thank you so much for doing this, Allison. This is so vitally important. 100
David 25
Claire Miller Good luck Allison! 100
Ruth Wilkinson 10
Joe McKane 25
Sylvia Conquest All the best to you and your team. Squeezes. The pale grey on white is really difficult to read. Could you re-do it in black on white? 10
Alan Ryder Possibly the most important human rights battle in decades 5
Janice Fowler 50
Stéphane Mitchell #IstandwithLesbians Go Allison ! 25
Lynda SIMMONS Thank you for taking this on. 50
Jayne Morley In it for us. Good luck 10
Elisa Zen Thank you Allison for never giving up. 20
Claire Patience 25
Annette Buck Really appreciate your efforts so much Allison. 25
Natalie Taylor 10
Chris Daniel All the best, we’re with you against the Wokes 20
Jane Gray 10
Bev White Thinking of you, all the best 20
Stefan Puchowski Good luck Allison! 25
Bev White Thinking of you. All the best 20
David Reinertson Why can’t we all just get along? 25
Daniel Graf Thank you for taking this fight for us. 10
Hilary Buck 25
Jane Waring Good luck Allison! Wish I could give more but hope it helps 15
Amy Bee 10
Jo Good luck Allison, thank you for what you are doing 50
Monica Ricci Sargentini We are with you Allison, you are not alone. Keep up the good fight 10
Virginia Howard 10
Anthony Franz Stand firm. 25
Douglas Young 25
Lou Lest 25
Lisa Singh 10
Jan Thompson Glad to add to the fund. 10
Katherine May Keep up the fantastic effort! Your resilience and tenacity are truly inspiring. 5
Josie Campbell Thank you 10
Janet Cousins Thanks so much Alison for standing up for lesbians & for women & girls.
We’re with you all the way.
Irene Uhlemann The best of luck Alison – from Ireland. 10
Josie Campbell THANK YOU. 10
Julia Casimo 25
Cedwyn Aled Pob lwc – good luck!! 10
Evelyn Stevenson 50
Linda McQueen 10
Emma I am happy and privileged to be able to give again Allison. I wish you all the luck in the world x 50
Rosalind Beck Good luck with this. Stonewall is a disgrace & I look forward to it being defenestrated. 25
Andrew Faulkner I fully support your stand against Stonewall and holding them accountable for the destruction they are causing under the banner of LGB rights 50
Tommy Johansson 25
Ann Brunton Good luck! 25
Martin Blyth 10
Martin Blyth 10
Liz Butler 25
Kirsty 10
Dorothee 50
Rachel Groves 25
Angela Smith 25
Melanie Rhind 25
Joshua Walker Go Alison! With all our love and support. 10
Tim 20
Jessica Johnson Thank you for standing up for women 10
Liz Nihan About time! Thankyou. 10
S Schaaf Good luck…. 10
Isabelle Kerr Standing with you Allison. 25
Wendy Lip 10
Elaine Shiner 25
Ruth Muirhead Good luck Allison! 10
Samantha Fothergill 25
Suzette Cullen All the best! 5
Emilie Emilie Dear Allison you have my full support and wish success on this case as it have huge implications for women as a polical class, lesbians and children.
Stay strong, women are with you
Shoshana Supporting you from the beginning and all the way to the end. You are brave and inspirational, and yet it is a travesty that you should be in this position 100
Lucy Garrett Good luck 50
Catherine Pasquill 10
Allison M 25
Louise Evans Good luck and thank you 50
Sheila Mills Bravo. Thank you 5
Melissa Thomas For women and their future! 25
Sarah Dee 10
Laura Servidei 25
Catriona Blake 50
Kristin Armstrong Good luck! 25
John Wood Best wishes for the case, Allison. 25
Melissa Kane Go get ’em Allison 👊🏼 20
Sue Hale Good luck and thank you for your courage 10
Gnomon In honour of Miffy, who inspired this donation. 10
Helen Manson You are fighting a noble fight and I wish you every success. 50
Joe Burgo 100
Les Dack Go girl!! 👍 5
Jacqui Collings Good luck 25
Ciaran Lynam 25
Adam Scott 25
Rachel Best of luck and thank you for fighting this 20
Rebecca John 5
Gemma Critchley All the best Allison 5
John Papaloizou 25
Hazel Lynne Good luck Allison. I’m happy to donate, but it does make me angry that so many women are being put in the position of having to bring these cases to court. 10
Julia Grams 25
Helen 25
John Papaloizou 25
Tracey Thank you. 10
Janine Birkett Thank you for fighting for us all Alison. 10
Jenny Kent With huge admiration for your bravery Allison. Thank you for refusing to be cowed and standing up for what’s right. 25
Patricia Swinnerton-Cooper Good luck Alison, we need women like you to stand up for all biological women.

Tricia XX
Rebecca Harvey 50
Robert Holmes 10
Sinead Evans I’m rooting for you, Allison! 10
Marina Piestert Good luck! So important for all women 25
Andrew 5
Hannah Johnson Best of luck to you, thank you for everything you’re doing for women and lesbians! 10
Marcin Bekiesza 10
Tania Martín Pinardi From Spain, I’m with you, Allison! 10
Martina 5
Hanna 10
Diane Jenkins Hope you win. 10
David Ede 25
Madison Keep fighting the good fight for women and lesbians. You are a vision of incredible strength, integrity, and tenacity. 25
Jasmin Harvey Praying that you can triumph. F£&k Stonewall! 10
Rhoni 25
Richard Lerner 10
Sally Bond You show great courage and tenacity in fighting this case, I hope you succeed. 50
Nicola Bown 10
Jack 10
Alison Morton 25
Laurence Graham I stand with Allison Bailey. 👍🏻🤜🏿 25
Dorte Toft 25
Betty 5
Barbara Davey With you all the way 10
The Centaur 20
Ro Nolan Sending support from Ireland 🇮🇪 💚💜💚 10
Margaret Rorie Good luck 25
Hermann Stahl 25
Margaret 25
Kate Pendlenton 10
Donna Webb 10
Robert Graff Happy to help women and girls. 50
Robert Horsford 10
Ed Wells 25
Victoria Smith You’re an inspiration, I admire your strength. 5
Andy Leighton Well worth the price of a pint. 5
Caroline Goode Linda Riley just inspired me to donate again and I will again in pay day.
Love and solidarity, Allison
Caroline Smith 10
Iain Glen 10
Mark Edwards 25
Tracy Thank you and good luck 25
Vicki Wharton Your courage is tremendous 25
Brenden Bice 10
Lizzie Thank you for standing up to this! 10
Jules Cassidy 25
Claire Best wishes for a positive outcome of this case. You deserve it. 25
Jim Lynch Good luck 5
jean seaton 25
Anna Pihl 5
Ann Robertson 10
karen motyl 10
NUOMI VAN LELYVELD xfingers for you, standing up for what you, I and many more know to be true 5
Ann 25
Shirley Metcalf 10
Robert Thomas 25
Maureen Luby 10
Peter Bridgman 10
Pam Gordon 10
Alan Good Luck Allison. 50
Nadja Eklov Best of luck!!! 25
Tony Getliffe I wouldn’t normally support people who steal all the birds,but I hate injustice. So, justice once..

I’ll get me coat….

Best of luck.
Wendy Richardson Best of luck with this important case 25
Mary Arigho Good luck, Alison. 10
Heather Phillips 5
Paul Milnes 10
Susan Robinson Good luck Allison. I stand with you. 10
Sarah Mattison Good Luck! 10
NICK Good luck for Australia 25
David Mitchell Wishing you, and all of us who are behind you every success in this case. I have it on authority this is being followed here in Taiwan too.
In this day of lesbian visibility, we see you, we love you, and we salute you x
Robert Wright 10
David Mitchell You are fighting not just for you but for us and the LGB. Your case is being followed here in Taiwan, not just expats but locals too. In times of stress and frustration remember we the LGB are all here behind you. Thank you and KICK BUTT x 50
Joanne Bradley Good luck Alison 10
Philip Watts Good luck! 25
rebecca Dare 10
Cheryl Hercus Good luck from Australia, and I hope the court orders costs against Garden Court and Stonewall. 10
Liz Fahy Good Luck with this case. 25
Belinda Piec Sending all the strength!! 10
Mike Patrick Good luck and best wishes. 25
Caroline McMillan 10
Liza Cowan Supporting you from the US. 5
Heidemarie Siegel I am a mum and grandmother and want to help all women, lesbians in special. 10
Troy Bowler 100
Alison Berthon 20
Robin Waterston 50
Allison 10
Jenny Ray 25
Sheila Such an important case 5
Isabell Robertson 10
Michael Stewart Good luck! 10
E Stradling Thank you 10
Jan Keep going. Bullies need to be challenged. 25
Duabe Me Wishing you every success, you have so many people behind you. 10
Donna Francis 5
Antonia 50
Ronnie Martin Kick their arses Alison ! 5
Francis Harris 15
Giles Prevail 100
Susan Doherty Good luck,Alison 25
Peter Easton Wishing you success 100
Charlotte 25
Rosemary Baird Wishing you success Allison! 25
Richard Cotton If you win, it will be a great personal victory but it will also be a victory for every lesbian and gay man who rejects gender identity theory. Good Luck. 50
Sacha Brooks Gwarn Allison, take it to them! 25
sian o’gorman 10
Marie Eaton Smith Good luck 10
Rhona Armstrong 50
Marie Krabbe 10
Pam Braddock 25
Anna Cleaves You are working for the rights of so many people. Good luck 100
Linda Whitehead Allison, you are magnificent! I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing for women, children, and men too. 25
Ruth Good luck 25
Derek 25
Serena Cox Best of luck Allison, thank you for doing this. 10
Bryan Tookey 25
Carol Jenkins Good luck Allison. xx 10
Vera Schlusmans 10
Elizabeth Isaacs Wishing you all
the best Allison!!
Sharon Plessier Hope you win! 25
Carin Skirrow Good luck and best wishes. 50
michael donnelly 25
Tim Darlington 25
Aryalila Jones Thank you for bringing Stonewall to account 10
Olivier Allison, we’re all with you on this – both women and men who believe that Stonewall’s overreach in the public and corporate spheres has to be shown up for the thought bully and free speech inhibitor that they clearly are. Enough is enough – yours is a just cause and I hope you win this on all our behalves! Best of luck 🙂 50
Kay Blunden 5
Janet Warren Wishing you all the best and hoping that justice will prevail. 10
J Gourley 30
Jan Rivers A win for you is a win for us all. Go well over the next two weeks. 15
David Jones 10
De Epstein 10
Victoria Thomas-Carter Good Luck to you and your team. 50
Katie Hutley 10
Ellen Oneill All the very best of luck with your case. 5
Louisa Joyce Thank you for not giving up, for taking the time, for putting yourself under this huge burden and for speaking for all of us. 25
Rose Barden TY Allison for Standing Up! We are with you in Spirit! 10
Jennifer Smith 25
Saphié Ashtiany This case raises important issues which need to be aired 100
Kim Hamilton 25
Joyce Agnew 10
Alison Smith Too important not to support. 25
Mark Dawes 10
Rob Smith You have this. 10
Christine 10
Aine Kelly We’re rooting for you Allison! 50
Gillian Kenealy Best of luck Allison and team 10
Khalid Alvi 25
Celia Rose Mindelsohn So important to shine a light on this. Everything crossed for a successful outcome 25
Garwhoungle McMillan Thank you from Aotearoa New Zealand. Good luck. 10
Anita Newsam Good luck Allison! 25
Margaret Kane-Dickson Good luck there are many women standing with you 10
Mark Pulley Go for it!!! 10
Jane Sullivan 10
Chris Durham Looking forward to seeing sanity prevail. Much strength to you. 25
Helen Hill 10
Christine Casey Another wee donation. Best of luck, we are all rooting for you. 10
Andrea King 10
Yasmin Message 5
Rachel Isaacs Go Alison x 5
Alison Ketts From one Alison to another. Thank you for being so strong. 25
Jeanette Jones Thank you for what you’re doing. Thousands of us are right behind you. Good luck! 25
Jacqui Fernie 10
Denise Kennedy This is an important trial and I believe that Allison needs the support of women worldwide to defend her rights in the work place as a woman, as a lesbian, along with gender critical beliefs. I am one of those women. 15
Samantha Tracy Good luck Allison. With you all the way. 25
Alison Shedden Good luck!! 25
Alison Shedden Good luck!! 25
Julie Kavanagh Best of luck with this important step 10
Pip Courage! 5
Maureen Child 25
Lisa Good luck Allison 25
Julia Edwards 10
Alex Dunlop Standing against reality-deniers who seek to remove LGB equality and representation is vital but a huge burden for those tasked with it personally. We are all with you. 10
Karen Good luck we women need to fight back 5
Cathy Armstrong 25
Ellie Simpson So moved and awed by your bravery and tenacity Allison. Thank you for fighting for women and the lgb community. I have a baby daughter and you are helping her to arrive in a fairer world. Sending so much support, sorry I can’t give more x 5
Marelle Rice 25
Hazel Tarragon A small amount, I am not well off. However, I recognise the importance of this case, not just for you, but for everyone. Stonewall must be held to account. Stonewall’s undue influence over UK politics, institutions, social policy & service delivery must be stopped. Thank you for stand up to Stonewall Alison. 10
Jenny Jones Good luck Alison! 10
Tina Best of luck, Alison 25
Michelle Russ Thank you x 15
Stella Doves Very good luck today Allison. My thoughts are with you. Stand strong, hold the line! We are here and we are supporting you. 25
Chri Dalxher Allison, I’m late to the party, but I hope this helps. All best wishes to you for the upcoming week. —CVD 100
Mary Howden Good luck Allison 25
Rebecca With you all the way Allison! 10
Tracey Hynan I am with you. You speak for me and my children. You speak the truth. Much love. 25
Anna Castle-Byrne I wish I could give more.
Wishing you all the luck!
Every adult human female is with you xx
Danielle Donougher 100
Luisa Compobassi 25
Simon Allison, I wish you every success with your court case. The way Stonewall treated you was appalling and I’m glad you now have the chance to hold them to account. 25
Jane Macleod 10
Annie xxxxx 25
Hilary Whittake 25
Robin All the best! Here’s a little extra. #IStandWithAllisonBailey 15
Patsy Colebourne Good luck for tomorrow Allison. Let’s all hope that old Clapham Omnibus does not arrive pre-painted In Stonewall Livery. 25
Donna Cole 10
Denis Hunt 10
Christine Cavell-Sibley Good luck! Stand strong, there is an army behind you Allison. 10
Lin Thank you for standing up for us 10
Tom Leicester 100
Stephen Madill 25
Ruth Sullivan 25
Claire Harris 100
Ann Dolan Go girl go 10
Liz Lemon Thanks for fighting for us 25
Kim Bardle 10
Emma Donaldson 25
Colin Jamieson Screw it, this is my real name 5
Heather James 10
Michael Orange Good luck! 25
Hilary Penney Thousands of women stand with you Allison. Good luck. 10
Abigail Caffrey Good luck Alison 10
Tom Killick 50
Patricia Garside You’re one awesome woman. 20
Christina 10
Carey Combe 10
Tanya Day 10
Andrew Richardson Best of luck, Alison 25
Kate Thank you for your bravery and resilience 3
Susan Care Another fiver for you Alison. My youngest daughter wants to study law. You are a role model. 5
John Paterson You have my support. 25
Beth Vaughan Good luck with your case, you are totally right and brave to stand up to this misogynistic homophobic ideology. 10
Sylvain Lamoureux Just remember that you are not alone in this battle. You represent hope. 25
Antonia Good luck Allison. 25
Rachel 50
Andrew Harris Good luck Allison. 100
Patricia Mulholland All GC women in employment need this to succeed. 10
Liz Griffiths 25
Bernadette Maguire Sending love and solidarity Allison. Thank you for standing up for all of us! 55
Rachel Watson 10
Carol Bailey 10
Penny Thank you for all you do for all of us. 10
Keira Moore 10
Ian Haines Good luck 50
Chris 10
Lucy Elphick 5
Adele McVay 5
Louise Guinness Let’s Go, Allison. Am with you all the way 50
Catherine McCloskey 25
Isabelle Guiard-Ayres 25
John Sheard Wish you every success. 5
Dawn Good luck Allison, hope you are successful and make them see there is consequences to their actions 25
Vanessa McCulloch Good luck, Allison! 5
Jack Appleby 5
Constance Kavanagh 20
Diana Arseneau-Powell Good luck tomorrow, Allison! 20
Jackie Bale Good luck Allison and thank you. Each case sheds more light on the murky dealings of Stonewall and others involved in this ideology 25
Judith Berridge All the best Allison. 25
Graham O’Brien Good luck Allison. 25
Alison Campbell Good luck and thank you. 10
Catrin Slade 10
Nicola Hayes Good luck Allison, millions are behind you. I couldn’t donate a lot but there are enough of us to get you over the line xx 10
Jacob Sanders 10
Ian Good luck. This is an important fight you are undertaking for all people, not just women and LGB. 100
Karen Hendrick Hi Allison, I don’t know if you will get to read this comment, but as a mother of two daughters I cannot express my gratitude enough for your courage in standing up for what is right. It is long past time that Stonewall, and those who espouse the same self-righteous bilge, are made to say out loud in a court of law what they really believe in. And let the rest of the world hear and see it for what it has really become, at heart a misogynistic, homophobic, gaslighting movement bent on reducing girls and women to chattel (again). Something for men to play with. Well not this dinosaur! And not my daughters. Thank you and stay strong. As the saying goes – don’t let the bastards get you down!! 25
Alasdair Dickson Bonne chance, Allison! 🙌 15
Louise Cole 10
Hilary 10
Ann James 3
Sonya Corris 10
Lisa Ravaioli Thank you for all you are doing. We’ve been with you every step of the way! 50
Gillian Collister 25
Rupert Vaughan Best of luck 25
Simon Langley I used to respect Stonewall but it has abandoned its championing of gay rights and has become an ideologically driven organisation intent on denying the rights of women and gay people to define their gender or sexuality and causing untold harm to vulnerable you g people.

Stonewall is intent on stifling discussion screaming ‘transphobia’ instead of addressing valid concerns. That has to stop and I’m happy to support you in calling a dangerous organisation that has lost its way to account.
Mary MacCallum Sullivan 10
James 50
Sue McCafferty Wishing you all the best, sorry I can’t donate more but will spread the word to my contacts. Justice will prevail. 10
Amber Ault Best wishes from across the pond. Thank you for your courage. 50
Simon Tegg 25
Mary King Thank you 🙏 25
Navahra Lindsay Best wishes with this very important case. Stonewall has been acting with impunity and it cannot continue. X 25
Fraser Anderson Win this please. 5
Moira Wrathall Donating again, thank you, Allison, for what you’re doing. courage 25
Nicola Dobinson 5
Stephanie Adam 25
Melissa Ibarra Stay strong! 5
Robert Thomas 25
jax milton 25
Aisling Howard Best of luck ! 10
Heather Take them to the cleaners, Alison. So many people stand with you, of all stripes. Tear the whole wall down around them and leave them in ruins. 25
Matthew Sexton Wishing you the very best x 10
Anna 10
Mike Flinn I hope it goes well ! Good luck 25
Frances Davidson 25
dave taylor As a straight man, I support Women’s Rights, and LGB Rights. 30
Jane Ayres 20
Sandra Lawler Good luck and thank you. 25
Julia Royce Good luck and thank you. 25
Rachel King We’re all standing with you, Allison. 💚🤍💜 20
Yvonne Buck 200
Sandra Lawler 25
Lisa De-Vall Giving again because this case is important to all of us. Go get ’em. 100
Janet Connor Good luck Allison 10
Christine Fraser 20
Mary G Good luck and thank you 25
Paula Fitzgerald 5
Kath Murray 40
Frank Dawson 10
Mandy Neeson All the very best you wonderful woman x 10
Christin Cockerton Solidarity and love to you Allison. What you’re doing is so important to so many women. Wish I could give more. 5
Keith Young 25
Shabda Cloud 25
Charlotte Owen 5
Sue Williams 25
Daniel Nicol I re-read Stonewall’s communication to your Chambers. It was atrocious! Unbelievable stuff. Stonewall MUST be removed from every nook and cranny of the British state!!! 25
Mark 25
Andrea Yeomans Good luck Alison! 10
Georgina Bruce 50
Sara Barker 25
Shirley Berry 20
Tim Lalli Thank you for standing up to these zealots 25
Annie Duffin Good Luck Alison – thanks for your strength and grace. 25
Carole 25
Ben Goulding-Huckle 50
Tom Jordan Good luck. 25
Gill Parke 5
Antje All the best for the next weeks! 25
Polly Phillipson 50
A Hartley Let’s turn this tide! Thank you Allison 25
Carolyn Nimmo 25
Sally Taylor Thank you! 10
Zoe Dieckhoff 25
Marylynn Ballard 5
Holly Sullivan #hero 25
Caroline Nann 25
Ingrid Hegarty Owens Best of luck 10
Diane Wish I could afford more! Good luck and thank you Allison 50
Mateja Norcic Thank you for doing this. 10
Willie ROSS Win this for sanity! 10
Brett Richardson Good luck, Allison. 2
Paul Carne 10
Michael Cook LGBAlliance is not a hate group and one should not be discriminated against for association. 10
Jonathan McAlister Good luck 10
Nicola Todd Courage calls to courage everywhere! Thank you for all your bravery 25
Kate Makowiecka 25
Jason Rozelaar 50
Karen 10
Rachel Lee 25
Alexa Davis Stand up for your sisters and we will stand for you 10
Thea Daum 5
Janet Smyth 10
Linda Taylor 5
Melanie Hallam I stand with Allison Bailey and the LGB Alliance 25
Alex 25
Judy Reed It’s time this madness ended- Good Luck 25
Michelle Shipworth Thank you Allison. You are amazing. 25
Angela Go! Allison! 25
Zoe Shaughnessy Good luck Allison x 10
Sarah Kaldestad 10
Joanne Martin 25
Janet Marks 25
Colin Menniss Keep up the good fight. 25
Paula Fitzgerald ❣️ 5
Juju 10
Simon Merrill 10
Lorna Go Alison! Thank you for standing up to the bullies. We can’t and won’t sit down and shut up. Ever. 10
Louise Evans Supporting from the UAE, you are seen 👏🏻👏🏻. Take heart 💪🏻 50
Sarah Harding 10
Dorinda Mills I little bit more to help you over the line, Allison. Thank you for doing this: for yourself and for all of us. 5
Sheila Roderick Good luck Allison ❤️ 10
Hilary Oxley I am a lesbian from Aotearoa, (N.Z.) and we already have sex self-I.D. already unfortunately. 25
Yvette Craig Good luck Alison, there are far more people for you than against you are a Inspiration. I hope you reach your goal, I don’t have much because I’m on z limited low budget, but it’s such a important case, you must win thankyou so much. Go get em girl!!! 10
Sybil Blackmon 5
Cait Murphy Go get ’em! 50
Kim Hargreaves From a northern woman thank you x 5
Francis Wheen 100
Avril Peppard Come on Alison! 50
Keith S Thank you, Allison, for your spirit and integrity in taking this fight to the UK HQ of this dangerous gender ideology. You will win because you are right. 30
Annie Kia Warm thanks for your courage in co-founding LGB Alliance and standing up for the right to say we are same-sex attracted people. Queer ideology has gone completely off the rails and gender nonconforming LGB kids are being harmed. 25
Sandra Mason Good luck 😀 10
Peter Harrison 10
James Disabled/unemployed straight male here with gay friends and family of both gender but also with a very young relative who transitioned in their teens after a traumatic childhood. It is long overdue that people say no more to these bullies. I have supported yourself and others like you for a number of years and done a fair bit of research into this and made a number of enemies via being vocal with regard to what I have found. Putting my money where my mouth is to help you and wishing you the very best of luck. 5
Luke Brennan 25
Guy Robinson The fight has to be taken to Stonewall for the sake of lesbians. 20
Erick Theeel Best wishes for such an important case for us all. 50
Rebecca James 25
Rebecca James 10
Gail Pilling 10
Max 50
gay johnson Good luck from NZ Allison 10
Katy Warburton Wishing you success! 5
Mary Morrissey 10
Anne Wishing you success Allison. 10
Norma Walton 10
Caroline Rynn Good luck! 10
Louise Donald 25
Ivan Waters 25
Let common sense prevail I’m just sorry I can’t offer more. Good luck. There’s many of us rooting for you. 5
P Eva 5
elizabeth burke Let’s hope sanity prevails. 5
Yvonne Chong Rooting for you all the way Allison. Go get the misogynistic bastards! 25
Lee Harrison All the best 25
Rebecca Ireland Thank you Allison 20
Susannah 10
Amanda Kovattana 25
Marion Preece 10
Heather welford 25
Steve Smith Good luck, May your quest be fruitful. 10
Susan There are loads of us willing you on Allison x 25
Thomas McPhail 10
Leslie Brown Such an important case 25
Julia Van Coevorden 25
Sarah Blenkinsop 25
Sheila Morgan Good luck. 20
Kerry McKenzie 10
Kate Roxburgh 25
William Craig 25
Lyndsey Maiden 10
Tracey ORourke Brava! 25
Sam Gray Good Luck 5
Lisa Morgan From an individual not a corporation with deep pockets 10
Anna Ruth Scantlebury 25
Kathy Leppard Go Allison – SO support what you are doing, bravo! 25
Rebecca 5
Susan Hossent 10
Gareth Fox-Williams 50
Valentina d’Aguiar 10
Jo Smith 10
Mandy Clare Good luck to you woman and thank you! 5
Sarah Wilkinson Love and strength Allison 50
carol Good luck 5
Andy Low 50
Craig Scott 50
Katrina Biggs All the best, Allison. We Kiwi women are so inspired by the battles you UK women are undertaking – and starting to win! We know it will all happen here in NZ, too, so you are setting great precedents for us. Thank you! 50
Heather Hoole As a mum and grandmother, thank you. 10
M S Thank you for taking Stonewall on. You didn’t have to but I see you and I salute you. 100
Michael O’Callaghan 10
Alison H Sorry it’s not much. Very best of luck! 5
Christine Wood 10
Jill Stewart Good luck Allison 25
Alison Hughes 5
Stacey Charlesworth Know that we are with you and we are many x 50
Katie Golightly 10
Rose Yates Good luck and I wish I could give more! 10
Karen Fraser 10
Polly Tuckett 10
Marie-anne Fisher 25
Alison Macnair 25
Mitchell Marks 25
Caroline Farrow Best of luck Allison. 25
Deborah Webb 10
Julie 25
Laurence Green 10
Floyd Toulet 10
Charlie Win for all of us. 5
Dianne With gratitude and best wishes from Australia 25
so fasrus let’s win this! 10
Paul McKeown Good luck in court. 25
Jenny Barron Good luck! 10
John Grierson 25
Fred Franks Best wishes! 50
Peter Biggs 5
Jess Jones 25
Anne James ‘Good luck’ seems inadequate, but I really mean it! 5
Emily Pike Good Luck Alison and thank you for your courage! X 10
Frances Clare 10
Terry Patterson Behind you all the way Alison 😘 25
Ralph 10
Frances Clare 10
Ewen Mac All the very best, Allison. Thank you for standing up for gay and lesbian people, and for all women. 20
Stephanie Seidel 50
Nel Weddle 50
Saskia Palmer Thank you Allison the Brave ! 25
Roi Croasdale 25
Jayne Fellows 20
Roi Croasdale 5
Lee Cook Sorry I can only donate little amounts but I am fully behind you Alisson and find you a true inspiration 10
phideaux xavier 100
Deirdre Yager 25
Gary 10
Anthony Salerno 5
David Earl Williams Good on you. 5
Issy Power to you sister 5
Sarah Mitchell-Smith Amazing woman. Keep going. 20
Rita Balneaves Again, good luck Allison.💕 10
Robert Ba Good luck Alison 10
James Gardner 10
Donella Campbell Allison, Thank you for all you are doing to defend women’s rights and those of LGB people.I am with you all the way! 10
Anne Marie Manning Alison I appreciate what you are doing, you are doing this for all of us thank you. Will try and donate every couple of weeks till you win. Xx 25
David Cook 25
Lucy Cleary Good luck Allison, will be cheering you on all the way. 10
Frankie Lawrence Total support 10
Simon Baddeley Groundbreaking cause 10
Yvonne Women shouldn’t have to fight this fight. 20
Graham Linehan Best of luck, Allison! 50
Liam Gallagher 25
Victoria Williams 25
Laura Good luck Allison 25
Meg Gay Very best of luck, Allison! 25
matt Best of luck with the trial! Praying you win. 25
Sarah Walker 10
James Evans 25
Tina Johnston All the best for next week. May this be the final throw for them. 25
Sarah Bennett “Courage calls to courage everywhere, and its voice cannot be denied’ – Millicent Fawcett. Thank you Allison for your bravery and courage. 50
Melissa Martin Just another fiver but wanted to say how amazing you are. ❤️ 5
Emma Bateman This case is so important. Thank you for your courage Alison 10
Joanne Lau 25
Sue Bryan 25
Sue Peters 10
Dom McVey 5
Kath Leyland Stay strong. 25
Silvia Benussi 10
Judith Dennison I only found out about this Stonewall issue over the last year, presumably because most of the media outlets I rely on for news have been scared into silence. Can’t help but think we have slept walked into this horrifying situation. Good luck Allison. Freedom of speech and thought must be protected. Bullies must never succeed. 25
Rosemary Whyte 25
Lisa Good luck Allison 💚🤍💜 25
Carol Bartle 10
Kay Warbrick Rooting for you.. 10
Katherine Rosen Thank you! 25
Jeffrey Gorrill 20
Kelly Kreutter 10
Sian Edwards Stonewall is beyond speech and should be disbanded. Good luck to you in your case. 20
Christopher Hooper 10
Laura Wyles 10
Stella Best of luck alison 25
Jane Kidd 10
Stuart Roberts 10
Louisa Herd Good luck and thank you for standing up for women and girls. 10
Elisabet Mähler 25
Amanda Lucas Go girl! 25
Sarah Good luck Allison! 50
Tracey Eastaugh-waring 10
Michael Kent In support of real law, not stonewall law 50
Edward Swift 10
dani hart Good luck with this important case Allison! 20
Terry Howson Win for all of us 10
Sandra Currie Thank you, Allison. So happy you are standing up to and calling out the misogynist, homophobic bullies. 25
Jane Collins Good luck. This is such an important issue. 10
Lesley Turner You are an inspiration Allison. So proud that women like you are fighting for all of us. 25
Menna A little bit extra as it all helps. Wishing you all the very best for next week. Mewn undod x 10
Sarah Bailey KOKO Allison. We’re all behind you 25
Delma McDermott 50
Callum 100
Sally Am grateful for the opportunity to help out in this very important cause. 50
Mark Taylor 10
Christopher Barraclough wish i could give more xx 10
Claire 100
Hill Butler Good luck Allison! 25
Jayne Turkington 10
Mrs M Good luck Allison. 100
Simon Fanshawe Courage calls to courage everywhere 100
Jim Stock Well done Alison 50
Sandra Brownlie Praying for you to win! Stonewall has ruined huge parts of life in Scotland,good luck! 10
Deirdre Baker 10
Sherry Harris I can only give £10 but I really hope you win this for us Alison 10
Judi Thank you for your courage and your clarity. I’m giving what I can when I can because what you are doing is so important. I hope you can feel the support and the good wishes from so many of us. 10
Elizabeth Carter Thank you for all you are doing. We stand with you x 10
Fiona Savage May the Force be with you’ 25
Gillian Cassidy 25
Alison Davies 10
Eliz Griff Giving whenever I can. Always with you, you courageous woman. 10
Emma Huge love and support for you Allison. 50
Patrick Doyle All the best, Allison 25
Rosalind Walker I support you and all women and others who are fighting this cause. What Stonewall have done and are doing is an outrage. 50
Jennifer Gould 25
Morag MacSween Continuing sisterhood & support from Morag & Charmaine 25
Frank Coldwell 50
Sharada Shaw 5
Nicola Sherwood 25
Rachel For my daughter whom I love dearly and for all the daughters that are threatened 25
Genevieve ORBAN What you achieve for women in UK will benefit women and girls everywhere. 25
phearan gould 25
Naveen Hussain Good luck Alison. Thanks for fighting the good fight. 25
Doreen Yule 25
Tracey 10
Jenny Eddie Thank you Allison 5
Michelle Hampton 10
Antoinette Sherrattt 100
Annette Mahoney 10
Sandra Mulligan 25
Carol Jardine Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nae pasaran! 10
Frankie 10
Martin Eggleston I planned each charted course,
Each careful step along the byway…
Adele Ward 10
Richard Scholey 10
Helen Fallows Good luck Allison! 10
Lynne Chellingworth 25
Sue Smith This is my second donation. I wish you all the best, Allison, what you are doing is so very important! 200
Elizabeth Wroe Best wishes to a braver woman than I! 25
Helen Let’s get this over the line. Wishing you strength and stamina. You’re doing this for all of us. Thank you. 50
Kay Watson 25
Kayleigh Martin 10
Rita Rake Bravo Allison. Can’t wait to see Stonewall and Garden Court made to account for their sinister victimisation of you. 10
Elizabeth Maher 25
Janet Topham Glad that they failed to sap your will with the unsurprising disclosure run around Allison. Thank you for doing this for us all. 1000
Elliot Hammer Stay strong Allison, I know you can do this! 100
Helen Steel Solidarity and huge respect. Women should have the right to talk about our how our needs & experiences differ from men’s. Stonewall have incited widespread bullying of women through their misrepresentation of the law and reality. 25
Maria Hodson 25
Jacq Atkin It’s about time somebody stood up for biological women. 10
Helen O’Mara 10
Ann Thomas I hope Stonewall is finally held to account. 10
Nigel Thorne Best wishes Allison 50
Nigel Thorne Best wishes Allison 50
Fiona Your courage and commitment is outstanding, we are all with you. 25
Madison So happy to support you and your case Allison. 50
Mairi Good luck Allison. 1000
Amanda Kok 25
Blaise Egan 25
Dominica Maxted Thank you 25
Louise 25
Lynnette Timperley Good luck I hope you win 5
Felicity Hodgson 10
Marny Thank you Allison for all your courage and bravery in speaking out against the erosion of womens rights 10
Lisa 25
Deb Gronow Good luck 10
Kate Long 10
James Foran 10
Jane Moore 10
Serena Mackesy 25
William Mackesy Good luck! 50
Kate Let’s do this! So sorry you’re being put through this Allison but proud to be standing at your side 💪🏼💪🏼 50
Kelly and Jackie We are proud to stand with you in this fight. Best wishes. And thank you for your courage which calls to us all. 25
Aliki Chapple 25
winifred mccartney Will be praying for you 10
Kate Bartholomew Thank you for challenging Stonewall and being resilient in the face of their bullying tactics. 100
Claire Parry Good luck..! We are all standing with you..! 50
Nichola Brown Not a lot but I’ve shared widely. Thank you Alison. 10
Michael Conroy Solidarity x 10
Louise Burton 25
Ann 25
D Henderson 10
Jane Mactaggart 100
Jenny Woodruff You’re an inspirational woman Allison. You have a great team and you are morally in the right and I’m sure legally in the right too. Thank you for all the personal sacrifices you have made to help keep all women safe. 25
Anne Sheehan 50
Tracey Shaw Thank you for bringing this action to bring Stonewall to account. GC views should be allowed to be voiced as they are due to concern for women and children. Gender ideology is dangerous. Trans people can be who they want but females and children need safeguarding 10
Ida Jørgensen 10
Male Ally Good luck. 10
Jules Cassidy 10
Bronwen Salter-Murison You’re so impressive, Allison! 20
Marilyn Gerrard Thank you 25
Clare McWilliams Thank you for Standing Up for Women, for women to be named as women and for the word woman to remain the definition of adult human females. @BelfastBeatnik. 5
Caroline Oliver Allison, thank you. Thank you for standing up for women & girls. This is the second time I’ve donated because your case is so important. We are with you all the way. 25
Alison King 25
Sarah Thank you 25
Mary Hunter Good luck Alison! You are a legend.! 50
Charlotte Kelly 10
David Murphy IN fighting to protect yourself you fight for our daughters, nieces, granddaughters and women of the future. Very best of luck. 50
Stafford Campbell Your courage will preserve the freedom of the next generation 25
JK Law 20
Gillian Courage calls to courage everywhere 10
Claudette Lecky Thank you Allison, with much love. 10
Randolph 10
Christine Casey Another wee bit, wish it was more. 10
Alice Good luck 25
Lorren Boniface 10
Elizabeth Weaver 10
Kulvinder Singh You’re extremely brave taking on this challenging fight and I wish you all the best! 50
Alison Cameron Thank you for taking on this massively important cause 10
Sandra Happy to support a brave sister 💕 10
Ruth Conlock Solidarity Alison! My second donation to support you in your valiant fight against this pernicious ideology. 25
Kathryn Thank you Alison for doing this for all of us women. 10
Helen Mccready 5
Debbie Curtis 25
Kay Lawrence 10
Dinah Winch 10
Jolyon M 100
Fiona Robertson Decided not to go to the pub tonight. So found another tenner! Your case is so important Allison. For all women, and our daughters. Love to you mate x 10
Sandra Currie Thank you for standing up for all women, especially racialized women and lesbians! 25
Jude Brew 25
Gillian Cassidy Thank you Allison! 25
Liz S Good luck, Allison! 10
Elaine Smith 50
Nick Thomas 25
Rebecca Thomas Allison good luck – like lots of employees I’m beyond fed up with the behaviour of Stonewall in workplaces throughout the UK. Stonewall has behaved badly – the diversity champion scheme with its coercive “no debate” actually reminds me of domestic abuse.
Really sorry I can’t afford more. I truly believe you will win this. Thank you x
Liz R Love, strength and courage to you. 100
Lesley Semmens This is from my partner, Jenny who sends good wishes and solidarity 💪 20
Simon Good luck in something that shouldn’t even be necessary 10
Kathryn Fuller Best wishes to Allison. 25
Gabriella Etheridge 25
Heather Self A small top up to my previous donation. Good luck. 10
Rachel 25
Frances Holmes Solidarity Allison. We are all with you. 25
Kay Holmes Good luck x 10
Callan Hudson 50
gary turner Good luck 10
Rose 25
Karen Ingala Smith With you all the way, Allison. 25
Rhys McCarthy Good luck Allison and thank you for being brave enough to stand up to the bullies 10
Alison John Thank you! 25
Naomi Passman Thank you so much for your bravery in pursuing this for all our benefits! 25
Carmel Kelly Best wishes! 25
Dawn 5
Naomi Passman This is such an important case thank you for being so brave and fighting for the rights of all of us! 25
Jason Turvey 25
Rebecca Johnson 25
Vicky Anderson 15
T Jones 20
Liz Griffiths Thank you for what you are doing Allison. Women’s Rights Network is behind you all the way. 25
David Scott Thank you for doing this, Alison. Your bravery is inspiring, and thousands (probably actually millions) of us are with you all the way. 25
Sia Mensah 10
Daniela Gledhill Vuolo 15
Tracey Hynan 25
Fiona Robertson Found another tenner each for you & Raquel!
Please publicise her case too x
Emma 10
Alia Zuhair 5
Annette Christensen Go get them! 10
Elisa Zen Thank you Allison for persevering despite everything that has been thrown out you. You are an inspiration. 10
David Hamilton Best wishes for a win 35
Alison McKeefry The case against Stonewall needs to won.
Good luck.
Natasha Wood Solidarity and good luck Alison. 10
Robert Murray Go Out and Get’em Girl! 3
Celia Green Wish it could be more. 5
Susie 100
Rebecca Shaw 25
Charmaine Morgon 10
Sarah Bennett 100
George (from London) 10
Gillian Salisbury 10
Ceri Smith Wishing you success in this fight for reason and justice 10
Kit Holmes Good luck Allison 100
Kir Good luck – so many stand with you – thank you for challenging the silencing of women & truly Orwellian actions of Stonewall 50
Mario Giacchetta 25
Ivan Rogers Stonewall are well overdue being brought to account. Keep it up! 25
Ruth Corbett 10
Ruth Corbett 10
Lorna Seaton 5
Hazel Elms 10
Margaret Padfield Thankyou for fighting for women . 50
graham calderwood 25
graham calderwood good luck an d wel done 25
Barbara Buck 25
Taynia Pemberton 10
Vikki Lax 10
James Irving 10
Lucy Thank you 25
Jean Cockerill Go Allison! 25
Grainne McKeown 25
Teresa Kulik 100
Sarah Merricks So small a donation but such large support. 5
Heather Bullen Thank you for what you are doing 10
Emma Cheevers 10
Emma Cheevers 10
Emma Cheevers 10
Caroline Wishing you the best of luck, Allison. Thank you for defending the right to free speech, reasoned debate, and the safety and dignity of women and girls. 50
Stephanie Greenwood 10
Beverley Taylor 25
Katy Denniff Thank you for standing Allison and good luck! 10
Peter Too scared to share my details. But good luck. 10
Suzanne MacCallum Thankyou and good luck. 20
Yvonne Keegan Go for it Girl 5
ruby lescott Your courage and determination inspire us all, we shall fight with you to protect women’s and girls’ rights all over the world. No Pasaran! 25
Laura Sparling Good luck, Allison 10
Scott W G supporting L sisters 50
Cerry Darbon 50
Michael Studman 500
Rachael Lloyd 5
Sarah Przybylska Hi Allison – best of luck xx 50
Jude Lock 25
Sue Corner Good luck Allison. 50
Sonia Benite 5
Melissa Mallows 5
Julie Sanders 10
Hugh Duncan Good Luck! 50
Rebecca Shepherd 100
Gb 50
Rachel W Good luck! We are all behind you xx 20
Marian Shiels In awe of your courage and ethics. So many of us will be with you in that courtroom. 50
Naoimh McElroy 10
Sally Smith Thank you 25
Julie Whitaker 100
James Lennon 25
Katie Fox 10
Nila Germain 25
Mike Wallman Good luck Alison! Thank you for making the world a better place for my daughters. 25
Eileen Maddocks Good luck 10
Clare Wishing you all the best Allison. Hoping that your trial will be the last nail in the coffin for Stonewall. Looking forward to reading the tribunal tweets! 25
Gina Biehn 10
Martin Lugsdin Just replied to a tweet of yours – best of luck!! 25
Shabda Cloud 25
Ela Sending you my best wishes and full support. Thank you for being an advocate for women’s hard-fought-for rights. I am so, so grateful for women like you and wish i had half of your courage and skills. My only way of supporting our fight is financial so thank you for being one of the public faces of our fight. 30
Helen Rogers Thank you Allison and her legal team for taking on the monster that Stonewall has become. Heartbreaking that Stonewall is now trampling over the rights and freedoms of those it was formed to liberate and defend. 50
Judy Buxton I wish you every success as the mother of a disabled young woman on the autistic spectrum I adopted who has suffered sexual/physical abuse by men from a very young age and TW and as a survivor myself of abuse, I fully support you in your action against Stonewall. 25
Kati For fairness and justice. 10
deborah ferguson 100
Christine ingebrigtsen 10
Keri Smith 5
Martin Budd With Best Wishes 50
Stuart Hobday Good luck! 10
Debbie Brannon 10
Faaiza Bashir 10
Sachin Roopani Good luck Allison!!! 100
Marie-Elaine Frith 10
Gisele Lamarche May you prevail, good SISTER!! 10
MightyMightyO Go get ‘em! 25
Linda McQueen 10
Susan Kennedy 💪🙏 50
Nichole Basile 10
Nicola Davies I wish I could donate more, I’m so broke, but this is such an important case it deserves every bit of support. Thank you, Allison, for everything you are doing for women, and especially what you are doing for lesbians of which I am one. Stonewall has drawn a huge fault line into our community. Thank you for your bravery and perseverance 🙏 5
William Finlay 25
Sharon Stanfield 10
Dee Fallon Thank you 5
Dee Fallon Thank you x 5
Aidan McLaughlin Good luck Allison. 25
Annabel Bowie 25
Gail Lahiff Whatever the outcome £25 well spent. Good luck. 25
Joanne Smith Thank you for doing this for all of us. 50
Lisa De-Vall Good luck to you and your team. Stay strong. 100
Nina Cranmer You’re an inspiration and I hope you succeed in your case. 10
Shirani Situnayake I salute your courage and determination and wish much strength,love and continued support in your fight….which is for all of us. As a sister survivor I send hugs. 10
Lee Cook Good luck Alisson 5
Da Luce You are representing so many of us who are being silenced or dismissed. Thank you. 25
Anne Wood I really wish you the best of luck 5
Lynne Chellingworth Good luck! 25
Donna Good luck Allison! 25
Jane Monkman Thank you, I hope you win! Your fight is important for women and freedom of speech 25
Dawn Wilson Good luck, best wishes 10
Sarmila Bose 25
Alice Livingstone 10
Sara Wade Thank you and good luck! Xx 10
Margaret Duff 50
Anne-Marie Fearon For freedom of thought and speech 20
Patrick Kerr Wishing you all the best with this vitally important case Allison. We’re here for you. 100
Claire Hewson Good luck and thanks for taking on the fight on behalf of us all. 50
Francesca Towell Best of luck and thank you for doing this important work 50
Sue Peters 10
Christine Thank you for doing this – it’s so important. I wish you every success 50
Toby Keynes Stonewall has long ceased to represent me. They are an abusive organisation, and their efforts to shut down people who oppose their extreme and irrational positions need to be called out. Thank you for challenging Stonewall and seeking to establish a precedent that will help to protect others from the abuse that you suffered. 500
Kim Dear Allison, I was so angry when I heard what those bastards at Stonewall and Garden Court Chambers did to you. You are incredibly brave in standing up to them and it’s reassuring to know you are in safe hands with the awesome Ben Cooper and Peter Daly. Sending you huge thanks and solidarity.
Love from Kim,
Proud member of Allison’s Army.
Maria Ferrins-Brown 5
Elizabeth Simpson 50
Sarah Routledge Keep fighting the good fight Allison, good luck to you. 5
Deborah Pace Good luck! 10
Patsy Colebourne Donated again after listening to G Lavery on Women’s Hour and how a spiritual awakening in a Best Western hot tub changed a man into a woman . Who’d a thunk it?! 25
Helena Jensen I’ll pitch in a bit more after payday. Good luck. 25
Murray Ferguson 10
Louise Blackbrow 25
Penny Another donation because I heard Grace Lavery on Woman’s Hour this morning… 10
Sandra Connor 15
Mary Buttolph 25
Marguerite Harber 200
J Gourley [email protected] 25
Stephanie Dew Good luck. I am increasingly horrified at how women are the last ones to be protected. I am sick of reading about the deplatforming of those who stand up for women, like Kathleen Stock and JK Rowling. I am so sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with this too. Good luck! 25
maggie robinson Well done for having the courage to stand up to this male dominated bullying organisation! Total respect. 20
Jim Doran Good luck. 25
Natalie Phillips Good luck with the case. I am in awe of your strength on this issue. 20
Jonathan Jackson Stop stonewalls lies 15
Rosemary 10
Margaret Learmonth Thank you Alison. Right behind you. 50
Andrew Murray 25
William Murray 25
William Murray 25
Ann Gray 10
Laura Mccolm Good luck! 10
Jane Keeping my fingers crossed that common sense prevails 20
Sandra Taylor Good Luck Allison from the Scottish suffragette 50
Susan Allison, you are a star of women’s and gay rights, and a shining light of sanity. You’ve got our support! 25
Stephen Pate Best of luck 25
Angela Smith 10
Lisa Morgan 10
Ed Dawe 25
Nicky Grace Thank you for your courage Allison. You are an inspiration. 10
Lucy Powls Happy to help Allison with this important case x 25
Risto Pyykko 100
KANE GREEN Good luck Alison. Show these frauds up for what they are. 5
Penny Maddrell Thank you! 10
Jane Hickman No surprise, sadly, that so many of m’learned friends are shown lacking the ability to think complex issues through For themselves. Good luck Allison in your fight for fairness. Jane Hickman 25
Nick Loney 25
dan macaulay 5
Carol Ashworth All the best Allison 50
Alan Pibworth Allison, we are with you 25
Anna Maxwell Thank you for doing this- so much. 1000
Mary Hinsley It’s not much & pennies are really tight but my daughters and I were determined to try to give something because you are standing so strongly at great personal cost for every Women and Girl, even the one’s who don’t yet realise the importance of sex based rights and safeguarding. Thank you. Xxxx 25
Patsy C 25
Kevin Brown 25
Edward Laxton 100
Sara Christie In solidarity, Allison. 100
Heather Tasoren Good luck. 10
Joanna Cherry Courage calls to courage everywhere’. 100
George Harrison I wish you every success 100
Ben Go get them Allison 50
Anne Rushent 20
Dr Bruce Vickery It is imperative to show Stonewall for what it is. 100
Fiona Robertson With you all the way Allison x 25
Nicola Pollock 25
Laura Collman Good luck! 5
Julia Wilson Thank you for your courage Allison, we’ve got your back. 10
Nigel Thorne Best of luck Allison. Lots of us are rooting for you. 50
David Hill For my daughters, when it will be time to choose … 200
Katherine Menner Good luck. Although if there is any money left over there are numerous other GC claims right now which could do with support too. 100
Barbara Hann 25
Rob E.L.H’s 5
Tish Naughton Solidarity Alison @STILLTish 25
Kerry Mullin 25
Nigel Taylor 50
Richard Powell 150
DENISE KILPATRICK Good luck Allison. There are thousands of people behind you. 10
Elizabeth Thank you for taking this on, Allison. We need a system that is fair to everyone, and respects the needs and rights of all without infringing the rights of others. I’m glad to have the opportunity to help. 50
Caroline Spry 50
David Cheal 5
Teresa McCluskey 10
Peter Rechniewski Good luck Allison, all right minded and fair people who support justice against unaccountable bullies are behind you. 50
Deirdre Lewis Keep on keeping on 25
Jenny Cockcroft Thank you for all you are doing, we stand with you. 25
Susan Smith Thank you for doing this- so very important for all women. 100
Donna Gareis Proud supporter of brave women. Thank you Allison! 25
Kim Thank you Alison 5
Una-Jane Winfield The lawyers are doing well…. Fingers crossed that they deliver the victory you deserve! 50
Sherry Meek Thank you for your bravery and for standing up to this hateful ideology. 10
Mary Curran 15
Richard Scholey 25
Keren Darmon 25
Marjory Smith All love and best to you. XX 10
Kim Revill 50
Angela Stewart-Park Love and strength Allison ❤️ 100
Helena Jensen Thank you Allison for standing up for all of us. 100
Margaret Bluman Glad to support this important case 50
Elizabeth Read With you all the way 5
Madeleine Morey Thank you for doing this. You’re doing it for all of us. 10
Susan We are all behind you Alison. The back door, unquestioned, un-debated influence of Stonewall needs to be challenged in public. 25
Susan Harris Solidarity! 5
Brian 10
Jacky Bishop 25
Suzan Sevgi 25
Lucinda 100
Chia Moan With you, brave one. 25
Christine Kelly 25
Rhona Good luck Allison. May you win and hold to account the nefarious practices of Stonewall. You are a brave woman of integrity. Keep fighting. You are amazing! 25
Nicola Kerry Thank you for taking this on Allison. Who knew that in 2022 people would have to debate what being a woman, what being a lesbian is! 10
Zoe Hollowood Thank you Allison for your courage. 25
Karen Ogden 25
C Gallagher A vital case to ensure women’s sex based rights remain as is. Women are individual human beings and not a feeling in a mans head. Unbelievable that needs said. 25
Joshua Walker Massive love and respect to you Alison ♥️ 25
Antonia HOWATSON 25
Deborah Russell You fight for all of us, thank you 25
Emily Kennedy 10
Susan McGill Best of luck Allison. Thank you for all you are doing 🍀❤️ 25
Francois Guesdon 50
Adrian Bannister Stonewall have poisoned the well of public opinion for too long: it needs to stop, so that the LGB community can regain – and RECLAIM – *ITS* #Pride. What you are doing is incredible, and I am in awe, of your strength, your courage, your resilience, and what you are doing, not just for LGB people, but for women and girls around the world. #Power to you xx 25
N Melville Wishing you all the best, Allison. This is a vitally important case, for all women. 20
Linda Baird 10
Alexandra Pasley-Tyler 25
fiona castle 10
Barbara 10
Martin Hilliard Good luck Allison. It’s time to stand up these bullies. 25
David Ryan Best of luck! 10
Pam Isherwood 12
Caroline 5
Marie Louise Irvine 50
Deb Behind you all the way Alison. Best wishes and thank you! X 25
Julia South I’m a lesbian and so grateful both that that you’re standing up for lesbians and for women and that you’re contesting the quasi-religion of gender ideology. Bringing Stonewall into the glare of public scrutiny takes great courage. Thank you for your staunchness and bravery. And good luck! Always know you have huge numbers of supporters and allies cheering you on. 50
Lily Kadirova 50
Denice Houslin 10
Lorna 10
Helen Robinson Good luck! #SexMatters 50
Amanda Russell Thank you Allison xx 10
Melanie Archer Dear Alison, all the best. What is happening to women is truly frightening. 10
Dr Angela Mansi You are amazing Alison, so brave and steadfast. You have so much support, and gratitude from so many of us. Happy to support again. Good luck!! Angi xxx 25
linda oubridge 20
Rae Livingstone Go for it, Allison – what you’re doing is for all of us!
Laura Tranter Thank you! 20
Emma We are all with you Allison. 50
Adam Phelps 25
Jane Bailey End this insanity 5
Mara Yamauchi Thank you for fighting this Allison. I wish you all the very best. Sending you much support and love. 25
Peter Biggs 10
Nick Boyes 25
Isobel Richardson 25
Ruth W Good luck Allison. Thank goodness for women like you. These corrupt practices and influences cannot be left unchallenged. 10
Katherine Aiken Thanks for everything and good luck Allison! 10
Kate McLennan Thank you so much for taking on this huge and significant case Allison – we owe you stop much 25
Sara 10
Nisha Thambi I hope you win, Allison – Stonewall’s bullying ways cannot be allowed to function as law while hiding behind the guise of tolerance. 50
Janet Wright This is an essential case. Best of luck, Allison. 10
Clare Fowell Thank you Allison for taking this fight on for all of us. 50
Lisa King Good luck! And thank you. 50
Scott Main 10
Stephanie Nelson Stay strong, Allison, you’re nearly there. 25
Elizabeth Nightingale 10
Julie Ross 10
Helen Milner Rooting for you x 10
Charlotte Lindsay Thank you, Allison, for having the commitment, nerve and backbone to bring this case.You are awesome! 10
Alison Halliday Good luck Allison, and thank you so much for what you are doing xx 25
Gail Slavin Good luck, Alison. 50
Estelle Goonesekera 25
Jacky Bishop May justice win. 25
Mary Kountouris Such an important case for us all. Wishing you strength, and thank you. 10
Linda Redshaw 50
Deborah Jinks 10
Nicola Lowe Alison, you are amazing. Good luck!! 10
Hannah One of my favourite truth-tellers. Please continue in your work to preserve the rights and dignity of women and girls in an endlessly misogynistic world. 50
Ana Garcia Stone 50
Sylvia Williams 10
Jane H You’re fighting for all of us, thank you! 25
Sally Hardman Best of luck 15
Marilyn Carson 10
Sarah Davies Stonewall is a malign influence. Thank you 10
Alison I think you’re very brave. All the best from another Alison. 25
Carolyn Shirley To Alison Bailey – thank you for your strength and courage, and good luck. 50
Sylvia Conquest 10
Elaine Wood Best of luck – I look forward to hearing Ben Cooper question Stonewall! 50
Sue Good luck! 25
Sally Wainwright Thanks Allison. Good luck worth the case. You have right on your side. 50
Susanna Morley No, Thank YOU 25
Lesley Barnett Good luck 10
Andy Murray 25
Carol Vaughan 25
Steve Ellwood Good luck, Allison 20
Kim 10
Katherine Howard 25
Noreen Thank you for doing this. 25
katherine Howard 25
katherine Howard I can’t afford much but I hope every little helps. You are doing such important work. Huge love to you 25
ian pugh 25
Justin Kerr 50
Moira W Thank you for being so brave. There are so many of us supporting you; wishing you all the good luck in the world. 50
Gill Wright 25
Paula Warrington 5
Ruth Sinclair Thank you for standing up to these homophobic bullies, Allison. They picked on the wrong woman! 250
Carolyn Linden Thank you, Allison, for fighting this, and putting your name & face to the fight. I am making my donation because of your work defending women, lesbians and especially children. My own children have been on the receiving end of Stonewall resources, training and teaching at their schools, and this has damaged them and also our family. I am hoping that you, and so many others, get the apologies they deserve from Stonewall and the institutions that pay & support them. 100
Catherine Gayfer 10
Jane Roffe Thank you for saying ‘The word woman is taken.’ 10
Trish Good Luck xx 10
Ann 50
Matt Rowley All the best Allison x 10
Catherine Kiernan 10
Dena Attar I’m sorry you have to go through this but grateful that you’re carrying on. 100
Colette Matheson Donation and prayers for your success over this abomination which Stonewall has become. Thank you. XX ✔️ 25
Alex Wishing you all the best Allison, we are all behind you. 10
peter allan 10
Peter Donating for a much needed challenge to NO DEBATE 50
Alasdair S Stonewall have become the absolute antithesis of what I have supported for many years. It’s time to withdraw all and any public funding. 50
Sharon Campbell It’s a disgrace that you have to do this Allison but I am grateful to you for your determination. This is about so much more than one woman! Thanks & good luck! 10
Julie Green 10
Gill Golding 25
Daniel Salt 25
Helen Rayfield 100
Neil MacInnes Keep strong! 100
Wendy Stephenson 10
Magz In for the win 25
Tom Killick 50
Viv Haig 10
Nicola McAllister Good luck! 15
Rachel Bassett Thank you and good luck 10
Jennifer Maxwell Good luck Alison. I find your strength and courage inspiring! 25
Deirdre Yager 50
Kir Thank you for raising awareness and doing such important work to ensure that all voices are heard & the rights of women are not pushed aside. 50
donna Reid I’m with you all the way Allison – thank you for being brave enough to pursue this 50
Serena 50
Stephanie With you all the way Allison, thank you for taking this on 25
Cathy Gillard Thanks for persisting with this important case…. 10
Jane Irving 10
Frances Smith In awe. 50
Jillaine Heather 25
CASEY GOMEZ-KIRK Best wishes from a USA supporter and his husband! 10
Rachel Levy 25
Diane Scott 25
Fiona Hourston Good luck, Allison. 10
Lewis 10
Eileen Higham 25
Kevin 50
Jane Lawson 10
Amelia Carey Women will win 25
Sarah Clokie 25
Ruth Kennedy 25
Suzanne Keller 20
Melissa Mathis 50
Louise Proud to support this awesome woman who is not only defending my rights but also defending the rights of all women & girls 10
Jeremy Freeman 10
Lahta Stephens Good luck, and thank you for doing this. 5
Joanne Panayi A hugely important case for you and all of us I couldn’t afford 50k, but if I could, you’d have it. 😊 Very good luck Alison. X 30
Nathan Townshend Please keep fighting 10
Betty Fuller 5
Andrew Byles 25
Dozier Bell 5
Naomi All power to you, Allison, and thank you for your courage and strength. 10
Paula Boulton Lesbian solidarity sister. 5
Oriane Stender Sorry it’s a tiny amount, but I’m sending you solidarity. 5
Deborah Staines 10
Lucy Moore 10
Yiotula Shilland Good luck!! 5
Cherry Austin 10
Mireille Pouget All the best. 25
Heather 25
Cat 25
Lucy Elphick 10
Bev Jackson This is such an important case! Go Allison! 50
Fiona Smith Good luck, hope you win. 10
Ann-Marie Stacey Happy to contribute again. Wish it was more. 50
Spike McGregor 25
Karen Actually Super proud of everyone in this movement and especially you Allison. Go get ’em! 50
Jenny Barron Good luck! 50
Dave Wood 10
Emily Makin Routing for you Allison and hoping good will out 5
Brian Mc Neany More powerto you! 25
Sarah Fort Kia Kaha from Aotearoa 50
Andrea Good luck Alison! X 10
Allan Friswell With you all the way!! 10
Elizabeth Ann Gower Loadsa respect Allison 50
Victoria Thomas The best of luck 25
John Stewart 25
Clare Davis With you, Allison. Please keep on! 10
Jeanne Loughran Good luck! 10
Thera Onwards, upwards! Greetings from Amsterdam 20
Rebecca Chandler-Wilde 25
Lindsey Good luck Allison 25
Fiona MacLeod Women won’t wheesht x 50
Caroline McLaughlin 25
Gina Burton Hit them hard Alison, show no mercy! 25
Tracey Saunderson I wish I could give more but I’m on benefits and £5 is pushing it for me. I hope you win your case against what has become a disgraceful and frightening organisation that seeks to silence and erase women. Good luck and love, xx 5
Hannah Griffin 10
Adam 10
Laurie Auster Go get ’em Alison! 5
Angela Green 10
Richard You’re amazing 20
Anne bewicke-Copley Let the debate continue! 50
Rebecca Parker It’s so important dangerous gender identity ideology is exposed for the hokum it is. Thank you for standing up, Alison! 25
Julie Armstrong 10
Monique Thank you for doing this. This truly benefits us all. Stay safe. 10
Kajsa Svensson Go Allison! 5
Charlotte Sankey Wishing you all the best in this case Allison. I’m sorry I can’t afford more x 20
Graham Martin 10
Jan Skelton Thank you, Allison, for your integrity, courage and perseverance. Your case is really important in the fight against a dangerous ideology that is threatening women’s rights and the health and safety of children. 50
Carole Leslie 25
Jane Williams 100
Zoe Batesmith Solidarity and best wishes, Allison 50
Catherine lewis 25
Annette Hood Be confident ❤️ 50
Takanori Hoshi 100
Eileen Wishing you all the best. 25
Suzi Jones 5
Shonagh Dillon Solidarity sister 10
Cara Tivey 10
Rachel Devine 10
Danielle Mascall 5
Neville lawther 10
Sandy Matheson 10
Evelyne Letawe 5
Carey Combe Thank you for doing this 10
Geoff Leah 25
Michelle Very best of luck Allison, and thank you for doing this. Women everywhere are behind you 100
Eva Lippold 5
Linda Johnson I admire you so much for your brilliant courage. From the first time I read about you and what you were fighting for, I knew, as a woman, I had to support you. Stonewall is working to obliterate two facts: the female exists and sexual orientation is real. It must be held to account.
Love from Canada!
Brandy 10
Pauline Huge gratitude to Allison and all vocal GC women, admiration too. Truth will win. 25
Andrew Jessop 5
Louise Weale Best wishes 25
Sarah Griffin Thank you Allison for what you’re doing on behalf of us all, I love you for it you clever brave woman 25
Anna Scheer Power on through, sister! This case will be legendary, but you already are a legend! X 10
Alison Lacey Wishing you success Allison, in admiration 25
Mary Phearough Thanks Alison 25
M Lee 20
Jess Smith 10
Christopher Lawless Thank you for standing up for the truth Allison. We are all behind you! 10
Kristoffer Lockman 25
Suneil Basu 10
Catherine 10
Nat T 10
Kate Mulcahy Thank you for pursuing this. It is so incredibly important for women that we can speak without fear. 10
Emanuel Prohaska 25
Claire Gooch Donating with anticipation of a Ben Cooper legendary performance 25
Charlotte Everitt 25
LISA-MARIE TAYLOR Sisterhood and Solidarity! 50
Andy Coulson 5
Wynter 10
Sophie Gillen 15
Maureen Dominey 5
Rhonda Good luck Allison🤞🏻 5
Rachel Evans 50
Jane Brennan 50
Jennifer Mimiette 50
Rose Shapiro 50
Louise Bowden Thankyou Allison for your courage 25
Catherine We’re with you all the way Allison! 25
Cheryl Fisher 25
Pamela Schwarze Thank you, from Canada. 15
Rosalyn Twite You are one hell of a woman, thank you for making a stand for us all. 50
Stacy 5
William Taylor 10
Nicola Carr Solidarity, Allison. We’re all behind you! #stonewallout 5
Stephanie Fleener I wish you luck in this fight. 5
Teresa Fowler Right behind you Alison. 10
Marcia Rathbone You stood up – we’ve got your back. It’s going to be better than any theatre performance xxxxxxxx 25
Diana G 10
Gill Hunter 10
Sam Rospigliosi Good luck, Allison – this is a much needed case 25
Angela 10
Matthew Cassidy Good luck Alison!! I am a gay man in my 30’s from NI and I don’t recognise gay and lesbian voices in the media anymore, your stand is so important! 25
Carol Jardine 5
Jo Quillan Wishing you every success Allison. You are a brave woman but there are a lot us behind you!! 50
Simon Happy to support Allison, this is an important case. 10
Anna Nijland 10
L E 5
Martin Kerr 200
Lynette Gwyn-Jones 25
Jacky Bishop May justice win through 25
Mary Denis The cross examination in this case will be just as important as Maya’s tribunal. The couple of large donations you have received indicate that people are now understanding how important the principles are. This is not about being anti trans, it is about defending women, safeguarding, same sex attraction, science, humanity and reality. More power to your elbow. 25
Jill 5
Susie Taylor 25
Kristeen Barrie 10
carmen birbeck Win Alison, win win win, the courts are the only institution not captured by this vile ideology which is trashing women, forcing us to fight for the rights we already have but which everyone is ignoring. Sorry it’s not much this time, hard times, but between heating, eating and supporting YOU, I’ll don a cardigan, and happily eat beans on toast for a week. Wipe the floor with them girl. 10
L Bridgeland 10
Adrian Matthews Allison – heartfelt thanks for doing this. You are fantastic. If I could afford more I would but Im a pensioner. 100
Dom Watts Good luck Allison 10
Alex 5
Alexander Mclean Allison – you are ‘Legend’! 10
Sandra Bagnall Standing alongside you Allison. Love and strength Sandra x 10
Sarah Unwin This is an important case that needs to be heard. 25
Ella Witchwood This is a brilliant cause and will hopefully make huge changes to the way charities are registered and allowed to operate in the UK, not being allowed to lobby and lie about the law for one. So many people are in the dark about Stonewall, because they rebranded so quietly the public still see them as fighting for gay rights. Getting their influence out of schools, courts, the NHS, police, army, govt etc is a huge task but not impossible, and totally necessary if we’re going to have anything resembling equality in the UK. Good luck x 20
Jude 25
Sharon Scott 10
Louise Wyatt Thank you x 5
Tony Vincent Good luck Allison. 10
Claire Robinson Good luck Allison. Keep strong! 10
Robert Barraclough 10
Rhiannon Cornelius Godspeed,Allison 💜 25
Tracey ORourke 10
Darren Stanley I fully support this challenge to what was a once great organisation. We absolutely must protect freedom of speech whenever it is threatened. 10
Jo Webb 50
Carrie 10
Rick Westhorpe Sorry it’s so small. 5
Alex Pringle Thank you for fighting against homophobia. I’m sorry I can’t donate more. 5
Madeleine 10
Lorna Seaton I cannot wait to see Stonewall held to account . Thank you Allison x 5
Theo Hopkins 25
Carrie Smith 25
Adam Sowa 10
Carrie Smith 25
Carol Good luck Allison. 10
Anna I stand behind you, Allison! Let’s give it to these women-hating fascists! 50
Vesna 5
Carolyn Paterson 30
Jon Wheatley 25
Lynne Dow 5
Ruth Mcginity Good luck Allison. There is an army behind you x 25
Christopher Reason 25
Georgina Hird Sorry it’s all I can afford right now. Thank you for what you are doing for women. 5
Careful Karenin Good luck Allison. We’re all behind you and thank you. 25
Eleanor Huskisson 10
Sandy Mcdougall 10
Dinah Alam 25
Christine Bell Thank you so much! 10
Andrew Waide Good luck and keep going! 25
Jay Williams Best of luck – so glad you’ve got Ben Cooper on your side! 10
Yvonne Butler Good luck 10
Claudia Sorin 25
Karen Sales Good luck! 100
Alison Carey 25
Penny Johnson 100% behind you. Praying you get justice and that Stonewall are called to account. 25
TARBA GILL I wish it was more. Thank you for your voice and strength x 5
Janice Drew Questioned my previous employer on there alliance with Stonewall and its Diversity Champion Scheme. Left with dismay at the brainwashing of supposededly intelligent individuals…. 10
Janet Reading 5
Patricia Glover 10
Charles di Castiglione 25
Jill Huskisson 10
Neil Bawden 10
John Clinch Good luck! 25
Karen J 15
Alison Wallis 50
Gillian Kenealy I’m sorry it’s so little. Have donated previously, wish I could give more.

Wishing you all the best with this Allison.
Liz Vickers 10
George Anderson You have tremendous courage to keep going….well done 10
Rose Reeve 10
Mark Hammonds Good luck 5
Ben Rubinstein Good luck Allison. Win or lose, I admire your bravery. 30
Mairi Gorin 10
Lee Ellis 10
Frankie Lawrence Total Support 10
Stella Kane 15
Gillian McKenzie 10
Susan Nicholson Stonewall is a threat to women and to democracy 20
Maggie Watson Good luck. 50
Jacinta Cooke Please keep going Allison. We all need you to fight and win. 25
Tracey Hynan I will add more in a few weeks. Thank you x 15
Marsali MacDonald Thank you Alison for fighting for women’s rights. Thank you for your courage and resilience. What would we do without women like you? Good luck! Marsali 25
Lell 10
Gillian Cassidy 50
Daniel Baird 25
Mena Go Alison! Behind you all the way x 10
Richard 50
Siân Eliz All power to you Allison for your bravery in standing up to bullies. A win for you is a win for women & girls everywhere, as well as everyone the Lesbian and Gay communities. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with you. 20
Eleanor Greene 25
Meri Williams Sorry it isn’t much- it was all I could afford. Thank you Allison for everything you are doing and I wish you the very best of luck. 5
Mrs C 50
Robert & Helen Pennington Wishing for your overwhelming victory in this case❤️ 25
John Reed 50
Jon Pike Good Luck Allison, and the team 100
Sally Mclean 25
Fiona Venters 10
alan Good luck – this is sadly a battle where we can’t allow Stonewall to win. 5
Sarah Mitchell-Smith Inspiring to see women once again stand up for their rights. Fight on. 25
Mandy Holloway Stonewall are suffering from mission creep. 25
Csilla Florian Thank you 20
Anthony Bailey 25
Jane Dunleavey 25
Heather Graham 200
Tracy Duckett Standing in solidarity with you xx 40
Emma Burton Very grateful to you for pursuing this, good luck! 25
Steven Haddow Great job, Allison 25
Jayne Wyldes Wishing you strength for what is to come
‘Courage calls to courage’
Nicola Eves Good Luck, on behalf of all women. 10
Rachel Hostler Good luck 10
Neil Staite 25
Dawn Thatcher I wish I could give more. But I just had give something. 5
Anne Burke Thank you for keeping up the fight 10
Madeleine 10
Claire Delahunty On behalf of myself and my daughter – Thank you and good luck 10
Joy 25
Pam Braddock 25
Diana Lucas 5
Judy Webb Stonewall has blood on its hands. High time it was brought to book. 25
Richard Phillips 5
Emma 10
Dan Walker 25
Hugo Patton Good luck, Allison! 10
Catherine Hawkins 50
Emma Thank you for standing up against this modern day McCarthyism. 30
Daressa Mullen 25
Sally Symonds Good luck, Allison. Spank their arse 10
Tatiana Bespalyj 25
Ann Thomas Thank you for standing up to Stonewall and their pernicious influence. 10
Jacqueline Malone 25
Danielle Lamb 25
Jane Loe 10
S A Keenan With you all the way Allison x 25
Sam Hopkins 25
Amy The very best of luck, Allison. Thank you for holding Stonewall to account. I’m glad you have Ben ‘Super’ Cooper on your side. 25
Sharon Moore-Ward 10
Sharon Moore-Ward 10
Jacqueline Malone 25
Richard Starkey 10
Anya North All the best for your case Alison x 20
Gem Go get ‘em. 10
Julian 5
jill carr Now what you are doing is ‘brave and stunning’ 20
Claire Finnigan 100
Jo Hooson 5
Jean Hatchet Willing you on all the way! The very best of luck and love x 10
Sally Darlington Wish you all the very best 10
Nikki Ro For the dignity and respect of womanhood. 100
Wanda Jackson 10
Linda Walsh 10
Susie Wilson 50
Sarah Dixon Sod the energy bill, this is much more important 10
Martha Chisholm 10
C Johnson 10
Alastair Hunter 10
Dina Mehdi Thank you 😊 25
Adam Hamilton 10
Celia This will now work out at roughly a tenner per witness crossexamined by BC and worth every penny. Hope you are keeping your spirits high in spite of the stress. 200
Stephen Fitchett 100
June Pallas Worth every penny to see this happen 💪💥 50
Susan Lasker Here’s to winning! 50
Viv Pointon Thank you, Allison, for taking this on. I gave to Stonewall for 25 years – I can’t believe how they’re letting lesbians down now! 50
Allison M 15
Nicola Murray 10
Celia Mindelsohn As was seen by Maya Forstater’s case, as well as getting justice, it is important to bring the whole system of bullying and prejudice out in the open. Good luck Allison. 20
Carolyn Dugdale Happy to support your action in the interests of fairness and freedom of thought and opinion 500
Rachel Good luck Allison, you deserve justice! 20
Timothy Davies This is such an important issue and I applaud your courage in challenging Stonewall. I wish you every success. 50
Frances Gillard & Barbara Hartley This is such an important case. Lesbians and women are behind you. Stay strong. Thank you for what you are doing 50
Valerie Keen Thank you Allison! 10
Nia Good luck Alison, I really hope you win! 10
Carolyn Hilliard Best wishes 10
Bonny Landsborough Thank you Alison, good luck! XX 25
Marianne Maguire Good luck 25
Katherine Reeve 20
Gregory Turnbull Good luck Alison! 50
A Murray Go get them! 25
Sylvia Frean 100% behind you! 25
Gavin McGuren 10
Jo 10
Jenny Gordon Thank you Allison. 50
Jeannie Mackenzie 25
Jan Williams Go Allison! 25
Maya Forstater This is such an important case. Allison is taking on Stonewall. 50
Hazel Simpson 25
Caroline Jones 10
Valerie Martin 10
Dan Hanley 25
Sarah Felstead 25
Edward Donne 200
Emmeline 5
Linsey Brown 50
Maria Waite All the best, you have a great team. 25
Sarah Lloyd-Davies 10
Nicola Brown Supporting you in a small way to fight for so many people, not just yourself x 25
emily Collins Good luck Allison, KOKO 10
Michael Forrester 10
Stuart Good luck 5
Andrew 10
faconelle 3
Sally Cosstick glad to support you Allison – stay strong ❣️ 10
Ro G Good luck! I hope this case exposes the damage Stonewall have done to so many organisations and people. 5
Aisling Hennessy 25
Dana 5
Sarah Gilburt 10
Clare Hutton 10
Stephanie Ellis As with Maya’s case, this is crucial to end the ‘no debate’ stance and expose Stonewall’s dangerous religion to the masses. 25
Wendy Thomas Thank you for your efforts, I appreciate you 10
Peter Marshall 25
Kimberly Davies 10
Keith 25
Ann James 3
Noor 5
andrew scarborough 10
Sarah Wilson 10
Lucy Fox Thank God for brave women like you x 10
Joe Macveigh Good Luck 10
Janet Boston Good luck Alison and all solidarity with you 10
Robert Brown Good luck Allison 25
Vanessa Howard 25
Robert Watson 25
Alison Torrens 25
Sarah Henry 20
Fay Boans All credit to you – thank you for all you are doing. 20
Clo 10
Liz Macaulay 5
Joanne Baxter 5
Judith Gardiner Good luck! 10
A Bindoff Standing with you Allison. I am unwaged at the moment and I only mention that as an indication that my support is ‘grassroots’ support. 20
Sharon Schaaf Good luck….just using my Russian money to chip in 🤣 10
Dawn Burgess Good luck 25
Mary More 10
Ian Glendinning All power to your elbow Alison. 25
Dawn Davidsen 50
Jessica 10
Alan McCrorie 25
Shelley Cadman 5
t boyce 50
T Taylor Good luck Allison 25
Jo B It’s not much Allison, but I hope it helps. So many of us are supporting you, good luck. 25
Louise Guinness Proud to donate to such a good cause 100
Yusuf Solley Good luck x 10
Helen Staniland 10
Helen Ap-Rhisiart 10
Susan Moffat 25
Denise Wightman Wishing you every success in your case. Challenging the malign influence of Stonewall is so important. 25
Kerry Burrell Thank You for your work Allison 100
Luke Warm Dave Good luck Alison! 50
Rachel Hattersley Hope you succeed in bringing Stonewall into the light 30
Beth Harris 10
Johanna Guiney Good luck Allison! 100
June Girvin Thank you. 25
Alison McCormack 25
Claudia Clare Stonewall has betrayed the very people it was founded to defend. Thank you, Allison, for standing up to them. All power to you. 25
Poppy Dyer 10
Adrian Weale 10
Christian Dannemann 25
Jeff Brunton Good luck 10
Julie Bindel With you every step of the way, sister. Thank you for your courage x 100
Heidi Wilson Thank you for taking this stand Allison. I, and so many others, support you! 25
Mark Wydler 50
Kerri Your courage will lift others. Thank you X 15
Keira Moore 10
Fiona Tong 10
Belinda Pryor 🤞🤞👏 25
Catherine Nicholls 5
Joanna Navarre 25
Joanna Navarre 10
Rebecca Park 25
Joanna Navarre 10
Trudie Radford 25
Scott Goodfellow 25
Nikki Sutton 2
Laura Williams 25
Pippa B 25
Oster Bayne 100
louise turnbull 10
Susie Foottit I hope this helps. Time to close this ridiculousness down. 50
Louise Milligan 10
Anna Moore 20
Raven Sommerville Thank you for fighting this fight for us and with us, Allison. You are making a difference to women’s lives and women’s rights. 10
Yvonne Overall Good luck Allison. We’re standing with you x x x 200
G Thanks for doing this. Stay strong. 25
Joanne Lawrence Thank you 50
Sarah Gregory 10
David Eagle 25
Andrew Tagg 20
Paula Hill 20
Paul Flo Williams 50
Aileen Wilson Thank you 10
Sarah Miller Thank you for taking a stand 20
D 25
Graham Rebak Good luck! 50
Ciara 10
Annette So glad you and your team are continuing with the fight. 25
Karen Riches 50
Anna Christie 10
Siaron Phillips 25
Keira Moore 10
Claire Harris 100
Sam Nichols 10
Christina James All the best with your case 10
Sue Riley Thank you for standing up to the boy, bully brigade. 10
Ken Grayling Best wishes 10
Catherine Evans All the very best! Thank you. 30
Sara Iacovides Thank you for standing up for women 25
Colin Lenton I Hope justice prevails 10
Caroline Richmond Fight on! 25
Jeff Kernahan 10
Sara Connor-Stead Go Allison! Love and power from Australia. This so important for women and girls 50
Mariann Væring 25
Barbara Mc Cullen This is so important good luck 50
Inge Bursell 25
Adam Wass 10
Karen Hand 50
Hank 25
Benjamin Eaton 5
Colin Bell 20
Lauren Hamstead 25
Kathleen Rigby 5
Sydney Hayes 75
Linda Blade Dear Allison:
Thank you ever so much for your commitment re contesting this destructive ideology that seems to be all the rage.
It destroys everything in its wake.
I hope you win so that Stonewall is held accountable for the immense harm they have done.
All the Best!!
James Patey Get them 100
Susan Brown Thankyou Allison for all you do for Womens rights. Good luck and sisterly love from QLD Australia. 25
Samantha Wong 25
Alison 5
Tamara M 5
Lorraine Hope 25
Linda Barber Hold Strong, we are with you ❤️ 50
Chris Lloyd Power to you. 50
Elizabeth Geelan Thank you Allison. 5
V Teschow 10
Vera Teschow 10
Sally-Anne Baron 25
Rob G Thanks for standing up against all of this, Allison 10
claire Such respect for you Allison, they messed with the wrong woman when they tried to come for you! 25
Genev Orban Vastly important litigation for women far beyond UK. AUSTRALIA and NZ are lost. Womens rights lost. But they can be regained. 25
Francis Devine Good luck 25
Mohamed Qadir 25
DAVID TAYLOR All power to your elbow Allison. X 50
Alison Mcnicol The time for #nodebate is over. Allison and other brave women are making sure our voices are heard. 25
Jill From Canada with love! 50
Jean Wyldbore Sending the best of wishes from Australia -this case has international implications! 20
jonathan boughen 25
Yvonne McQuaid 500
Gary Holman 5
Deborah Keeping 25
Carole Horton Thanks for doing this Allison x 20
Steven Ryan Good luck and thank you x 10
Simon-Paul Davis Good luck Allison, keep fighting. You are a great role model. 25
Margaret Nolan So fortunate that a scared woman like me, working in the NHS, can rely on a brave woman like you. 100
Rachel Busse-Reid 5
Dee Sheehan Solidarity Allison. 20
Lucy Webster We’re with you Allison xx 100
Dan Mayo Good luck from Canada 50
Adrian Neary 25
Jane Austen Good luck Allison – may the true shine through on these dark times 15
Adrian Neary Good luck 25
Elisa Zen Thank you Allison for having the courage of fighting this all the way. 10
Yolande BURGIN 5
Caroline McMillan Good luck, Allison. 10
Sarah D I heard about this via Rosie Duffield. Thank you for squaring up the bullies. I’m fed up of seeing women ground down; ‘mothers’ ‘breastfeeding’ are the proper terms… women should have the right to have single sex loos, prisons and rape crisis facilities, we shouldn’t have to compete alongside transwomen in sport. I also want a political party to represent women, genuinely represent women. Allison I hope you win BIG. 5
Milena Nuti Thank you for holding Stonewall to account 20
Bev White Good luck. 20
R J G’wan Allison. We’re ALL behind you x x 50
Simon Tegg 25
Patricia Woods 25
Will W Good on you. So worth fighting this cause. 50
N Howard 10
R. Ruth Linden 10
Richard studd 10
Sarah J Smith 5
Donna Cole 10
Steph Wade You are a fucking legend, and your bravery knows no bounds, thank you 25
Claire Rodie 5
Sarah Lockitt 10
Louise Saltmer 25
Charlotte Piper-Smith 10
Andrew Powell 10
Laura Wareing 10
Tanya Slatter Wishing you the very best of luck. The tide is turning. 25
John Duffy 25
Sean Longcroft 25
Patricia Evans 10
Mandy Clare I am supporting because Stonewall have been responsible for the policy capture that has done untold harm to women, children, lesbians, girls and our rights and protections and to free speech. Wish I could donate more but this small token is for the women in prisons – most of them through male abuse and poverty – who can’t run away and have no voice in this. 5
Fran I wish you all the luck in the world Allison. I’ll donate more when I can 25
Kathryn Edmunds I’m rooting for you, Allison x 25
Liz Kirsopp Thank you for your courage and all best. 25
Debbie Epstein 50
Lottie So pleased to support you Alison. Lots of good wishes for a successful outcome. 10
Kirsty Steed 25
Judith Twist With best wishes for a successful outcome. Let right be done. 25
Tom Proverbs-Garbett 25
Stephanie Hanna 20
Carole Tongue Thank you Allison for your courage & commitment & standing firm for sanity & on behalf of us all. 25
Polly Markham 10
Stephanie Davies-Arai Thank you for your courage in standing up to Stonewall Allison, in doing so you are standing up for all women and we are so grateful to you. 25
Angela Bennett 10
Rebecca Heaney 25
Alexander Harrison 50
Sarah Cooney 10
Cathy Armstrong 25
Julia Cox 10
Maureen O’Hara 50
Gerry Diver 10
J Kirk Compelled speech? Cancel culture? Emotional blackmail? Men in women’s sports, prisons, toilets, girl’s changing rooms? What’s not to like? Good luck with your continued fight against oppression. 25
Sara Marsden 50
Annie Stevens 25
Chris Naylor 50
Fiona Good luck Alison. xxx 25
Benjamin Dirs 10
Gail Addis 10
Catherine Arbuthnott Good luck, and keep going. A lot of people are behind you. 25
Katharine Collins You’re fighting for all of us and we stand with you Allison. You’re amazing and you’re going to win. 10
Rebecca Berry 10
KATHRYN O’SULLIVAN Go n-éirí leat! (May you succeed) 25
Louise Guinness 100
Richard Dunstan 100
Rebecca Berry 10
Neil Weymouth 10
Nigel Scott You are taking a stand for all women and those who support their sex based rights. 25
Annabel Dearing Best of luck 20
rob 10
Joanne Jones 25
Rachel Shearer 25
Derya Ibrahim 25
Charlotte Stamper 5
Micheal Jacob 25
Andrew Green It is so important you expose the intimidation and Orwellian tactics of this toxic organisation trying to push its ideology and close down free speech 50
Elaine Hall 20
Peter Felix Fully support your case – keep going! 25
Ondine Thank you for taking this forward with power and courage. 100
Claire Loneragan Well done Allison – you are amazing and you will win this 25
Philippa Lewis Thank you Allison. Huge love. X 10
Maya Thank you for fighting the homophobia and misogyny of Stonewall. 10
Penny Burgess Pleased and proud to donate 🙂 25
Paige Bramley 5
Susan Kennedy Good luck, Allison. You fight for us all and your courage is an example to us all. 25
Pippa Booth 20
Sara Galli Best of luck Allison 15
Jacqueline 10
Hugh Doyle 10
Lisa Jordan Go Allison. Women are with you 🤗 100
Helle Larsen In solidarity 10
Beth Waters Oingo_Boingo encouraged me to donate once again. Go Allison! 10
Daley Thompson Happy and glad to stand with you. X 25
Roxanne Graham 10
Maria Duggan Thanks for being brave & daring to tell the truth to power 25
Hilary Baxter Go for it Allison! I am full of admiration for your courage. You will win, and Stonewall are on the wrong side of history. 50
Tim Skellett 50
Nina Cartwright 5
Bob Thorp 10
Morwenna Griffiths More strength to your elbow. Well done. So brave. 50
Ruth Edwards 10
Renee Danziger 1000
Patsy Colebourne I admire your strength and tenacity. Courage calls to courage. 25
Helen O’Mara Happy to support you Allison 25
Maeve Rooney Wishing you much luck. Thank you for your courage and dedication. 25
Belinda Hull Thank you Alison for so bravely standing up for women’s rights. 25
Shahanara Hussain 10
Brian Francis It’s an umportant case against the new religion. 40
Gordon Adams 25
Terry 25
Kate Graham They tried to bury us.
They did not know that we are seeds….
Diana Peek 10
Robin Ion 10
Lesley Maher 10
Emil Jakob End the anti-science misogyny. 10
Gillian S Fight the bullies xx 10
Raoul and WinasaurusRex Lopes Dias Best of luck Allison, expose this homophobic, coercive, misogynistic racket for what it is. 25
Helen O’Neill 25
Heather Self 25
Alexandra Alznauer 5
Tom Murphy Go girl! 10
Terry DIGNAN 25
EDI Jester Go go go.

No room for my fave gif.
Andrew Hawley 10
John McManus 5
Karen Schroder-Smith 25
Jo Catterall Go for it. X 50
Andrea Jones Such an important case, Allison. In awe of your courage and resolve. So glad you have such a brilliant team in your corner 25
Susi Lowndes 25
Lydia Maher 10
Mel Greig This is the big one. Good luck, and thank you Allison. 50
Carol Cook Good luck! 10
Carrie Richards Keep going – we need you to win for all of us 25
Martin Double Good luck Alison. You are very courageous. 50
Mel W Good Luck Allison – here are so many women behind – wishing you luck. Wish I could donate more 25
Paula Ayer 10
Sarah Galloway Good luck and thanks 🤞❤️👍
Lorna Seaton With you all the way Allison 5
Ulrike Docekal 25
Emma George Wishing you well with your case, will be with you all the way! 10
Karen Davies Thank you for taking this on Allison, you are an inspiration. 20
Ruth Page 25
Penny Young Thank you for taking this on for all of us. In awe of your strength and determination. Go get ’em! 25
Dee Gourlay Good luck 25
Lisa 10
Niamh McCabe 25
Michael Kelly Good luck Alison, keep up the fight. 25
Sarah More power to your elbow! 25
Sarah More power to your elbow! 25
Amy Owen 5
Marieke Bos Good luck Allison, solidarity from the Netherlands. 10
Carol Coyte 10
Adam Scott 25
Lisa Whelan Lesbians are standing with you Allison. 10
Diane Davidson 25
David 25
Ravi Dunn You’re doing good work… 10
Robert Mallows Happy to support the fight. 5
Alexandra 25
Alison 25
Caroline O’Brien 10
Nathan Clark Shining some sunlight in this incredibly dark place that’s been made darker than ever by malicious liars is precisely what is needed. I will be donating to this every month for the foreseeable future. Trans is a meme that provides narcissistic supply for middle aged men with autogynephile fetishes. The nerve of men who pretend to be lesbians! I know three young lesbians that been caught up in the trans meme, and for young women the trans meme is particularly devastating. The trans meme has a body count that will be piling up for years to come. Women’s sports is the tip of the iceberg, the rest of the iceberg are the unfortunate lesbians caught up in the trans meme. 25
Shauna Cunliffe 25
Kath Murray 50
jessica Mordsley 10
Jane Taylor Really rooting for you. 25
Natalie Halsey 100
Peter Garbutt 25
anita ostrowski wishing you success 10
Ruth Dineen Good luck Allison. Will be wonderful to watch the sunlight streaming in to the dark corners of Stonewall. 50
Ann Stevens 25
Kirsty Smith 25
Timothy Fetherston-Dilke Time to bring down the homophobes 100
Etana Finkler Protect Free speech
Protect women’s rights
Transwomen are not women though they deserve human rights.
Do not experiment medically on our children
Jane Hards 10
Joanne Harrison Thank you for doing this & good luck! 10
Stephn Dixson Thank you Allison 25
Nicola Carr Solidarity Allison – sorry it’s not more at this time. Maybe next month? Good luck with the case – we are behind you! # SexNotGender 5
Jean Ferguson 10
Etana Finkler Protect Free speech
Protect women’s rights
Transwomen are not women though they deserve human rights.
Do not experiment medically on our children
Maxine Martin 10
jonathan hayward Hi Allison. Go get em. Lesbian, woman, gay, man, words already taken. Now to stop this pernicious organisation in its tracks.
Jon Hayward
Faith Dunning 25
Joanna Robinson 10
Nicky Pallis 10
Aine Kelly We are with you Allison, every step of the way. 50
Lana 25
Kevin Aylward Dont let the B’stards get you down 25
mf 35
Corinne Kielty 25
Josephine Holroyd 5
Helen Macpherson 25
Kirsty Johnston Standing with you every step of the way 50
Amy White 5
Sara White Thank you for exposing Stonewall’s determination to destroy women’s rights. 50
Miriam Abrahams 10
Jane R Best of luck Allison, and thank you. 30
Steven Ferguson Your case is critical for the defence of womens rights, freedom of expression & employment laws. Good luck and best wishes. 25
Angela Duggan 50
Anne Bevan I remember the UKTELI conference and the swine at Garden Court Chambers ignoring requests to replace with facts the lies published there about suicide among transteens. Total disregard for children’s wellbeing. When the history is written, their shame will be clear. 100
Ian Metcalfe 25
Janine Humphrey Good luck, and thank you for taking on this fight. I hope you know that you have so many people on your side. 50
alison cummerson 25
Theresa This Scottish woman is more than happy to support your case again.Rooting for you.Best of luck. #SexMatters #WomenWontWheesht 25
Pippa We are all behind you, Allison. 25
Gemma 50
Lynda Boyd 25
BENEDICTE NEWLAND Thank you Allison. 25
kaye talvilahti Thank you Allison, a true Shero, give em what for 10
Andy Lloyd I wish you the best of luck with your case! 25
Frances Wright 50
Fiona Hurlock This is such an important case. Stonewall cannot win. Thank you Alison for marching in the front line for us. I’m so grateful to you. 25
Tessa McInnes Standing with you, Allison. And all the lesbians. 25
Anjan Dutta 25
Alison Joseph 25
Siân 5
George Verno Good luck Allison, you are very courageous. 500
Susan McDonnell 25
Kristina Dahlstrom 25
Polly Good luck! 20
Jessica Anderson Go get ’em 25
Louise Cole 10
James Semple Good luck 25
Ruth Munro Good luck Allison and team. 20
Anthony 10
Maggie Mellon 10
Sarah Webb Thank you Allison. We’re all cheering you on. 25
Rebecca Whitby 10
Helene Pr 10
Alison Simmons 10
Ruth Grady Thank you 25
Andrew Denis 50
Chris Ffelan 5
Suzie Love Good luck Allison! 10
Beate Szanday 25
Viktoria Kosco-Duplinska Alison, wishing you luck with your case! 10
Thomas Gray 25
Deborah Jane Tan 5
Elaine Mackenzie 10
Rebecca Roberts You go Allison. You’ve got this. Thank you for protecting women and children x 10
Mary Knight With you all the way. Thank you so much for taking this on. 10
Lauren Stempler 25
Steffan Baker 50
Julie murphy Good luck x 10
Willie ROSS Let’s win this for sanity! 15
Michelle Russ Thank you for everything you are doing x 25
Terry Brown 10
Alison Macnair sunlight is the best disinfectant 50
Bridget Thank you for doing this and good luck. 100
Kay Diffley With you 10
Paula Prynn 10
Jackie Burdon Looking forward to it 25
Alix Pelletier 5
James Madden 25
Eric Tait 10
Katrina Wish I could donate more. Thank you for your courage 🙏❤️ Go get ‘em! X 10
Louisa Elias-Evans 25
Victoria Although you won’t be able to see us in court, know that we are all standing right there beside you. Immense gratitude for your courage in calling Stonewall to account. Will send more when I can. 5
Sue Go get em! 100
Dorothy Wood Good luck 10
Jess Elverstone 5
Janet Lallysmith So much admiration and respect for you Allison. Thank you for all that you do. 25
Christine Porro Good luck! 25
Les Beaumont 25
Jane Dace This is such an important case, Alison deserves to win & Stonewall badly needs a reality check, hopefully this will help deliver one. I’ll keep contributing as long as it takes. 50
Pam Finch 10
Nicola Dobinson 5
Joanna Solidarity 10
J Burnside Best of luck Allison. Terrifying that this amount of money is what it takes to try to get recognition of unlawful and discriminatory treatment by your employer. 25
Moira Mccartney Women’s rights are human rights. Trans women are MEN. redefine your ‘other’ gender and leave women alone. 10
Miche 25
Mark Blagrove Best wishes! 50
Jane Ayres 10
Julie Alleyne Wish I could help more but good luck and thank you ! 5
Laura Hulme 25
mark miller It is a sad state of affairs when you have to fight your corner in court. I wish you all the best and hope these people are made to be accountable for their actions. 25
James 50
Stephanie Smith All the best. You don’t need luck, cause I know you will win X 10
Jackie Tarrant Allison, you are wonderful and I salute your determination and bravery. Good luck, whatever happens – right is on your side x 25
Suzanne Lowell Sock it to ‘em, Alison! 5
Andrew Tettenborn I wish you the very best. Andrew 5
Fiona Hold Fast, Allison 10
Caroline Havers 25
Margaret On your side 25
Helen Nettleship Good luck Allison. 50
Akison Bond Thank you and we are right by your side Sister 50
Margaret McMinn 25
Caroline Piper In awe of your resilience and strength. I hope your case holds Stonewall to account for once for its illegal advice and bullying. 25
william Duncan Good luck in your fight 25
Marie Moorman 5
Jo Christie-Smith You are brave and righteous- I can’t imagine the stress that you must be going through but you are going to change the world with this, so we’ll done you! I wish I could give more. 10
Saladin Rospigliosi Thank you for this 25
Gillian 10
Ermine Amies Thank you for your courage and grace. 10
lorna 5
Lorna Paterson 10
Martina Gorman 10
Lucy Wilding 25
Eddie Lewisohn 10
Bethany Greenan You’re doing an important thing for women 10
Linda Redford 25
Jenny Jones 10
Mary-Ann Stephenson 25
David C 25
Kim Zander You are brave. You are helping all women. Stay strong! You have millions behind you! 50
Gwen Collins 5
Tamsin Ricci 10
Kathleen Maguire Just a smidge to help you on your way! Good luck, Allison!!! 5
Jonathan Davidson Wish I could donate more 5
Fiona Thank You. 20
Teresa Heys 10
Nicola 25
Robert Ward Best of luck. 50
Peter Knight 5
Abi With you all the way Alison – you will win this! 25
connie sharpe Their disgusting ideology must be defeated by common sense. Save our kids. 20
Troy Bowler 100
Nicola Haddon 5
Sheila Roderick Good luck. Will contribute more when I can. 5
Liz Regan 15
Graham Baines Wishing you all the best Allison, watching from the sidelines and wishing I could do more. Graham 100
Maureen McKendrick Good on you Alison and best of luck to your team! ✊🏼💕 25
Gemma You’ve got this Allison ! Me and thousands of other women are standing behind you and supporting you throughout this process. 25
Lauren Bench 10
Debra Atkinson 10
Allan Jones Good Luck! 100
Glenn Reid 5
Aisling Roberts Good luck with everything Alison and Ben! I’ll be watch tribunal tweets with great hope. 50
Steve Ramsay I’m terribly sorry about how you were treated that led to this court case, but admire you incredibly for your fortitude and determination. As a gay man absolutely horrified by the actions and current of Stonewall, I really feel like you’re fighting on behalf of myself and my friends, and I thank you. Very best of luck Allison. Xx 50
Kate Flynn 50
kim Smith In hope of justice for you personally and of a successful outcome for the cause. 25
Ruth Foster Thankyou for having the courage. We are with you. 10
Emily Watson Go get em Allison! 50
Miriam Cotton This case is important to all women everywhere not just in the UK. Good luck with it Allison, we are rooting for you. If truth and reality are a consideration in deciding this case you will win for sure. 25
Sharon Scard Good luck! 25
Sally North Very best of luck to you Allison. 25
Padraigin Drinan Beir Bua 10
Christopher Bond With best wishes to you and your team – open people’s eyes to how Stonewall has become trans-extremist. 50
Beverly Thank you Allison for standing up for women. You are brave. 25
Rachel 5
Ian Ralph 10
Lynne 25
Gillian Thomas We’re all behind you Allison! 25
Christine 15
Jennifer Jackson Watching this from the US. You’re in the right. Hang in there. 76
Josephine Hewlett 10
Mother of two girls 10
Marian Barber 25
Clare Palmer 25
Ruth Murray 10
Jennifer Smith With you all the way Allison x 10
Linda Hamilton Still got your back Allison and with Benn Cooper at your side cross examining your ex employers and Stonewall, this should prove to be very interesting. Best of luck xx 10
Jonathan Harris 100
Iris d’Orville 50
Gayle Gander 20
Hilary Penney 10
Alison Griffiths Go get em Allison, there have to be consequences for those who wish to silence and erase women. 25
Jennifer Stonewall have openly attacked one of the 9 protected characteristics. They are a danger to us all. 25
Kristine Gaffney Women stand with you! 20
Amy Ely 25
Deirdre Baker I just know you will get the right outcome. 10
Barbara Muldoon Good luck Allison. Total solidarity with you, sister. 25
Edwina Askew 20
Ruth Todd 25
Kate Stafford 25
Emma You are an amazing woman. Xx 25
George Whitmore 50
Mandie Prieto Good luck from a very small fish 20
Ruth Todd 50
Heather Rendall 10
Katharine Preston 25
Jane Barclay 20
Rhona Armstrong 50
Lisa Auty Good Luck x 10
Emma B Behind you all the way Alison, you’re doing an amazing service for all women, everywhere, with this tribunal. It can’t be easy, I will be among thousands of women watching the live tweets and cheering you on. 25
James Riordan For justice 10
Sue Jones Best wishes xxx 5
Grainne McKeown 25
Louise Williams I wish you the best of luck. 50
Jennifer Petrillo Thank you, Allison! 25
C M Whalen Hope it is live streamed! 25
Avril Peppard Here’s to success 50
Val Stevenson 25
Jacqui Lee Stonewall is hugely damaging to women’s rights, and must be challenged. 10
Gigi LaRue Go get ‘em! 100
Lorraine Miller Stonewall must not be allowed to get away with this madness.
Thank you Allison for fighting back.
Keira Moore 10
John Kimber 25
Toby Aldrich 25
Jon 10
Keira Moore 10
Thomas Carey 10
Tim Barnsley 25
David Sash 25
R W I wish I could give more. Best of luck 5
william meikle 50
Siobhan Scullion Good luck, this is so important for all of us. 25
Melissa Martin Martin Worth it for the tweets alone. ❤️ 10
Helen Brown Good luck, thank you for doing this for all women. 25
Ian Morrison 10
Miriam Peck This week UKSC judges withdrew from involvement in the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal because of threats to freedom of expression resulting from the national security law there. Thank you for exposing to public scrutiny covert actions here in the UK which also threaten freedom of expression, and a diversity of views among barristers, from whose ranks most of our judges are appointed, by those pursuing the imposition of an ideology by stealth. This is a potential threat to the rule of law. I’m proud to support you. 25
Charles Beaton In solidarity 10
Joanna 10
Moira Jones Thank you 50
Rob Wheeler Good luck 50
Deborah Simon 25
Amanda Walker 10
Audrey Gilmour 25
Nathalie M 10
Carole Sherwood Good luck Alison. Thank you for taking this on. At last Stonewall will be held to account. 10
Joan Appleton This bizarre wonderland deception is costing the REAL ANATOMICAL FEMALE! No matter the cost push on! 10
Rachel Edney I wish I could give more Allison. I’m sure this must be causing you an enormous amount of stress and I hope you’re bearing up ok. With the very utmost of respect and good wishes to you. Thank you xxx 10
Katharine Harris Supporting you every step of the way Allison. Keep going – truth, courage and integrity will win. 50
David McKeegan 25
Morag Kerr 25
Jacqui Gath Rock it Alison! 10
Brian Moore May The Force be with you. 25
Jolene Smith 10
Sheila Allan Good luck, Allison. This is so important and we’re right behind you x 25
Sam Bussey We’re all rooting for your Allison. Your courage, dignity and tenacity in this is beyond inspirational. 50
Chris Gee 10
Jan Hunter 10
Louise Very best of luck, Allison. There are hardly the words to convey how important your case is. 50
Mike Good luck. 25
Anne Richard 10
Margaret Egrot 25
Laurie Black 5
Mary McGuinness 25
Jo Collins 50
Mike 20
Ruth Boyd 20
Helen Roberts 10
S Young 10
Margaret Conlon Thank you Allison. 25
elisa gonalez 10
Samantha Richardson 10
Richard Osborne I wish I could give more. Good luck. 100
Sarah Stonewall need to be held accountable, they cannot continue to steamroller women’s rights and opportunities. This is a zero sum game. 2
Suzi 10
Stuart Chatterton 25
Heather James 10
Paul Littlefair The world is watching – best of luck Allison! 100
Sarah Kramer This is a very important case- Stonewall need to be held accountable for the harm that they do. 2
Susannah Bulpin 5
Jade Clayton Cheap at half the price to watch Ben Cooper QC in action again. 30
Sharon Close Go get them Alison! 10
Sue Taylor Good luck and thankyou for doing this for all girls and women. 25
Karen Dunn I can’t stand by and see women’s rights eroded. I hope my small donation helps your cause. 10
Ria Chapman 10
Andrew Gough 25
Jane Vincent Thanks, Alison. 50
Spring Eselgroth Behind you %100! Thank you! 50
Leonie Woodward 50
Chris Hall 30
Elisabet Mähler 25
Fiona McAnena Donating again to your important case Allison. Also it’s worth it to see series two of “Ben Cooper QC Cross-examines”. The first series, Maya’s Case”, was excellent.😁 25
Nick Baxter 50
Lynne Newman All the best Allison. x 25
Imogen Porter Alison, thank you! Your strength bravery and leadership will not go unrewarded. Blow the bloody doors off! 25
Fiona McAnena Donating again to your important case Allison. Also it’s worth it for the second series of “Ben Cooper Cross-examines”. 😁. The first series, “Maya’s Case” was excellent. 😃 25
Roz P Behind you all the way Allison 20
Kathryn Akers 10
Colin West 25
Lucy Alway Good luck Allison 10
C S Nann 25
Mary Ferguson 50
Gaye 10
Terry Patterson 10
E S Hyde Good luck. We desperately need you to win. 25
Jenny Slade 25
Lynn Robertson Good luck Allison x 20
Kelly R Good luck Allison! Thank you for having the courage, tenacity and resilience to keep going with this. We’re right behind you 100
Keith Young Good luck with the case 50
Frances Burridge Good luck, Allison. 5
Yvonne 100
Sheila Lawrence 25
Janet Inglis I’m cheering you on from Australia. 25
Barbara Wood 50
Jessica Willis 10
Karen Thank you Allison, we are all at your side 25
Margaret O’Donnell I wish I could support you all, but this is an exceptionally important one. 25
Paul Sorrenti Do it for my daughter and for all of us who have been ignorantly called hateful and for the sanity of our culture and the truth 10
Rebecca Birtwistle 10
Amy McKay 10
Alice Bondi So much I wish I could do, including giving more money (and will if I can in a bit). You are a brilliant woman, Allison, and your speech at the LGB Alliance conference remains a touchstone. 10
Mary Rasmussen Thank you Ms. Bailey for standing up for our rights. 25
Joanne Redhorse 25
Hannah Feeny Reall hoping for the rigt result for you. 25
Sharon Cox 10
Jane-Marie Collins 25
Janis Wheeler 25
Alan 10
Dr Celia Sadie Allison, thank you for all you are doing on behalf of all women and girls. This ideology is attempting to screw us, dreadfully, and cases like yours are such a powerful way to turn the tide and restore a sense of reality to public life and dignity to women who participate in it. I, and thousands of others, am with you every step of the way. 25
Susan Swan 20
George Rendall Good Luck 20
sheila atkinson Good luck Allison we stand with you and the truth x 5
Anna O’Connor Wishing you every success. 50
Jane Scott Thank you for taking on Stonewall head to head. 100
Michelle O’Connor 10
Karen Mack With you all the way Allison for so many reasons. 25
Sylvia Solarski 10
Catherine Drury 25
Carol Bailey This is such an important case. Thank you Allison for having the courage to take it forward. 25
Kate Biggs Women are done being bullied by the likes of Stonewall, trying to take our spaces, our rights and our jobs….No more.
Good luck Allison Women are with you ,Old,young,rich,poor,right,left ,black, white ,straight,lesbia and BI women stand with you.
Nancy Rosoe 50
Susan Morris Good luck Allison. 10
Nic Owen I want every organisation which has contributed to the vicious persecution of the lawful rights and voices of biological women and girls to be held to account and punished. That includes all individuals involved in and responsible for illegal and anti-democratic activities. Standing with you, Allison. 20
Eleanor Cartwright On behalf of those who know the importance of this moment and those will come to know – thank you for taking on this crucial work. Grateful and hopeful 💪 25
Howard Wollman 25
John Higgon 50
Rebekah Sharpe 10
John Paterson Thank you for your fortitude in standing up for our beliefs. 50
Ben Muir Love your strength and bravery Alison. All the best. 10
Gary Kerr 10
Karen Graves 50
Jane Leaper Good luck! 25
Geraldine mountain xxx good luck 10
Martin Weaver 10
Quentin Long Thank you, Allison, and good luck. 10
John Sloboda Full support for your courage and integrity 50
Amy Sutton 25
Sharon Whittington Hugely grateful for your tenacity – this is so important 50
Juliette O’Grady Good luck Alison xx 25
Jane Robertson Important case, you have my support. 100
Marguerite Harber 200
Sallie Such an important case. Thank you for your courage Allison. 25
Lucy Wainwright Good luck Ali & Ben et al 10
Marie Sture 25
Emma 10
Elaine Shimmin Good Luck, Alison 20
Rita Balneaves Best of luck Allison💕 10
Vernee Samuel Still struggling to get my head round the sheer effrontery of Stonewall trying to ruin your career for stating the obvious truth that men are not women! Sad to witness the tragic descent of a great campaigning org into a heartless lobby group lacking any moral compass. 10
Margaret Dore Dear Allison, I’m so grateful for all you’ve done and sorry for what you’ve endured. Love from Canada. Marg 100
Martin Cleaver An essential case. Crazy that it costs so much to fight for ones rights. 25
Nicola Baker Thank you for doing this Alison. Good luck from Nicky, Tom, Robyn and Lemony the dog x 10
Lucy Smith Allison you are amazing. Thank you so much for what you’re doing for all of us. Sending much love and lots of luck. 50
David Lyon 10
Bethany Kelsall 10
Susan Millership 25
Nina Power 25
Caroline Hardman Donating again. Good luck Allison. 25
Tom Killick 100
Rebecca Lush Good luck Allison. We are all rooting for you. These organisations must not be able to act with impunity, and you are incredibly brave to take them on. 10
Matthew Clements 25
Tom Killick 100
Andrea 25
Shereen Benjamin Stonewall has become a malign and pernicious presence in our public and third sector institutions including my own workplace. Their ‘no-debate’ stance has caused untold damage. Good luck with the case, and thank you for pursuing it, Allison. 10
Jenny Baboolal Thank you for standing up for women Allison. We women admire your courage in standing up to these bullies. 25
Elizabeth Wark 25
Rebecca New-Kelly 10
Helen Bailey 10
Karen Wylie 25
Guy Browning 25
Jeremy Spring A very just and worthy cause, I am male but increasingly concerned that there is a concerted effort by some organisations to cancel outnaturally born women. Trans issues should be heard but not at the expense of women born with a cervix. 20
Nancy Huntley Well done Allison 10
Nicole Sharp Good luck Alison 25
Suse Niele 10
Mel Leal 10
Kate Tyler Very best of luck, Allison. 10
Ruth Livingstone I’m so glad you are taking this to court. A very important case. Let’s hope you wipe the floor with them. 100
Saladin Rospigliosi 25
Paul Eccles 50
Saladin Rospigliosi Thank you for pursuing this important case 25
Janette Stewart Good luck Alison 10
Nancy Huntley Best of luck Allison and thank you 10
Margaret Hallah 20
Anita Newsam Best of luck Alison x 333
Christine Wood 10
Tracy 10
Diana Arseneau-Powell 20
Kitty Trice 10
Robin Bell 25
patricia reid Good luck good woman. 10
Trace Bennett 10
Rhian lang 25
Dorothy Badrick Thank you for taking on Stonewall 25
Karen Mathieson Good luck! 10
Selina Thompson Hi Allison, I don’t have much as a single parent, but I have a daughter and the case you are bringing can impact her future so I am compelled to help you as best as I can. Good Luck x 5
Lianne Byrne 10
Len Norton Very proud to donate a second time.
We will have normalcy and decency. Thank you for fighting for it.
David Barnsdale No one should have their employment put at risk for expressing an opinion. However, when the attempt is being made to suppress an opinion in defense of material reality we heading for Orwellian territory. 200
Gillian Donoghue Best of luck. I applaud your courage and hope it inspires others. 25
Emma Williamson 50
Mo Gillespie I’m sorry I can’t give more at the moment, Allison, but I will continue to support you whenever I can. For the record, I’m a left-wing woman from Scotland, who is exasperated with the grasp harmful gender ideology has in this country. You, Maya, and all the other brave women and men standing up to this are simply amazing.
Good luck, and I can’t wait to see Ben Cooper QC do his thing (30 witnesses?! I’ll need to book time off work!
Peter Finan Best of luck 25
David Cook 25
Elizabeth Beveridge 5
Denise Ward I consider this to be an essential case 500
Suzanne Jervis 10
Rhona Sinha 25
Eleanor Clark Thank you for speaking up for us all. 10
Sue Thorne Wishing you all the very best, Allison. Following with interest. 20
Anthony George 5
Rachel Kehoe 200
Jacqueline 10
Natasha Ryan Thank you & your team for the work you do.
Julie Norman Keep strong 💪 25
Sandra 5
Juliette With you all the way. With huge admiration and support, x 25
Frances Deaves 10
Nina Hollier 50
Trevor Dixon 10
Roger Talbot My heart and best wishes are with you. You should not have to face this on your own and you won’t!. This nonsense has to stop and stop now. Thank you for your bravery 100
Sally Sharp 10
Julian Tovey 10
Kristina Miles Good Luck. 10
Maria Gonzalez 25
Carsten Grötzinger 50
Lisa De-Vall Wishing you the very best Allison. We stand with you. 100
Heather Williams 50
Liane Hartnett Good luck Alison 10
Mary Hepburn 25
Jane Maltby 50
Rob Thomas 50
Cristina Pons 25
Tim Spring Hi Allison. As a white, heterosexual man, I dare say I may not be seen as a likely ally. However, I believe natural justice is on your side and that protecting women’s rights is important for all women and girls, among whom are many who I know and love. So I am proud to contribute, as I have done before for you and Maya among others. #I stand with Allison. 50
Margaret Hepburn All the best, Allison. I’m with you all the way. 30
Tim Churchill Thank you for your courage and integrity. You sacrificed so much for so many of us. Go get ’em! 25
Janet Topham Good Luck Allison! 100
Raymond Coker God luck and god bless. You are looking good 25
Claire Lewis 100
Justine Baker Dismantle the Stonewall. End ‘forced’ teaming of T with LGB. 100
Beth Fraser Can’t give much, but hope it helps. Thank you for being willing to take on this battle, it’s so important but – given the vilification that comes with this territory – it’s a battle that has a high cost personally as much as financially and professionally. Hope it helps expose exactly how far Stonewall has departed from its original purpose, and hope you’re vindicated. 5
John McCormack Thank you for having the courage and faith to take on this exhausting battle. 50
Olw Hardwick-Grey 10
Ann-Marie Mckiernan Good luck Alison & thank you for fighting this injustice. 20
Susan Burlace 50
Michael Cook More than happy to support this action. It is right and proper the agencies account for their actions. 10
Margaret Nelson Will enjoy this. Should be of international interest. 5
Carla I am a Mum of daughters with a part time job. And every time I get a spare £5, I will damn well give it to Allison. If you think I am a far right supporter from America, you have underestimated how angry women in this country are. More fool you. I stand with Allison. Get stuffed Stonewall. 5
Deborah Swinney Wishing you all the best. Stonewall should not be allowed to discriminate against women in this way, and when they’re discriminating against lesbians it makes an utter mockery of their purpose. 100
Claire Williams OMG Allison we are finally here. 50
Hugh Bensley 10
Kjell Williams 25
Helen Hampton Thank you 50
Lucy Dunkeyson 10
Clare Wilson 50
Ann Fuller Best wishes 10
Begonia Rodriguez-Martin 10
Pauline Johnson 10
John Cocula 20
Westley Walker 100
Jackie Bourke Good luck, Alison. 25
Pippa Wainwright 10
helen bunter Goodness the cost really has gone up but this is such an important case. We must hold Stonewall to account 100
Angela Pearce 25
James Good luck, Allison! 10
Emma Louise Talbot 50
Michael French All power to you Allison. Such an important case 50
Lucy Barker 200
Catherine Adlen Women will not submit. Thankyou so much for holding line Alison. 25
Manon Davies 50
Joanne Barnes I will be donating again on pay day. I wish you all the best Allison. From a Sister of gay and lesbian siblings. You are fighting for them too. 25
Max Pell This is a vitally important case 100
Cla Kin Good luck Allison 25
Lesley Semmens You need to win this for all of us. Solidarity 💪 100
Sonya Douglas All the best to you and your team. I hope you shine a light on Stonewall’s secret practises so everyone can all see the truth. 25
Julie Johnson Alison, thank you so much for being a fantastic brave women. I wish you every success and I am thankful we have women like you in the world. 25
Karly Good luck and thank you xx 10
Angela Pearce 25
Sarah Honeychurch Good luck, we are all rooting for you xx 50
Jeanette Jones What you’re doing is so important. Thousands of us are right behind you. 25
Aileen Kane 10
Steve Oliver Good luck. Thank you for campaigning for women’s rights. 10
Jen Hall 5
Samantha Joiner So grateful for all you do Allison 25
Tessa Katz 50
Anton Skrzypiciel go get ’em 10
Kathryn England 10
Alan Henness 25
Caroline Ezzat 25
Rose 10
Kathleen Nicholson 10
Victoria Whitworth Good luck. I’ve been seething about Stonewall ever since the way they treated the FOVAS survivors. 100
Aoife 10
Dorinda Mills Good luck, Allison 50
Tim Gregory 15
Ben Ludlow 10
Jonathan Webb Best of luck! 40
Brian O’Callaghan 25
Cristina Bancora Alsina Best luck. Keep strong. Thanks for standing up. 25
Sally Wood Thank you for continuing this fight which encompasses so much, including the rights of women, the right to free expression, the right to be treated fairly in employment. 10
Aideen Quigley Thank you for standing up for women’s rights. 25
Annabel De la Nougerede Good luck, and thank you. 10
Sam Gramann 25
Cedwyn Aled Pob lwc – good luck!! 25
Paula Burlison good luck 25
Brian Davis Best of luck in court, Alison! 50
Heleen den Haan Thank you for doing this for us all! 50
Ruth Wilson 25
Joanne Blades Good luck Alison! 10
Matthew Tugwell 10
Faye House Your strength is inspiring Keep going 25
Susan All the best Allison. We stand with you. 200
Diane Good luck Alison 💚🤍💜 50
Caty Worlock Pope 50
Frank 10
Susan McArdle 25
Helen Barnes 10
Paul Stewart 5
Marianne Pearson 25
Mark Spry Wish you a winning case. 50
Greg Archer 10
Paul Owens 25
Sarah Turnill Best of luck Allison 1000
Daphne Luce Stay strong. Good luck. Best wishes 25
Andrea I am in awe of your strength and courage. Thank you 100
Kate Reid 5
Judy Evans 25
Jacky Holyoake 100
Alison Ly ch We need a climate of openness and accountability 10
Katie Pert Big respect Allison. This win will make it easier for all of us who challenge this fanaticism. Looking forward to the tribunal tweets. 10
moyra Thank you for taking on this massive, and massively important, task. 25
Geraldine Murphy 10
Sue Green 25
Victoria Byrde Thank you Allison, you are so strong! I can’t wait to see Ben C take on Stonewall. 20
Melanie Rhind Thank you for your bravery Alison. 25
Frances Davidson 25
Pauline Curwen Good Luck 10
Rita Rake Good luck Allison. I hope your case will be the final blow to Stonewall’s credibility. I’ll be following Tribunal Tweets with a large bowl of popcorn! X 25
susan bolton 10
Don We’re with you every step of the way Allison! 25
Caroline Adams Good luck. Will be following the case cheering you on 10
Eugenia With you every step of the way Alison. I know you’ll be victorious! 100
Felicity Gibson 10
Dee I’m looking forward to seeing Stonewall exposed for the bullying cult that it is. 25
John McGivern We are all behind you Allison! 20
Deborah 20
Tommy Boonham-Payne I don’t like bullies. 10
Brian Thomson 25
Martin Neill A wrong needs to be put right. Good luck. 50
Lorna Fletcher 25
Christine Fraser Best of luck! 20
Rosemary Moffat Good Luck and all the best. 25
Daniela Mandl 25
Deborah Lewis Good luck 25
Paul Callaghan Good luck 50
Janette Leck All the very best 💜 25
Marcia Thorpe With you all the way!!!!! 10
Lucy Rochester All the best, Allison, and thank you. You have an army of women behind you. 25
Anni Tracy 5
Louise More power to your elbow! 25
Sarah P We’re all behind you Alison. Stonewall cannot go on as they are. 10
Joanna Standing with you on this important action. 25
Wendy Davis The tide is turning! 25
Susan Wright 25
Emily Mackenzie Thank you for your continued bravery 10
Carmel McDowell 30
Rebecca Hinds 25
carole anne collins Allison, all the luck in the world with holding Stonewall to account for their despicable behaviour. I wish I could contribute more 5
Gillian Moran 25
Deirdre Williams Good luck 25
Denise Edwards 25
Sarah Bartlett 25
Donal Hughes 100
Laurent Viac Best of luck, Allison! 30
Sharon Brown Good luck 10
Angela Lynch 5
Shabda Cloud Good luck! Gender Woo will die in the courtroom because of the bravery of people like you. 25
Romina Bartholomeusz 15
Ash Good luck Allison. 25
Ann Woods Can’t wait for this 10
Cathy Harris 10
Winnie Winthorpe Thank you, Allison, for your courage and determination 10
Marlyn Godfrey Best of luck. You are every woman x 5
Jess De Wahls All the power to you xx 25
Emily Hallam-Jones 25
Leigh Brown 10
Rosemary Whyte Standing right behind you Allison. Best wishes 10
Nicola Imrie You are amazing, Allison 25
alexandra Ranson Good luck 25
Susan Taylor Good luck 10
Nichola Brown Not much but I will do so again. Power to you lovely lady. Stay strong. 10
mary casey I am more than happy to donate again. I hope you reach your target. 10
Helen Milburn 50
Anna Burke 25
Linda Bell 25
Timothy Bailey 50
Sorcha F So proud of you Alison. Sorry it’s not more this time & will be back to donate again! 10
Jean Howe 25
Deloraine Brown Behind you all the way Allison , thank you on behalf of all women 5
Jo Masheder 10
Pauline Vann Allison, I was at the LGB Alliance conference and your wonderful speech brought tears to my eyes, you are a remarkable woman. When the history of this crazy time is written you will be one of its heroes, standing up for women and young lesbians who have been so mistreated by this craziness. I really hope your case puts nails into Stonewalls coffin, they have completely betrayed the LBG and made life worse for hetero women too.
Wishing you good strength and do take good care of yourself as the next few months will be tough but I like so many others are so grateful that you are fighting this fight for us all, you are a true heroine and a wonderful role model for young women.
Caroline Gilmour 50
mandy griffen Thank you for doing this 5
Katrina Watson This could be a game changer in the UK, good luck & thank you for taking on this fight. 50
Jane Keen Such an important case. 25
Ron 50
Hanora Crowley Well done for standing up to these toxic bullies 5
Alison Clarke Good luck Allison 50
Susan 25
Michelle Antill 25
Katy Kerr Thank you for standing your ground and standing up for our rights. We are here with you all the way…. 25
Alex Dunlop It is vital to expose lies, deception & discrimination against people who acknowledge reality. Manipulating schools, academia & legal institutions is appalling, equally so that they are able to be manipulated.

Bearing that as an individual is unimaginably stressful. I’m so sorry larger agencies aren’t able to engage with reality and the burden falls to individuals. We’re all with you. #RealityMatters
Stephanie Mast-Hughes 10
Ann Robertson 10
Gemma Carroll 25
Richard Owen Best of luck Alison 10
Louise Harley-Smeur 10
Annie Linwood All power to you Alison! Hang in there !! We stand with you. Such a brave and powerful stand to take. So important to all women and girls. Thank you for being so brave. 25
Sue Laughlin 25
Clare Curran Good luck Allison and thank you! 10
Lisa Gannon 100
Judith Berridge All the best Allison. Thousands of women & some men are standing right behind you. 5299 50
Chris Payne 25
jean belton Thank you Allison for taking on this battle for all of us 10
Caroline 5
Tony 10
Robert Withers Thanks on behalf of all the people who would have been damaged if you and others like you had not stood up to this dangerous madness 100
Celine Graciet Thanks for all you do x 25
Bee DE LA HUNTY Thank you Allison 25
David Bell Thanks Alison on behalf of so many 100
Nicole Marshall Go get em! 100
Gillian Cassidy 50
Martin Eggleston Pleased to be able to help Allison 25
Chris Nicholson 50
Lisa Solley 10
Stephanie A Thank you Allison for your tenacity and courage. Good luck! 10
Sarah Beresford Good luck. 20
Kayleigh M Good Luck xxx 10
Elaine Johnson Do the right thing 10
Brett Gallard With you all the way, Alison.
Best of luck ❤
Barbara Lindsay Wishing you every success Allison, with this case and in the future. Huge thanks for taking this on. 25
Cathy Dalton 50
Sharon Edwards 25
Zoe Shaughnessy Good luck x 10
Merituulia Aalto 5
Hannah Sullivan 5
Sarah Bennett Thank you so much for doing this on behalf of everyone affected by Stonewall’s policies. 25
Lisa Buchanan 10
jacob Glasby If the Maya tribunal is anything to go by this is better value than Netflix. Don’t let the b@stards get you down! 30
Constance Kavanagh 10
Pamela Someone has to stand up against this insanity – all the best Alison 25
Helen Robinson Good luck Allison and thank you! 10
Simon Edge 10
Deirdre Johnston I wish it could be more! Thank you ❤️ 10
Bea Thank you Allison for taking this on. 50
Kath Bird This is such an important case – thank you Allison for taking this on, I am in awe of your resilience and your courage. 50
Ross Wilkie Very best of luck taking the stonewall down. 25
Lesley Eastman This is such an important case I am happy to be able to help with the costs. Allison is a brave woman who will not be cowed by ignorance. 25
Kathryn With you all the way. Stonewall has done enough damage to women’s rights, the care of gnc children, tangible improvements to the lives of people living with gender dysphoria and good relations between people with different protected characteristics. They have failed everyone. 25
Rebecca Askham Solidarity Alison. You will win this. Thank you for your courage and speaking up against the disgusting treatment of you by your employer and Stonewall. 10
Rois Ni Thuama Good woman! 25
Clare Happy to donate again next payday. Thank you for what you are doing 100
Don Morgan Good luck – this nonsense had to be halt d. 10
Suzanne Young 10
Lisa Good luck Allison 💚🤍💜 25
Eva Hartley Thank you Alison, you’re such a brave woman standing up for us all and at such personal cost. Respect to you and your excellent legal team. 25
Emmelie Gill 3
Nicola Jackson Good luck Alison x 10
Michael Collins 50
Lesley Cottle 50
Alessandra Asteriti 10
Cheryl Hercus Go Allison! If you win it will help all of us. 25
Marjorie Caw 100
Janaki Allen Good luck Alison 100
Lauren Nikolouzou 10
Joanne McNeil Keep going, not long now and I assume you have a cost warning out against them 😉 50
Dianne Hird All the very best 10
Esme Glazebrook 10
Judith Craig Good luck Allison. We’re all behind you. 10
Catherine Chalmers 25
Richard Collumbell 50
Susanna Rustin 100
Q C 25
Annette Mahoney 25
Liam Gallagher 50
Barbara 25
A Keep going! 10
Clare Anderson Keep going Alison. We’ve got this 200
Michel Herbert 25
Brigitte Lechner Thank you. I wish my pension could reach further. 10
Duncan 20
Sara Tyrrel Thank you 🙏🏻 5
Guy Robinson Women’s Rights are worth investing in. 50
Helen 20
Shaista Gohir 25
Philip Healy 25
Daniel Nicol I hope this case crushes Stonewall. 30
Mike Bolton 10
Lorien Helm Good luck x 25
Jayne Fellows Good luck! 25
Zay Ogilvie Thank you for fighting so hard 10
Margaret Page 25
James York 25
Ralph 25
Elizabeth Griffiths Good Luck Allison! 10
Fiona Ross 10
Leela Ventura Thanks for fighting this – I have so much admiration for you. Also Ben Cooper is brilliant!! 5
Susan Baldock Go Allison! I’ve donated before and am happy to donate again. All best wishes 50
Alasdhair Caldwell I’ll be with you all the way Allison. What an inspiration you are. 100
Alison H Good luck, Allison. 10
Saara Hartikainen Cheering you on from Finland! 10
Susi Q Good luck! 25
Diana Good luck Alison. Ben Cooper is The Best. 10
Rachel Wadsworth 50
Darren 10
Louise Inward Thank you for doing this. 50
Anne Price 5
Avril Mewse 25
Bernadette Maguire In solidarity Allison x 100
Joe D Good luck and keep up the good work 25
Jacqueline Malone 50
Jack Appleby Best of luck! 5
Lori 20
Ellen Olliffe Go sister 10
Tracy Burnett Hi Allison. I can’t afford a large donation and I now see you have reached your target. Do please get yourself a large coffee on me. Drink it thinking of the folks who love you for what you are doing. I only hope my 13yo girl is as formidable as you. Stay strong, sending my very best wishes. Tracy x 5
Victoria Russell 50
Sarah-Louise Dietz Thank you for fighting the good fight Allison. 10
Martin Budd 10
jonjoneloveit Lets get you over the line 350
Hugo Patton 10
Alison Jenner With every good wish that you succeed in exposing the criminality of those who conspired against you. 25
Allison M 25
Gail Pitty Keep on fighting Allison, so many people want you to win xx 25
Amanda de Lussey 10
Sharon Williams 25
Ann Strvens 10
Sally Good luck x 10
Beverley Taylor 10
Lisa Moro 10
Catherine Drury 10
Julie Whitaker 50
Mohamed Qadir 25
simon couldry 20
Pauline Curwen Good luck. You have an army of women behind you. 10
Claudia Jungere 5
Gem 10
Miriam Peck I’m making an additional donation in memory of great aunt, hauled before elders of the kirk in the village in Fife where she had cared for her 8 younger siblings after her mother died in childbirth. My great aunt’s crime? Being pregnant and unmarried. Forced to marry a violent man she hardly knew, she was banished from the village. When she was dying after giving birth, the siblings she had raised were prevented from visiting her. There’s nothing new about misogyny in Scotland. Thank you Allison for your fortitude and courage. 25
Laura Ko 20
Sarah Solidarity 10
Barbara Ulargiu Here it’s some extra money from me to reach your goal, I would give 1 million if I had it. Stonewall has to be stopped. 10
Emma Fisher Good luck with your case.
You are an inspiration to women everywhere.
Linda McQueen 10
Olivia Harker 10
Sadhana 10
Jacqueline Mcsharry I admire your resilience and bravery in the face of adversity.
Good luck, and thank you Allison.
Jo Christie-Smith Thank you for standing up for all of us and doing this! 10
Jayne W Proud to donate again and support one of the women fighting back against this arrogance of men and captured institutions. I am so angry as I am sure are many others. All strength Alison 40
Niamh McCabe 25
Dorothy Pearlman I am not opinionated. I am not particularly political. I feel this is important 5
Row 25
Ceri P 10
Wayne Tomwright Do right, fear no one. 5
Alan Tyler Carry on the great work, Allison 10
Ann Gray Wishing you all the very best. 10
Ian Taylor 10
Lizzy Hones 20
Carol Paterson Good luck 10
Rachel 10
Caroline Chartier 10
Dave Ward 25
Julie Pickering 10
Lynsay Balkwill You are one brave woman and have very much inspired me and many other women to act against this enforced irrationality 10
Nicolette King Sorry Im poor or I would donate more. Stay strong. 10
Patrick Doyle Go Allison! Fantastic work so far. Let’s show those bigots for what they are! 10
Elizabeth Fisher 20
Ian Nuttall 20
Rose Frain 5
Thomas Stevens 100
Triona Kennedy Knock it out of the park, Allison. You’re a shero. 10
Martina Gorman 5
Annett Kottek 10
Rachael Williams We’re right behind you, Alison! 25
Siobhan Scanlan Thanks so much Alison, this is my second tiny bit of support 10
Vivien Pointon 10
Liam Hennessy Nearly there! 10
Kay Diffley Thank you for being for women and girls. 10
Daniel ALDERSON Great work. Happy to help. Thank you. 25
Liz With you all the way 10
Lucy Griffin All good wishes 100
Deborah Bradley 10
Elizabeth Maiden 10
susan evans With huge respect for you and all you stand for and up to 25
Jacqueline Chneour I so hope you win — for all our sales. 10
Katy Harwood Lane 10
tatiana bespalyj 10
Nicola Rain 10
Nigel Barker 10
Nikki Jackson 50
Alison Simmons 25
Kathy Spencer I admire your strength and courage. 10
Brendan Buckley 10
Joanne Lawrence Thank you 10
David McKeegan 10
Sarah Vanderwey Thank you for standing up for justice and for women’s rights. 10
Jane Leaper 5
Rebecca Thank you. 10
Lucy Parfitt So much respect for you. 50
Shirley Whiteside 10
D T 10
Debra Lambert 10
Emma Cordiner Good luck! 10
A Bindoff 10
Alex Piney 25
Gemma Michalski 25
Caroline Nann 25
Rob Wheeler Good luck. 50
Stefan Rauschen 100
Lucy Edelstein Good luck! 25
Lynne McGibbon Thank you Allison. All the best. x 25
Emma H Good luck, Alison. 10
Anne James The way you’ve been treated is absolutely outrageous. That Stonewall, of all people, would behave in such a way is shocking indeed. I wish you all success. 10
Vicky Snow 20
Elizabeth McDonald 10
Emily Mackenzie 5
Jessica 10
Sarah Owen Thank you for what you are doing 5
Paige Oddy 2nd donation. Keep up the great work and thank you. 10
Willie Clark Best of luck and best wishes 10
Annabel Keep fighting- thank you for standing up for women and girls. 10
Jade Webb 5
Fiona Venters 20
Judith Suissa You are an inspiration. Thank-you for your courage and integrity. 50
Lynn MacGrath Good luck, Allison. 10
Elle and Patrick Struthers 10
Katherine Priest Thank you Allison, proud to support you. 50
Tessa McInnes Proud to support Alison and all people who directly or indirectly are being victimised by my Stonewall’s discriminatory, sinister, unchecked, unethical behaviour. It is a national disgrace that this intolerant lobby group is so influential within Government. 50
Susan Vaughan Good luck Alison. Wish I could donate more. 25
Ilana Shamir From Canada, rooting for you and keeping up hope. 25
Mark Warschauer 10
Robert Thomas 25
Jake Ciborowski I hope you bring them all down AB. Rooting for you. 25
leanne 10
Kate Feltham 5
Milena Nuti Good luck and thank you for doing this 20
Tali 10
Shulamit Ambalu With every good wishes and thanks 25
Marie-Louise Patwardhan 10
Siaron Phillips 10
Josephine Bartosch 10
Elaine Hall 10
Steph and Rob Donating again on IWD for an inspiring woman standing up to 10
Jane Dace 25
Theo Hopkins 25
Lillian Slater 10
Kath Edwards I applaud you standing up to this arrogant and pernicious organisation. 20
Anne Gillon How can anyone not support you? 50
John 10
Angela Jukes We are all there with you Allison. Good Luck x 10
Maria gonzalez All the best 20
Sarah Phillimore With grateful thanks to David Paisley and Kirsty Blackman who made this donation possible. 2651
Vicky Coupee 10
Rachael Swindale 10
Pete Good luck with your case! 25
Elena Happy International Women’s Day! 5
Heather Graham 10
Tessa Finch Here’s a bit more – you are an admirable woman and this is an important case. 10
R L 25
Claire I couldn’t think of a better way to mark IWD than to donate. You’re a courageous woman. Good luck xx 25
Thomas Chacko 100
John Guilfoyle 25
Hilde Hauk 10
Karen Purcell Sister Allison., thank you for removing your anonymity and taking a stand against the small percentage of men who are dangerous to ALL women and children. These men have been trying to get around women and children for millennia and now they want self ID. and access to women’s spaces. Meanwhile Trans folk get tarred with the same brush. No Surrender Sister. 50
Rowan Songsmith 10
Alex Bloodfire 10
Georgina Pugh 25
Rhi Solidarity from a fellow lesbian – keep fighting the good fight. Happy International Women’s Day, Allison! 5
Sally Henry 10
Krista You are a legend – best of luck! xx 15
MaryFaith Autumn 10
Sue Well done for standing up to this bullying. You have both my thanks and my admiration. 50
Lizzie Roper Thank you fir everything Alison. More power to you. 10
Tom Harrison-Foll I wish you well. 25
Frank Dawson 10
David Leaming 10
Cordelia I wish I could give more. I admire you so very much and am so disappointed in Garden Court Chambers. What message does this send to women who want to join the Bar? Shameful and spineless. 25
Dylan I am donating for the second time after reading the letter sent by Stonewall. What they claim about Allison is truly offensive and to top that off, not satisfied with butchering the English language with its definitions and pronoun use, they have also demonstrated a complete disregard for capitalisation, grammar and apostrophes. They need to be stopped before this misogynistic Newspeak takes hold. 100
Liz Reiner 20
Andrea Yeomans To a brave woman on International Womens day, thankyou for standing up for our rights, I stand with you. Good luck x 25
Avery Kennedy Go get em, girl! 50
Velvet Kay 10
Gordon Millar 50
Rebecca Ireland Thank you for standing up for us all 10
Imogen Makepeace You have my admiration, my gratitude and now some of my money. Conference of GPEW is my motivation today. Women won’t stand for this. More power to you! 10
Imogen Makepeace You have my gratitude, admiration and also some of my money.
More power to you!
Dinah Winch 10
Imogen Makepeace Jeez. Alison, thank you for taking this on. Im so sorry you have to, but after the refusal to include womens sex based rights in The Rights and Responsibilities Policy at today’s shocking Green Party Conference, you have my deep gratitude and also some of my money to keep this fight on. More power to you! 10
Julia Gay 25
Joy Harris 25
Martin Stevens Your integrity and perseverance is inspiring 10
Carole Heselton Very happy to support you in this battle. 50
Jess Carter Cheering you on from Australia 10
Lisa Singh 10
Lynda Boyd 20
Alison Smith 50
Hannah 25
Deborah Evans Taking on Stonewall: who would have thought this would be necessary to protect lesbians’ rights? Power to you, Allison. 10
Claire Rowlands 10
Aruba Red 100
Ellie 5
Nicola McAllister Good luck, for you and for all women. 20
David Sash 25
Laura Tennant Good luck Allison, you’re amazing 10
Sarah Hutchison 10
Chris Johnston 💪 5
Sarah Wood 20
Malcolm STROUD 15
Jennifer Eliasmith 25
Amanda Shaw 10
Ann Stevens 10
Emma Davies I support your right to voice your opinion and not be pilloried or lose your income. Shame on your employers & shame on stonewall – the once righteous organisation- for their witch-hunt. 25
cheryl dunn 5
Lea Boyne 50
Tessa Kulik 100
Gerard Kelly 50
Antonia Swann 10
christine sexton 25
Pam Moore 10
Catherine Bjarnason I wish you all the best 100
Helen Hall Thank you, Allison. 10
Miss Williams 25
Jack Appleby If anyone is hesitant about donating, please read Allison’s latest update (#5). Stonewall are behaving like a mafia protection racket. This cannot stand. 10
Lorraine Payne 5
Willie Ross 10
Kate Bromfield Please win 25
Isabelle Tracy 10
Richard Cotton Good Luck. 25
Digging for Cara Dune Digging for Cara 5
Karin McMullan Solidarity Allison – wish I had more to give 10
Graham Rebak Good luck! I fully support you. 150
Edward Hallinan A Shining Example of the Very Best and Highest Values of Humanity. An Inspiration to us All and the world. Truly, Truly, Truly! 10
Gemma Oddy Your response is amazing. Good luck. 25
Moyra Carlyle Strength to you in your fight. 20
Margaret Hinchcliffe I support you fully. 10
Victoria Doherty 10
Holly Sutherland 10
Chris Davis 10
Mary Murphy So proud of you Alison. I wish you every success. 10
Marjorie Caw Best wishes 50
Ruth Sutton Good luck and well done for your bravery 10
Julia South Thank you and good luck! This is such a key case – you have huge numbers of us supporting you. 50
Max Tasker 10
Lynne Caffrey 25
Natasha 5
Helen Rayfield 100
David Curtis 100
Robbie Spence £138k of £150k so far. Only £12k to go. Dig deep, peeps! 50
Jennifer Beck Fight the good fight 10
Viktoria Kosco-Duplinska Thank you Alison!!! 10
Dena Attar 25
diane jones Well done Allison and wishing you strength and resilience for the next phase… Your rebuttal of Stonewall’s outrageous claims is a triumph. Awesome! 25
Jason King Good luck, Alison! 10
Alice Phipps 5
Mick Kelly It’s about time someone stood up to this bullying. 10
Denise Ward I have only recently learnt about the true extent of this issue and fully support you. 100
Carol 25
SG Gohir I can’t wait for you to win your case! 25
Moira Wrathall Again. Wish it was more. Good luck, Allison. 20
Nicola Hayes Thank you Allison 10
Maria K Buck Thank you for continuing to speak up. 25
Madeline Mary Grant Good luck with your case, Allison! I so admire you for standing up to them. 10
Mark Holland 20
Lisa Tomkins 25
Timothy Brennan 100
Clare Martin Thank you for all that you are doing. 30
Michael Kelly Recently heard about you and your appalling treatment. You have my full support. 10
Michelle Bane 20
Sarah Thank you Allison, sending you all best wishes for your mental health 25
Phil You are the stunning and brave one. 25
Claire Storey 10
Robert Finnigan 10
Polly 50
Margaret Ann Pearson Your bravery is inspiring us, keep going. 25
Emma 10
Cornelia Dayes In admiration of your strength and determination. Wishing you best of luck 25
Mariann Væring Go for it. 10
David Most of the country is with you on this. 100
Dale Herbertson This needs to be stopped. I’m in Canada and we are going down this road. Destroying reality and pandering to mental illness. 25
Brian Devlin Good Luck Allison 10
Rabbi Zvi Solomons This is very important. You are doing something brave and necessary. I am your ally, because this is a real threat. 25
Jackie Bale 20
Fiona Macdonald Good luck with this case Alison. Stonewall are bullying Women into submission in a wide range of organisations. Hopefully this case will reveal the extent of it. 25
Alex Gordon 10
Tom Jones 10
Bruce Lesnick 50
Sheridan Jobbins Thank you. I support the trans community, and think legal self-id is a danger to us all. 50
ruby mahay We MUST protect biological women and their rightful and hard earn safe spaces. #SexMatters 10
Emma Lewis 10
Aleks Kinclara Your work strengthens us all. I am so proud to be on the same side with you. 10
Elizabeth Johnson I am an Australian barrister and find the attack on Allison by Stonewall reprehensible and the behaviour of her chambers utterly cowardly. thank you Allison for putting your head above the parapet and shouting the king is naked. 10
Greg Beard 10
Robert Willard Watts 5
Corinne Hills Donating again having read the bundle 10
Liz Vickers 10
Sara Tyrrel Thank you for standing up to these bullies. You are a bloody legend! 5
Beth Tichborne Thank you for being honest and brave. 5
Alex Griffiths 25
Kate Kassulke Backing you from Australia!!! 10
Francesca Cambridge Mallen Best wishes Allison, I’ve always supported Stonewall but they are wrong on this issue, and very wrong on their treatment of you. 10
Timothy Bailey I support Stonewall but lately I have a lot of issues with the angle they are pushing 25
Scott Good luck. 10
Jodie Whitelock Alison, you are an inspiration. Thank you for fighting for us. 10
Tim Morton Some of my best friends are lesbians 10
Anne R Hold them to account. 10
Lir Thank you for fighting back again the trans supremacists’ suppression. 10
Sarah Best of luck 10
Keith Burchfield This should not be necessary in 2021. Stonewall are damaging lives. Thank you for taking them on Alison. 30
Angela Hill 5
Catherine Mitchell 25
Anne Gildea Thank you sister for your bravery. 25
Bronwen Salter-Murison Only too pleased to support this important case – and the impressive Allison Bailey. 25
Margaret Conlon 25
Stuart Curran 10
holly hart 100
Kate McKee 5
Aideen OHalloran 10
J E Griffiths Good luck 25
Michelle Williams 5
Joanne Jonathan You are a truly remarkable woman. I’m so sorry you have been forced to go through this 10
Paul 10
Alicia Lopez-Jimenez After reading Stonewall’s complaint and attempt to silence you, I am in shock. I wish you all the best in this very important lawsuit. Thank you for fighting for the rights of women. 20
Lucy Ward Good luck Allison 10
Claudia Clare Solidarity, Alison! And thank you for taking these people on. 25
Adam Rose 100
Cathy 10
Siobhan Ramsey Courage! Mon Brave! Thank you for speaking for us all. 10
Meghan Flight i’m sorry it isn’t more! Good luck. 10
Rosie Deane Good Luck!! 10
Rosalind Fitzgerald 50
Carolyn Shirley 25
Anne Lodge 50
Sam Swansborough 50
Nicky Pallis 10
Patrick Happy to donate to your cause again. Bon chance. 20
Claire-Marie Malpas 10
Frankie Rickford Thank you for your courage and persistence. 10
Olivia Brabbs 20
Louisa Elias-Evans 50
Louise Davies Thank you for standing up Allison 10
Katy Boss 5
Frances Hunter 10
Melanie Rhind Your strength is awesome. With you all the way! 25
David Bailey Good luck with this. 20
Catherine P Thank you for standing up for our rights 10
Susan McDonnell Pleased to donate once more. This sort of witch hunt cannot be allowed to shape policy. 25
Claudia 10
Michael Conroy Happy to donate again, Allison. You are in the right and Stonewall are in the wrong. Solidarity. Michael Conroy 10
Rhiannon Taylor Thank you so much for standing up for our rights. 10
Sarah Fort Solidarity from Aotearoa NZ 10
Leah Marriott My second donation for such an important cause. Stand strong Alison. 10
Sara Longley Strength to you Allison. Unbelievable that Stonewall ever thought that threatening email was acceptable to send. 10
Sara Longley Strength to you Allison. Unbelievable that Stonewall ever thought that threatening email was acceptable to send. 10
Genevieve Morgan I admire your courage in fighting for the sex based protections of women and girls. Thank you for not giving up. 10
Andrew 50
Iain Harper Just found about this via Twitter today and felt compelled to donate. Wishing you well going forward with this. 20
Diane Brewster Thank you Allison 25
J E M Lyle 5
Lesley Eastman It’s the least I can do. Hope this helps a bit more Allison you are a legend fighting this misogynistic oppression to stand up for our rights. Thank you 4893 25
Claire hS 10
Angela Cook 10
Cathy Harris 10
Andrea H. 25
Joa Foster Thank you, Allison, for your bravery and integrity. 25
Sar John Good luck Allison! ✊🏼 10
Elizabeth Donnelly 10
Julian Stonewall Champions need to wake up and leave this extremist organisation 50
Donnalyn Wigan 10
Marie-Louise Patwardhan 10
Jo Wakefield There is nothing to be gained by shutting down reasoned debate with threats and intimidation. Raising legitimate safeguarding concerns does not make one a bigot, a TERF or transphobic. Biology is real and to deny this fact is disingenuous. Asking questions is not hateful. Ensuring existing rights are not eroded is not hateful. 10
Sarah Vanderwey 10
Paul good luck with the case! 25
Julie Fitzhugh 50
Ralph Lucas 100
Margaret Bluman Strength to you 50
Lucy You’re a force to be reckoned with and I wish you every success. 10
Marcia Thorpe Keep fighting the good fight we are with you! 10
Helen Brown You are doing this for all of us, thank you Allison. 25
Stan Helton Best of luck! – from @FormerlyWoke 10
Julie Smith Women united will never be defeated. Proud to support you in the small way I can. Thank you for your courage. 50
Emma Go Allison! 10
Wendy Greenhill 10
Alex Rubner 25
Jules Cassidy Bless you Alison. I’m sure we will get you there x 100
James Madden 25
Richard Young 50
Wendy Forrest 10
Cordelia Mayfield Good luck! 10
Maryanne Donovan 5
Georgina Hird Keep going Allison 5
Jonathan 25
C Warner 1000
Alan Belbin 25
Caroline Frewin Donating again. This is such an important case and I have nothing but admiration for all you are doing. 10
Diane Lynch Thanks for having the backbone to stand up for decency. 50
Hugh Bensley 10
Richard Emery 10
Penny Anderson Thank you for your courage! 10
Nick Garrity 50
Gillian S Donating for a second time because I detest bullies. Solidarity Allison xx 10
Joan Sweeney 10
Anthony Tarrant 5
Louise Ford 25
Jane Wainwright Good luck 25
John McCormack A victory for you Allison is a victory for all of us. A victory that safeguards women, truth and reality. 25
Marie Stonewall is not above the law and should not be allowed to behave as if they are. 5
J Green 10
Trevor 5
Rachel Wadsworth 100
Julia Hobsbawm 100
Kasia 10
Persia Cassell It’s unbelievable you have to go through this. Good luck x 10
Stacey Charles 50
Kirsty Lockhart 10
Darren Phillips I was horrified to read this Allison, and offer you my total support. I’m an advocate of free speech no matter how uncomfortable it may be for some. 25
Ian May Be strong. Again. 25
Caroline Goode With love and solidarity. 50
Sief GP Another donation to you to help support you during this Orwellian nightmare. In absolute solidarity – the majority are behind you. ❤️ 25
Alison Lacey Brilliant work Allison. You are an inspiration 25
Jennifer Good luck. 20
Chris Tunstall 500
Elsa 25
John Divers 50
Elisabet Mähler 10
Andrew Cecil 10
James Irving 10
Dawn Henke 10
Joanna Robinson 20
Helen S 25
Jan Skelton It’s time Stonewall was held to account for its behind-the-scenes manipulation of employers to silence critics of its increasingly extremist anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-reality agenda. Good luck Allison! You are a beacon of honesty and integrity who has been treated with contempt by the very organisation that should be protecting your rights. 20
Judith Glover I donate as a token of my solidarity with Ms Bailey in this matter. It is time to stand up and be counted. 10
Crawford Morris 20
Elizabeth Griffiths Good Luck Allison in bringing down this protection racket 25
Kate Priest 25
Carol Mitchell 10
James Webber Well done Allison. I sincerely hope this case causes Stonewall to pause and reflect on their behaviour. 25
Ruth Hodgson Right is on your side. Good luck Allison. 10
Sara White Thank you. Stonewall must be reined in. 50
Helen Bailey Thank you, you are a brave woman standing up to bullies. 10
Jenny Wilkes 5
Jesse Parrish 10
Susan Baldock Reading those documents made me want to donate again Allison. One of the many women standing with you. 25
Diana Bailey 25
Claire Williams Let’s hope justice will prevail and the public will see how disgraceful an organisation Stonewall have become. 25
Jules Donating again. Brilliant rebuttal you posted to Stonewall. Fully behind you on this. 20
John MacLean 10
Kelly Wild 5
Sarah Wilton Donating again. Putting all my silent fist pumps behind you. Good luck! 10
Helen It’s not much but I’ll chip in again when I get paid. 5
Sherrill Mullen 25
Stephen McCluskie 10
Samantha Pay 10
Pamela Lord 25
Jo Keep up the incredible work! 25
Magi Gibson Stonewall have behaved outrageously and disgracefully in this case – and who knows in what others? It’s so important that their bullying is stopped. I have a lesbian daughter and daughter-in-law and Stonewall’s recent and current policies don’t just fail them, they damage them. Thank you for doing this, Alison. 10
Lesley Semmens I have just read the whole of your response to the Stonewall complaint. In contrast to Stonewall’s badly written email, it is a stunning rebuttal of everything they claim. Thank you. 100
Rebecca Dixon Good luck Allison 10
Jo M Saying something obviously untrue, and making your subordinates repeat it with a straight face in their own voice, is a particularly startling display of power over them. It’s something that was endemic to totalitarianism. Arendt analyzed the huge lies and blatant reversals of language associated with the Holocaust. Havel documented the pervasive little lies, lies that everyone knew to be lies, of late Communism. And Orwell gave us the vivid “2+2=5.”

Being made to repeat an obvious lie makes it clear that you’re powerless; it also makes you complicit. You’re morally compromised. Your ability to stand on your own moral two feet and resist or denounce is lost. Part of this is a general tool for making people part of immoral groups. One child makes a second abuse a third. The second then can’t think he’s any better than the first, the bully, and can’t inform. In a gang or the Mafia, your first kill makes you trustworthy, because you’re now dependent on the group to keep your secrets, and can’t credibly claim to be superior to them.’
Quote from: ‘Authoritarianism and Post-Truth Politics, by Jacob Levy. Just popped into my mind!
Valerie Stevenson 10
rachel mcfarlane Sort this madness our please Allison 10
Rita Rake Bravo on the rebuttal Allison. Can’t wait for Stonewall’s programme of intimidation to be laid bare in court for all to see. 5
Claire Gooch Allison, you’re amazing. 10
Alison Kelly 25
Neil Elphinstone I can’t believe after all your communities struggle to get to where you are today, you are now faced with this insidious homophobia and demands from men to have sex with you.
To have people who won’t accept an observable reality demand that everyone else accept an observable lie is truly through the looking glass.
Strength to you from a white male middle-class sympathiser.
Simon Gaukroger Good luck, hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the Stonewall mafia. 10
Frances McMillan 10
Morag MacSween Good Luck Allison. From Morag & Charmaine 25
Francis Wheen 100
Mary You MUST win this case Allison! With you all the way. 20
Yvonne Well done for publishing this today. I hope press pick this up and amplify. It is a shocking story. 25
D. Mills Here’s a bit more money for ‘yourself’… 10
Annette Hood Take courage and good luck! 25
Paul Charlton 50
Maddie Good luck Allison. I stand with you. x 10
Michelle Doherty Can’t give more right now but wish you loads of luck and thank you! 10
Angela Smith Blimey, you’re impressive! 25
Annabel De la Nougerede 10
Jonathan Wheatley 25
Caz Ellerington You’re an awesome woman, Alison, keep fighting! 25
David Cook 25
Fiona 50
Jane Robertson I will be sharing with my employer’s D&I team to ask if they would be acting on threatening letters like this from Stonewall. 25
helen bunter In memory of Magdalen 10
Lorraine Robinson Good Luck! 10
Dawn Cooper 10
Sean Kearon I applaud you for standing strong against this appalling bullying from Stonewall. Stonewall seem to have clearly lost their way! 25
Deborah Woudhuysen 50
Victoria Phillips 50
Miriam Cotton You are fighting for us all Allison. Thank you for your courage and determination. 50
David McCabe 10
Janet 10
Richard Dunstan 100
Sam Morgan You ask so humbly, but I, and I expect most others here, are not just happy to donate for a second or third time, but proud. Good luck. 20
Jonathan Jones 50
Sara Barker 25
Andrea King 10
Kim Edwards 10
Jill Donating again. So much respect for you Alison. After decades of great work, Stonewall is in danger of becoming a toxic brand. How sad. 25
Shonagh Dillon In solidarity 10
Joanne Dickson 10
Jessica Goldfinch 5
Lydia Morris-Jones Insensible with rage at reading latest update. Wish I could donate less sensibly. We’ll get there. x 10
Marianne Pearson 25
Stéphane Mitchell 25
Rachel Goddard Thank you xx 25
Katie Pert Go get ’em Allison. Behind you all the way. 😘 10
Melissa Martin Just another £5, brave & brilliant Allison, but unlimited support & admiration. 5
Stephen Loftus Good luck. The vast, vast majority are on your side. 25
Simon Edge 10
SIMON JOSEPH I am garteful for your exposition of the matter in your response which save for the split infinitive in para 71 was the clearest explanation I have herad seen or readon the subject 25
Bee Gee Best of luck. What you are doing is for the benefit of all women, girls, men and boys. I really hope you win. 50
Jacky Holyoake 100
Luke Brennan 10
Alice Breed Well done Allison! So sor you had to go through this 25
alison Aquilina 25
Joanna Ramsay 25
Sandy Manning Onwards to success. 10
Mark Hammonds Best wishes. 10
Sam Nichols 15
Nata Mcke We re being bullied… well done Allison on representing so many xxx 20
Sarah Mann 10
Kevin Aylward Freedom of Expression is fundamental to a free free society. Period 25
Katharine Styles 10
Polly Sharpe 10
Heather Self Having read your detailed response, I am donating. Good luck. 25
Sara Chambers Good luck! 25
Rosemary Smith 25
Jessica 25
Vicky Good luck. 10
Lynne Anderson 25
Joanne Braund Well done for standing up for yourself and other woman!!! 25
Helle Larsen 10
Anne Wright All strength to you Allison, and good luck – this is so important. 20
Gillian Cassidy Donating again because this is so important. Keep going Allison, and thank you on behalf of women everywhere. 25
Lucy E 5
Claudia Jungere 10
Susan Millership 50
Melissa Younger 5
John Armstrong Shocking letter off Stonewall. Thank you for shining a light on this Alison. 20
Emma Hindley 10
S Elson 10
Carl Rogers 5
Angela Kilpatrick With you all the way. 10
Elaine McIntosh Thank you for all you do. Stay strong. 25
Georgina Sheepy Stonewall are outrageous. 10
carole-anne collins I wish I could give more. This outrageous behaviour needs highlighting 5
Stephen Wilson More power to you. I hope you get justice. 50
emma Phillips 10
Donal Hughes 50
Jenny Smith Donating again Allison – thank you for all you’ve done so far, and onwards and upwards from here x 10
Miriam Peck Thank you Allison for everything you are doing. 50
Eva Hartley Donating again as this case is so important to so many. 10
Laura Bates 50
Gaia Charis 20
Zoe Shaughnessy Solidarity 10
Ruth Murray 10
Belinda Jenkins 10
karen riches such an important case. good luck Alison. 100
Keith Hotten Good luck from Hong Kong 100
Jay Williams Proud to stand with you. 10
Becky Barron 5
Matt 25
Clare Bainbridge 10
Carol Grant Good luck Allison – this is such an important case 100
Audrey Beadle 10
Christine Fraser 20
Thomas 25
Theresa Keefe Thank you from Texas for your bravery in protecting the sex-based rights & realities of women & girls, and the same-sex attractions of gays & lesbians. This attack on biological sex is global, the resistance must be global too! 50
Avery 25
soorana I love you. I stand by you forever. We all, women. Women from the Netherlands will back you up with everything we can give. You are the star, shining bright, in fighting against this demented new diversion policy. we will WIN. no matter what, I know as a common fact, basic decency, That there will be no real man who will kiss their mother will aderessing their Mothers with a ‘A happy birthday my person who birthed me, person that bleed who fed me withsome CHEST MILK! ‘ 25
Yvonne Thank you for being caring, strong, diligent and eloquent in defending women and LGB rights. I wish you well in your case and i know it will have a wider impact for all. 25
Ray Croft 20
Carlene Thank you Allison from the US 72
Linda 25
John Thank you. ✊❤️ 25
Jennifer Aldridge 25
Pascale Gillet 10
Christina Goldstein 10
Eleanor Hunt 10
Proudbutch 500
Julia Thank you for standing up for women’s and LGB rights. We believe in you, we are behind you, and we are inspired by you. You are incredible!!! 25
Megan Williams 25
Rebecca Vann Reicher 10
Clive Allison — thank you for everything that you are doing. The world needs more people like you at the moment. 10
Kate Roberts 5
Hannah Feeny Thank you for what you are doing. 10
Melissa Titus Thank you for taking on this fight on behalf of so many of us. 10
Camille Thank you for all you have done for women. 10
Rowena 25
Natasha Wood Solidarity. 10
Viktoria Kosco-Duplinska We are behind you Allison! 10
Kat Dooley You go, girl!! 25
Paul Koshy 25
Shireen McQuade Thank you, Allison, for taking action to protect the rights of women and children. 25
Meli Mart I read a man has been bulling you. Ignore him. There IS an extraordinary malevolence at work here. Stay strong. ❤️ 5
M.J. Fahy 10
Jonathan Manning Thank you! 10
Ermine Amies Courage calls. You are an amazing woman, Allison. Thank you for standing for us. 10
David Sash 25
KM I heard you were getting some vile harassment from a transwoman. Their abuse has prompted me to help you with your case. Good luck and thank you! Women and same sex attracted people will not be silenced! 10
Jacqueline Malone 25
Mary Buttolph 20
Barbara Hann 30
Moira Wrathall Second donation. Thank you for what you’re doing, Allison. 20
Christine 5
Neil MacInnes 50
Annette Mahoney 25
Louise Barrett 25
Lynne Anderson 25
Claire Roberts 25
Richard Scholey on behalf of the gay men like myself and my lesbian friends who now see Stonewall as our biggest threat Full of admiration for what you’re doing for the rest of us. 25
R 25
Sharon & Sarah Blayney Thank you 25
Claire Wallace-Samani Wish it could be more. Thank you 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 10
Pippa Booth Good luck Allison 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻❤️❤️❤️ 20
Caroline Lapwood 10
Hilary Thank you Allison. 10
Sherena Kranat Good luck x 25
Stacey Charleswort You are a wonderful strong woman to take this on. 25
Will Thornton Good luck and thanks 30
Kerstin Thank you for taking up this important fight. 50
Pauline Roberts Thank you Allison 10
Sinead Thank you Allison, on behalf of my daughters. 25
Elizabeth Butler Another donation this time on behalf of my 2 daughters. 30
Neil Edwards 100
Esther Fowler Good luck God bless and keep you safe 10
Andrew Tettenborn 10
Hilary Baxter Keep fighting Allison, you are an inspiration to us all and you are on the right side of history. 50
Debbie McLauchlan Thank you Allison 50
Sarah Bradbeer 25
Karen Discrimination against women must be stopped. 10
Joanne Lawrence Thank you for all you do 25
Caroline Gutteridge 25
Frances Davidson 10
Daniela Conte You have so much support, and the gratitude and respect of so many of us #solidarity. 50
Priscilla Webster My heart aches for you and rails against injustice.
All power to your case.
Jill Turner 10
Ellie Holly Good luck Alison! Free speech and women’s rights are super important. 10
Joanna Griffiths 10
Andrea Jones 20
Gemma Fox 10
Elizabeth Donnelly 5
Zoe Cutting 10
michelle grimwood Good Luck 5
MARIA O NEILL Good luck 25
Vincent Beasley 10
Denise Kennedy I wish you all the best. Commonsense should prevail. 10
Maria Stonewall aren’t what they used to be. 50
Rachel Goddard All the best wishes to you and your legal team 50
A Bindoff 10
Inge Bursell 25
Kathleen McGill Hold tight Allison. We appreciate what you do and cannot imagine the fortitude required to press on. Thank you. Sincerely, Kathleen 10
Philip Healy 25
Jonathan Hartley 25
Siaron Phillips 2nd donation sorry only £10 not near enough to payday for anymore 10
amanda findlay with best wishes.. 10
Edward Laxton Good luck 50
Jemma Winborn 25
Tara Kaufmann Solidarity, Alison. So sorry I can’t afford more. 10
Tara Frakking 20
Kay Holmes I can’t afford much and it’s taken me too long but I really admire you and wish you the best in your fight. All strength to you! x 10
Jo Mickel Thank you Allison!! 50
Jill Barnes And another £10…meant to put £20 in on my last donation! 10
Miriam Peck Thank you Allison for your courage in bringing this action. 50
Jill Barnes Allison, you give a voice to millions of women whose very identity is chillingly in the process of being erased. Your courage in standing up to such overt misogyny and the sinister efforts to silence us is truly inspiring. Just know that you do not stand alone … millions of women stand right by your side. 10
Joanna Koenigsberg I’m proud to say I stand with Allison Bailey 15
Lydia Maher 10
Nicholas Backstrom 10
Brett Gallard Great to see your recent success… let’s hope it continues. Thank you for standing up for LBG rights. 10
sheila osullivan 10
Becky 20
Jan Goodyear 10
Liz Khan 10
Karen Bresner You keep fighting and I’ll keep donating – frankly, it’s a blessing to feel like i’m contributing in however small a way, not just screaming to myself in impotent rage. Thank you. 25
Clare Gryce 10
JO ADAMS Thanks so much for your courage in doing this Allison 25
Caroline 25
Mary-Ann Shameful that Stonewall no longer support LGB rights as clearly T rights are now of more financial benefit to them. They should be exposed for the charlatans they now are. 20
Pat C While I was there I decided that I needed to use ‘the facilities’. I was off down the corridor behind the cigarette kiosk and then I had to comee (sic) to a shuddering STOP to remember whether I should be using the ladies or the gents. Check: skirt and heels – ladies! I came to such a sudden stop that the poor chap behind me made intimate contact with me from behind (I wish) but he was very nice about it. I didnt (sic) offer a complete explanation. It had me chucling (sic)to myself for days…
From online blog ‘Becoming Moira’ by Robin Moira White
Mary Ellen Donovan Sending support and best wishes from the USA. 50
Julie Miller 25
Jane Macey 25
Lorren Boniface 10
Nuala Gallagher 25
Rosa Good look Allison. I think what you are doing is brilliant. 10
Catherine Gayfer Thank you Allison 10
Kelly Frost Thank you Alison. We are with you ❤️ 5
Aisling Considine Thank you Allison 10
Jo White 10
Beverley Barrett 10
Sue Cherry Thank you for this important work Allison. 10
Rebecca Thank you for your bravery. 50
Lynne Palmer 10
Fat Tony @BigBossManTone have a tenner on me. From the Boss Man to the woman who’s bossing shit 😁

Stonewall needs its tentacles lopped off. We pay; you slay 😉
Mary MacCallum Sullivan 10
Kelley Wesley Stay strong sisters! 10
Sal thank you 5
Judy Pitt 10
Julie Summers 20
Rebecca Your strength and courage is inspirational, Thank You. 25
April 10
Nicola McChlery Huge admiration for putting your head above the parapet and taking on those who would silence and control us. It will benefit millions. Courage to you. 10
Ravi Dunn Go Girl… 10
Anonymous Thank you from a young, scared lesbian. 10
Willie ROSS Let’s kick Stonewall to rubble 10
Harriet 25
Emily Allison, thank you for fighting this important case. As a sexual abuse and incest survivor, it matters to me more than I can tell you that I would not be forced to refer to a male rapist as ‘she’ during criminal proceedings. I wish love and peace to all trans people, but certain protections must continue to be afforded to women based on their biological sex and reasonable people of all persuasions understand this. Good luck to you. You are brave & beautiful, and so many of us are rooting for you. 50
Jane Carlisle-Leahy Win Allison, win! 10
Annette C. I wish you luck, we need people like you to fight against the trans ideology. 10
Kieran McCarthy I wish you the very best of luck with this fight Alison.
Even though I live in Ireland I hope that your fight for justice could empower women over here .

Thank you for standing up for my Mother, Sister and Nieces.
I hope my small contribution helps in some little way.

Thank you for courage.
Claire Harris 25
Maya Solidarity, Allison. 10
Riley 5
Judy Mackenzie Thank you for all you are doing; you are an inspiration to all women 10
Francis Wheen 100
jill carr 5
Dermot O’Brien 25
James Dearlove I have huge admiration for you and gratitude for what you are doing. 10
James Irving Keep at it. 10
Catherine Lewis Only sorry I can’t donate more…such an important case. 25
Stella Kane 15
Alison King 10
Gill Good luck. 10
Catherine Hodgeon Thank you Allison for having the courage to do the right thing. For my daughters, and women and girls everywhere, I hope you succeed. 10
Annie Linwood Wish I could give more. Thank you for fighting this fight. Hang in there ! 5
Susan Go for it! 10
Catherine Good luck with your case. 10
Debo Morr 25
Deborah Berger 25
Emer Walsh Thank you Alison x 10
Kelly Richardson 10
Helen 10
Samantha Sarmiento Protect female designated spaces! 25
Terry Good luck. 10
Nicola Lowe Well done Allison and your amazing team. Thank you for fighting this important battle. 25
Helen Self 25
Diane Thank you for your bravery in standing up to them 100
Jack 5
Bridget Well done Allison and your legal team. Thank you so much for taking this on. 50
Carolyne Lamptey 25
Carl Taylor best of luck 10
Sylvia Conquest 10
Paula Steel 25
Jean Howe Thank you 50
Jessica Smith All the best Allison 10
Frances Gillard You have been treated appallingly.Thank you for holding Stonewall to account 20
Caroline 55
Carol Gair 10
margaret page 25
Ruth Wilson 25
Susan Baldock Wishing you every success Allison. I used to be a barrister and am appalled at the way you have been treated. 50
Stacey Aiken With immense thanks. I wish I could give more. 10
Caroline Thank you Allison x 10
Peter Mountford-Smith 50
Laura Bayley Thank you for your bravery and determination. 10
MJ Valentine 10
Sara Blake 25
Patrick Doyle Wishing you success in this important case, Allison. 10
Namefirst 25
Kay Lawrence 10
Liz Thank you for doing this 10
Catherine Knights 10
Sharon Whittington 25
Stella Stocker 10
Karen Much love and strength Allison. This is for my daughter’s future too. Thank you for giving her and millions of women, a voice of reason. 10
David Turner 10
Angela Hutchison 25
Conrad Roeber Thank you Allison 50
Kerry Mullin 25
Sophie Barnaby Thank you Allison. 25
Jessica Bayliss Thank you for standing up to the bullies 10
Elisabet 15
Suzy 5
Marion Welchman Wishing you a speedy resolution, Stonewall cannot win. 25
EJ Gray 5
Stefa Stone Cold 10
Arianna Andreangeli 5
Nicola Burkinshaw Thank you so much for your bravery and determination. Wishing you the very best of luck with your case. 25
Sarah Spanton Vive la resistance! Thanks Allison for all you are doing. Supporting you all the way. 50
Jenni Mc Thank you for fighting this fight x 25
James Fairchild Your story is truly shocking. Hopefully common sense will prevail. 10
Robert Thomas 50
Paula Smith Thank you for speaking out – you give me hope 10
Gosia 25
Jane Wragg 25
Leila Thexton 10
Ilana Shamir With gratitude from Canada. 10
Robert Miller 10
Carrie Jarvis 5
Sara Christie 25
Lana Murasova As a CS employee, I’m silenced by Stonewall’s grip on our service daily. So whilst my donation isn’t enormous, I hope that it will be of benefit. It’s my way of shouting ‘ENOUGH ALREADY!’. 20
Francis O’Sullivan Thank you for your resilience and courage, in stranding up against bullies; bullies who care nothing it seems for women or girls. 50
Lisa De-Vall Best Wishes Alison 25
Brian W 20
Jennifer Dromey 2
Brian Coffey 10
Anita 10
Sharon S Thanks for standing up for women 10
Virginie Keep it up Allison! 10
Charles Beaton Thank you for holding the line. 25
Kate Wilkinson 50
Jess De Wahls All the strength to you!! 25
Simon Jones Great news from yesterday – you’re a wonderful inspiration to many, Allison. Thank-you so much for fighting for LGB rights and silenced women! 50
Clare McConnell 10
Jose L Women and LGB people will not be erased. 20
Jo Smith Thankyou for standing up for homosexuality and human rights. 25
Tom Jones Good luck Allison and thanks for standing up to these oppressive bullies. 10
Judith Whittaker Good luck Allison. Thank you for all that you are doing. 10
LOUISE ACKERMAN In honour of Lucy Ruddle IBCLC for inspiring me to support Allison, and reminding me that women should be listened to especially by women in positions design to support them. 10
Alexandra Ranson thank you and good luck 10
Corinne Kielty 25
Sonia Viner Thank you for standing up for women, you are an inspiration to us all. 25
Louise 10
Louise Graham Good luck 50
Rebecca Smith Thank you 10
Mark Spry 10
Donna Spielman Thank you Allison! 50
Sara Galli 10
Natasha Grover Happy to once again support such an important cause! 50
Heather James I stand with you. 10
Alicia 10
Kirsty I stand with you Alison 10
A Lockhart Strength and solidarity 50
Sarah Webb Courage calls and all that. Thank you for standing up for women 25
Sorcha F You’re an inspiration, Alison Xx 20
Carolyn Dugdale Happy to continue in support of this important litigation. Bullies must be called to account. 100
kathrin thomas 10
David Nye Disagree with your politics but wouldn’t dream of victimising you for it. Your fight is a great & necessary one that affects us all Left & Right. Good luck. 10
Jess 5
Julie White 10
Victoria Smith #IStandWithAllisonBailey 10
Alison Lothian 10
Julie Evans You are amazing. David v Goliath. So many women (and men) support you. Beautiful, brave woman. 10
paul icke-ireson 25
Kristin Armstrong Good luck, Allison! 50
Helen Wishart 5
Jane Roffe I refuse to use the word ‘woke’ as that implies consciousness.’ Suzanne Moore 10
Lisa Townsend Good luck Allison, you brave and brilliant woman x 100
Rachel Smith Not got a lot but I’m donating as I can’t abide bullies. 10
Ian Rhodes An independent voice standing up
for wronged individuals.
Lydia Together We Stand ✊ 10
Sharon Wright 50
Grace Speaker Your courage and determination in fighting back against the appalling misogynistic and homophobic bullying by Stonewall are an inspiration!
#IStandWith Allison Bailey
Sue Newte 100
Tony Flavin 10
Christopher Gibson 5
Helen Saxby 10
Maggie Thank you for your courage. Good luck! 25
Jenny Stein Thank you for your courage in bringing these insidious activities out of the shadows and into the public realm where they can be properly scrutinised. 25
David Bell Dear Allison
Thanks for taking this up. I am David Bell , the Consultant Psychiatrist who was the ‘whistleblower at the Tavistock – writing report in 2018 which the Trust tried to cover up. This was part of the chain of events leading to the Judicial Review. As you know the govt have now scrapped the guidelines for schools and replaced them with good one but Stonewall are still capturing policy locally in schools causing untold damage to children and young people. Good luck. Keep me updated and happy to speak to you some time Go well David
Sandra Foy 10
Ashley Brown Thank you for fighting 25
Deb Bedaida Here. Standing with you, your voice and message is heard. 10
Shabda Cloud Cloud 10
Jo Young Thank you for taking on this fight. 10
D Armstrong High five Allison. 10
Joe MILES 10
Daisy Henderson Thank you for being brave. X 10
Caroline I donated last week, and I am donating again today. Keep going, Allison! 25
Anne Godfrey Keep going. We are with you. 25
Jonathan Webb Best of luck! 25
Matthew Jackson 25
natalie I think you are very brave 10
Jennifer Johnston Good work and good luck Allison! 💪 10
Bec Irish 5
Phoebus Keep going 50
Dom Armst I admire your courage Allison good luck x 100
Avril Moussalli Ms Bailey, you are in inspiration! 20
Justin Thomas 20
Alison Aquilina 25
nike forsander lorentsen 10
Emma Hindley 25
Anne 10
Paula Hermes Your fight is a fight is a just one and for us all, thank you Alison. 5
Marion Morris Thank you for making this stand for all women and girls. We cannot be silenced 20
James Thank you Allison, for standing up, for what we all should believe in 25
Joanne Robertson We will not be silenced 10
Chris Hollis 50
Simmy MC Thank you for taking this on Allison. It is not just you but all of us who will benefit. Respect. 25
Peter Gray 10
James Broadbent Hi Allison,

I look on with horror at young kids being fed puberty blockers. This has the potential to ruin so many young lives.

It is also appalling that men can simply self identify as female & expect access to female spaces. I think of the awful Jessica Yannick in Canada as an example.

We LGB people haven’t had an easy time to gain the same recognition as straight folk. Whilst trans folk have a right to live their lives any way they chose and should never be discriminated against for doing so, the emergence of the cancel culture is frightening.

I support your fight wholeheartedly.

Sarah Miller Thank you for standing firm Allison 10
K P 25
Janet Inglis People from around the globe are right behind you in your fight. When you will we will all breathe a sigh of relief. 10
Adele Hunt-Concon 10
Catherine Orton 👍👍👏 10
Laura Bevis 10
Nicolette Levy Well done Allison, and good luck for the next stage. 25
Liz S Thank you for your courage, Allison – best wishes. 25
Eugenia Brides Alison, I shared your story with my daughters ages 9 & 7. They were so impressed by you and so disgusted by your treatment that they pledged their birthday money and I matched it. We are proud to support you!! 100
Mary Keep going Alison. We’re all behind you. 10
Taylan Kammer Women’s rights are human rights! 50
Kerri Mansfield 25
Andrew Chidwick 25
MARIA O NEILL Good luck Alison 25
Michael So glad you are going this, as a gay man I am fed.uo of hearing of lesbians and gay men being sidelined and threatened with ‘cancellation’ if they so much as question the dictats of Stonewall. 10
Katie Matthews Proud to support you, Allison. 25
Bronwyn Williams 25
Martin Double Good luck …. You are so brave 25
Melanie Gray Good luck!!! 20
Adam Hibbert Solidarity. 250
Quetiapina Go Alison! I wish I was rich and I could support you more x 10
Elizabeth Geelan I support you in this. Thank you for your Courage and for raising awareness. 10
Ralph Lucas 50
Alison Teal Thank you for fighting this injustice, Allison! I am hoping Stonewall and your former employers will be held to account. Good luck! 10
Lynsay T Thank you for fighting this 100
Louise Milligan 25
Kay Quillan Right with you Allison 25
Helen 10
Marjory Smith More power to your elbow! Love you. X 10
Kate O’Connor well done and best of luck for June 5
Joanne Quillan Standing with you x 50
Bec Wonders Speak truth to power! 10
Mary Leslie 10
Patrick Toner 50
tricia young 10
Gerry Robinson Fight hard and win. We need this!! 25
David Woolmer 10
Alison Macnair 25
Samantha Tracy Keep up the good work Allison. You are doing an amazing job. 20
Janet Wright Thanks for taking this important stand, Allison. 10
christine bergin May the wind be at your back Alison. Your victory will be a victory for all women and for justice. Thankyou 25
Julia Williams Very happy to support you. What has happened is a travesty. 25
Sarah Vanderwey 10
Jonathan Harris 100
Philip Rubery 10
Kevin 25
Michael Murphy 10
Greg 10
Ali Morris Thank you for taking this on. I have nothing but admiration and support for you 🙂 10
Sherry Mead 25
Sara Schraeder Thank you for fighting for us! 10
Harriet Thank you Allison. You are amazing. 25
Nikki 10
Mark Henwick 10
Clare Rosen 25
Jane Thank you for fighting – our children minds and bodies are our future 50
Winter Randall 20
Kuldeep Sanghere You are amazing not allowing women to be silenced. 50
Clare In support of the rights of women, girls, lesbians. Thank you Allison. 25
Mary Watson 100
Katie Pert Thank you for all that you’re doing for women, children and LGB people. You are on the right side of history. Big respect. Good luck with all this it must be exhausting. 😘 10
Andrea Yeomans You are just amazing Allison, thankyou 🙂 10
Carole 10
Terry Robson 10
Abigail 5
Kiera Thank you for standing up for women and girls. 10
Sue Taylor This is clear bullying and intimidation by Stonewall in an attempt to stop any discussion of a clash of rights. 10
Alison Jenner Great news today! Onwards to victory, we hope. 25
Alison Bray 5
Sarah Beresford Good luck. Go get ‘em. 10
Cathy Hawkins I dedicate to Stonewall 25
Louise Saltmer You have the support of thousands of women and men around the country. You have our support. 25
Rosemary Whyte Good luck Allison 10
Julie Fitzhugh 25
Helen Bailey Thank you so much, I light is needed . 5
Laura Williams 25
Suzanne Lowell 5
Aileen Hickey 25
Liz Thank you 10
Ali Daly 5
philippa lewis With love and huge respect. Thank you for fighting for women and children. 25
P 25
Emma Burns I am so impressed by you Allison. We need your honesty, kindness and clarity in our fight not to be erased. 50
Katie A very worthwhile cause. Go Allison! 20
Celia With over 250 years of suffragists in my family, an anti-Nazi German grandfather, and a mother who stood up for Africans’ rights, I have been taught by example to think for myself and I think you will be one of the exemplars of the on-going fight for women’s rights in the 21st century. 100
Roger Winchester 10
Charlotte Edwards You’re an inspiration, Allison. Good luck. 100
J H Thank you. I cannot donate more as using my German card I’m also incurring further costs and I have limited funds. But this is important and I spend this gladly. I wish you and your team the best and I thank you for all women and daughters everywhere. 100
Deb Gronow Good luck 10
Ruth Conlock Solidarity✊ 10
T Rip Thank you for all you do- Give em Hell! Sorry I couldn’t give more right now, but much love from the US ♡ 5
Diana Madill So full of admiration and thanks for your persistence in the face of so much opposition. Thank you Allison. 25
Tommi Ripton Thank you for all you do- Give em hell! Sorry I couldn’t give more right now, but much love from America ♡ 5
Betsy Warrior Thank you for your hard work, courage and integrity in taking on this struggle. Having spent my life trying to protect women from male pattern violence I am now witnessing it all being destroyed by transcismen men’s rights activists, Betsy Warrior 50
graham lincoln 10
Carol Bailey Great news from court today – go get em, Allison! 15
Susan Lawes Never thought I would pay to sue Stonewall. Really admire you, Allison. 10
Neil Best wishes Alison. I’m just sick of seeing women being pushed around by men. Thank you for making a stand. 20
Cathy Harris 20
Brian Kitt 10
Jacqui Collings Good luck Allison. These bullies must be stopped in their tracks. 100
Julie Smith I found out this week that I will still have a job after March! And then the good news about your case today. A good week and I can celebrate by donating to causes defending women’s rights. Excellent 50
Erik Corry 15
John We need to expose them to as much light as possible 10
Jeannie Mackenzie 10
tania berry 25
Gil Ston All the best, sunlight is the best disinfectant. 20
Vicki Wharton Rip them a new arsehole Allison. Im in family court with a dom abuser and this legally aided misogyny needs to be shut down. 10
Z Jones 25
Angela Newton Keep on keeping on x 5
Jane Wainwright 25
Lisa Moro 10
Rhona Sinha 25
Cass Moxon 100
Sarah Richa No longer a fan of Stonewall sadly. It clearly doesn’t stand for inclusivity. 10
Jody White 10
Nina Cranmer My second donation as this case is so important. Stonewall need to be taken to account for their silencing of free speech and insidious control under the guise of supporting LGBT rights. Thank you for standing up for women and girls. Good luck! 5
Barbara Wood Happy to contribute to the battle against the thought police. 25
Emma 25
Fiona Karbal 10
Donna Gallagher Good luck. You need to win. 10
Joanne Metivier 10
Mike Bolton 5
Mary Hart Wellock 10
Annette Just saw the good news via Glinner’s newsletter so must donate again. Onwards and upwards – thank you for making a stand. 100
Amber Good luck with this incredibly important fight and thank you for taking this stance to protect the rights of women from being eroded whilst I and presumably so many others feel scared to speak up. 10
Annette Mahoney 25
Stephanie Winpenny Behind you all the way! 25
Maggie O Carroll Silencing and discrimination of women – it’s a big No No No 25
Liz Sewell Thank you and good luck – 100
Susan Bedford Solidarity Allison! 25
David McKeegan Stonewall is a disgrace. 10
Susan Doherty 25
Jo 10
Tess 10
Jane WILLIS 25
Adrian Common sense, justice, biology are all on your side. History will be! 10
Dianne Cominie With warmest thanks from Australia. 50
Andrea Thank you for all you are doing, Allison 25
Julie Hancox Keep on fighting… It shouldn’t be this hard to be a natural women but we’ll never give up our freedom to claim what we were born as! 10
Lyndsey Snow Thank you Alison for standing up and speaking out! Behind you 100% 10
Jonathan Hunt Thank you for taking this stand. Wishing you every success. 10
Charlotte Everitt 10
Mary Gordon Thank you for all you have done for women Alison! 10
susan good luck 5
E Evans Good luck, Stonewall Law has no place in our society. 25
Elizabeth 25
Callum Collins 20
Kayleigh Snowden Thank you for your hard work and protecting the interests of women everywhere. 10
Lisa Wishing you full justice and a very happy celebration afterwards Allison 10
Kevin Scally 10
Angela Haynes For the ASD girls being told horrible lies about their futures. Thank you Alison 25
Susan Caroline 25
jill bedford I hope you succeed – it is a crucial case 10
S Wells Thank-you for standing up for girls and women! (Gay Dad) 30
Eleanor Hill 50
Katy Lane Good Luck Allison, so many are with you on this issue. Stay strong. 10
Jen Cardwell 5
Simon 25
Siobhan Scanlan Thank you Alison 20
David Wootton Reading the reports on today’s proceedings. 50
Brighton Redvers Mindblowing live tweeting of your case today @ALLIANCELGB
And so the truth comes out…
Truly Egan Keep going and good luck. 50
Leo 15
Carolanne Thank you Allison. 10
Abigail 25
Jacky Holyoake After what I have read today from the reporting of this hearing I am genuinely shocked to learn about the direct interference of Stonewall. 100
Nicola Dobinson 10
Maeve Rooney Thank you so much! Your courage and commitment are outstanding. 25
Nancy R 10
Ruth Kennedy 25
Amy Sutton 25
Moira Jones Respect!! 50
Laura Sorry its not much but had to try and help. Rooting for you! 5
Katherine @RadicalRoo Good luck Allison! 10
Peaky FFS Do it. Expose the ideological capture. 50
Sally 10
Aaron Foley 25
Ly Pea Glad to be able to donate to your case Allison x. 10
TJ Fowler Proud❤️ 10
Daniel Grosvenor 25
Frankie Lawrence 10
Hazel Mclare 10
David M Golding 5
Apollonia DeMello 5
Apollonia DeMello 5
Sarah Routledge Wishing you the very best of luck. 5
Kate Zephyrhawke 5
Richard Collumbell I support you all the way. 25
Jason McCarthy Good luck xx 25
Len Norton David Paisley brought me here.

Thanks Dave!
Gillian Milne 10
Tom Killick 10
Georgina Pugh 25
Deirdre Thank you for standing up for women. The way you have been treated is shameful. Good luck with your case. 25
Mel 350
Caroline This is an important case and you are a courageous woman for bringing it. Thank you. 50
Gaynor 5
Allison Bayless From one Allison B to another 🙂 I’m rooting for you (and all other females) from across the pond! 10
Prudence Evans good luck and thank you . someone has to stop all this brainwashing 50
Mrs L Oubridge 25
Claire Roberts 10
John ONeill 10
Ashley Schweiss 5
sophie humes 10
Lia Banton 25
Ann M 25
Carole Good Luck. Stonewall ideology is an abomination and I admire your standing up against it. 10
Angela Greene I’m in the US, but I stand behind you 100%. 10
Lucy Rochester Good luck, Allison. 10
Margaret Malcolm This is important to protect all women from a lobbying group which has an agenda which is anti biological women. 10
Paige Bramley 10
Wendy Stephenson Thank you for doing this Allison. It’s so important to expose Stonewall and challenge the notion of gender ideology and self-identity, which is harming so many people and is detrimental to women’s rights. 10
Mel Greig Thank you for what you are doing, this is so important. 25
Marie Trevithick Thank-you for everything you’re doing. 20
Anne Wilkinson For the future of my granddaughters. 10
Alison Sharp 10
Alix More power to you Allison, thank you for doing this. I stand beside you. 10
John Martins Small donation, but another name on your list of supporters 5
Richard Owen I believe it is reasonable to hold the opinion that ‘trans women’ are not actually women. No one should be persecuted or victimised for standing by this opinion. Good luck Allison. 10
Caroline Walton Thank you for everything you’re doing Allison. 50
Jane Mclachlan 25
Sarah Tilley 10
Marcus X All power to you and the network of LGB people 25
Sue Laughlin 10
Fiona 25
Sharon 10
Alison Whiteford 10
Tammy Boyce 50
Di AHF 25
Amanda Ryan Standing with you, Allison! Sending love from the U.S.! 10
Janette Jamieson 5
caroline byrne Sorry I can’t afford more. Thank you for your astonishing courage. 25
K Badlan 25
Pamela Yerassimou I am so grateful to you for standing up for women and children. Thank you Alison 25
Alex Bloodfire As a gay man I’m angry at what stonewall have done. 25
Jay Thank you for standing up to Stonewall. 10
Beryl Flatley Good luck 25
Rob Murrow Allison, what you are doing is so important. It is so sad that Stonewall has fallen so far. I hope that an outcome of these proceedings will be that no woman (or man) will fear for their livelihood for holding sensible and compassionate views such as yours. You have so much support. 10
Jane Allen 50
Alison Lacey Good luck Allison. All power to you 25
Susan Good luck, Allison. Behind you all the way. 10
Shelley Crowley I am happy to he able to offer a bit of support. We’re fighting tooth and nail in Canada, and it will get worse. As a sometimes cranky old bat, I can still scrap with the best of them lol! Good luck to you.🙏🏼 50
Sarah Fort Aroha from your sisters in AotearoaNZ 👊 ♀️ 🌍 25
Elaine Elliott Stonewall have creeped into the very fabric of society & need to be brought down. Hoping with all my heart & for the sake of LGB, women & children you will be successful in curtailing their reach in our lives. They sure picked on the wrong woman! 10
Hilary Penney 10
Beth Jones You fo girl x 10
Justine Marcham Thank you for standing up for women’s rights. 10
Helen Cunningham 10
Catherine West Thank you for standing up for women’s rights 10
Gerardine Murphy I stand in awe of people like you Allison. Can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for women, children and gay people. Good luck. 10
Christina Oman Thank you, for my daughter’s future 10
Emma 10
Julia Pomeroy 10
Rebecca Franklin 100% behind you and this important battle, go for it Allison. 10
Melissa Martin It’s OK to donate a fiver, folks! 5
Catherine Good luck and thanks for all your efforts. 10
Gayle Baldwin 25
Ingrid Lacey Delighted to join the thousands who are supporting and cheering you on. Stonewall (and your Chambers) have no business intimidating you for exercising your right to found a campaigning group. It is wholly unacceptable in a democratic society. Your courage, grace and dignity are magnificent. Go get ’em! 100
Tania Smith Thank you for standing up for what’s right 10
Iain Conochie Good luck Alison! 25
Monika Thank you for defending free speech 25
Lauren Levey 10
Jessica Fenn-Samuelsen 25
Beth Price Thank you for standing up for the most vulnerable. 50
Lucinda Platt Good luck and all credit to you. 100
Lynn Presnell You are a light in the darkness. 10
John McCormack Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right.
No issue or subject should be beyond critical discussion.
Rose Frain 5
Jane Hutton Stonewall need taking down – go Allison! 25
Gerry Holloway I believe in free speech. 10
Susie Taylor 10
Graham Sutton Fully supporting your stand 25
Margaretha Nilsson 10
Tessa Finch This is a brave and massively important thing you are doing. Fingers crossed for your success, and I’m proud to donate and to be on the morally right side of history. 50
Benedicte Newland Brilliant, important work Allison. Thank you so much for your courage in standing up for women. 10
Amy Carparelli 25
Judy Putt Good luck 10
Lauren Leeman 25
Susie McNicol Best of luck Allison, we’re with you! 25
Kim Thomas Thanks for standing up to the bullies, Allison. 25
James Irving 10
Mo Teasley Thanks for your bravery. 25
Alison Clarke 25
Julia Evans 25
Clare Wilson 25
Julia South Thank you for your courage in taking this on. What you’re doing is so important. Just know how many of us are behind you. 75
Janette Leck All the very best xx 25
Jennifer Irving 50
Geraldine O’Malley 5
Sophie 50
Gabby Palmer 10
Melissa Pordage 10
Ann Dempsey 10
Rosemary Whyte 10
Karen Horan 10
Richard Harrington Good luck. all the best. 10
Joe Bon courage! 20
Christine Hankinson essential, good luck and power to you 10
Yvonne Davies Everyone deserves to have their voice heard without fear or favour. 10
Jean Hatchet I just read your full history via Filia. I didn’t know all of this or how brave you are. I’m sorry I can’t afford much but I am absolutely behind you and your fight against this insidious behaviour on a systemic level by Stonewall. 5
Lucie Thank you x 5
Christina Katic 10
Lucie Spaight Full support here. It is horrifying what is happening in plain sight. Thank you. 10
Lydia Maher Good luck! 10
Clare Baker Happy to support you Alison, you are doing this for all women and girls 25
Jean-Baptiste Thank you. 50
Andreia Nobre 5
Tina Sarmon Standing with you Allison!! 10
Karenza Passmore Keep going. The need to protect is intersectional – we need your voice 20
Gail Devine Good luck 10
Shelley Charlesworth With you all the way Allison 10
Sorcha Nic Giolla Mhuire 10
Victoria Walsh Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Go Allison! 10
Karen Ingala Smith 25
Borisse 10
Tracey Fully support your cause and admire you for it 10
Mary Smith Go for it, girl. 20
Caroline O’Brien 10
Susan Millership 25
Kathleen Branagan Thank you for your courave 5
Selene Maher 10
Elizabeth 25
Paul Baker Best wishes 50
Joanne McNeil This is a fight you should never have had to undertake. Stay strong and kick their lazy bullying asses right out of the court. 50
Lynne Cain 10
Loretta Kane 10
Jac R So many of us stand behind you. Good luck. 25
Helina All the best 10
Suzanne Hitchin 20
Frances Boyle I’m with you 10
Anna Melamed 5
Chris Pook Donation on behalf of my wife, daughters, mother’s, sisters, nieces, aunts, grandmothers, girlfriends. All the women in my life who deserve to be treated with equity and respect. 10
Sejal 20
Kris Shergold Good luck 10
Nicola Ralph I’m with you in this fight xxx 25
Audrey Gillies 10
Alba Red Good for you Allison. A third party pressure group has no right to interfere in the employment contract of an employee and their employer based on that employee disagreeing with the beliefs of the third party. 50
Fran Best of luck, Allison! 10
Richard Cripps 10
Cathryn Mulholland Reilly The most sense I have read in ages. 3
Elizabeth M women will not be erased. not now not ever 10
Lyndsey Maiden 10
Steven Walley Fight the good fight and don’t give up. I wish you the best of luck. 25
Max Coll 10
Joan Appleton I support Allison Bailey in her courageously important work to challenging Stonewall . 10
Marion Macleod 10
Katherine Howard I wish I could donate more but I donate what I can. I stand in solidarity with you in your important work. 10
Anne Lodge 50
Kevin Mitchell 25
Jeni England 5
Caroline Go get em. 10
phantlers 10
Jane Mactaggart 100
Brian Hall 10
Robbie Spence 50
June Begg Thank you 25
Kim Zander It’s my honour to donate to a brave woman and critical cause. 50
Donella Campbell Thank you Alison for everything you do to fight for women’s rights. 20
P. Ruddy 10
Su Ben It’s like the suffragette movement all over again. Thank you for sticking up for women. 25
Gill Hunter 10
Emma Bateman Thank you for your tenacity, strength and courage. 10
Alan 10
Helen Atherton 100
Luisa Thank you for supporting women and girls! 25
Pam Moore 10
B Rubinstein #CourageCallsToCourage – thank you for your bravery, and good luck. 20
Lorna Fletcher 25
Lorr Barre 10
Mary Pole #CourageCallsToCourage. Thank you for standing up. For evil to succeed good people only have to do nothing. You are a strong woman and will be remembered in this fight 20
Bernadette O’malley 20
Brian Thomson 10
Tracey Paterson Thank you so much for standing up for women and sex based rights. Thank you for taking a stand against adolescent girls being sucked into a twisted agenda that has no interest in safeguarding.
You are not a lone voice , we are with you and we need you .
Katherine Hales Solidarity with you and thanks for standing up for women and girls 10
Seren Keep going Allison, best wishes 20
Claire Turner 10
Penny Young 25
Rachel T 25
Jenny Jones Totally behind you, Allison! 10
István Ádám Patkó 12
Nicola Pollock 25
Sarah Women have boundaries. Deal with it. 10
Carol Ashworth Thank you! 50
Kay Diffley Thank you for everything you do for women and girls 10
Iris good luck Allison! I admire your courage. 25
Susan Morris Good luck Allison. Thanks for taking this on. 15
Catriona 50
Anne Couldrey So thankful you are doing this. 10
Bonita 10
Sandra Wheatley We are all behind you in this important fight. . Best wishes 10
Jon Pike 25
Catherine Allison, you are tremendous. I wish you all the success with this. I wish more women were aware to how their hard-won rights are being eroded. 25
Carol Mitchell Good luck Allison, it’s only a small donation but please know that I stand with you. 10
Sophie Paul Illegitimi non carborundum (!) 25
Nicola Imrie 25
Dawna Conrad Thank you for giving us a voice at a time when women’s voices are being silenced. 10
Karl Otto Heitmann I´m strongly against any attemts at forcing a person out of his/hers job because of opposing views of sex and gender. Good luck with your case from a Norwegian gay man. 50
Roland Nilsson 10
M Smith 15
Johanne Gilbert 5
Aidan Cross 10
Rachel Lee I am so glad that there are some amazing women like you at the forefront of this war on women. It gives me hope. Thank you 25
Lesley Sullivan Keep fighting Allison! You and Keira give hope to women and girls 25
Daisy 10
michael deacy 10
Matthew C 25
Victoria Thomas Good Luck 50
Anthony Bailey 10
Elizabeth Graham On behalf of Owen Jones 50
Katherine Parker Go Allison! 10
Naomi Cunningham Good luck Allison – standing up to bullies for all of us. 50
J Moir Proud to support again. You are doing important work. 20
David Midgley 10
Diane I have so much respect, admiration and love for you Allison. I do hope your courage and determination kickstarts others in joining the fight. Thank you for protecting women, girls, lesbians and gays. From a lesbian gal in The Great White North aka Tranada, always by your side my sister. 10
Jo Green 5
Barbara Bull That was a powerful blog Allison! Best of luck in your case!! 40
Tony Metcalf Thank you for fighting Allison. 10
Andrew Gough 25
Malcolm Featherstone Do this for all of us. 35
Jamie Scott With you all the way! 25
Shuja Ali 5
Clare Fowell 20
Mary Painter 25
CJ Johnson So much respect. 5
Mary Chadwick Because your Chambers should have protected you 25
DrAngi Mansi Thank you on all our behalf Allison. Looking forward to your victory in court, Angi x 20
Dominic Lyne 20
Antje 25
Evie Hollins 10
Stephan Eckner 10
Ian Bourns Good luck with this work 50
Siaron Phillips 10
Jane Irving 10
Claire 10
Pedro Santos good luck 10
Rita Rake Good luck Allison. Stonewall’s pernicious and pervasive influence needs to be brought to public attention. The Diversity Champion scheme is a financial scam. Far from promoting equality, it serves to elevate the interest of some groups above others. Its purpose is essentially discriminatory, not inclusive 10
Jo Norton Keep on fighting you amazing woman 10
Dennis Kavanagh Very best of luck Allison 100
Crystal Good luck Allison. A pleasure to donate to such worthy cause again. 50
Jennifer Smith 10
Fanii Anii Queen! 10
Mary Howden Wishing you success 10
Brian Morrison 10
Emma Holmes Allison you’re an inspiration. Thank you 25
Ethan Hunter Fight the good fight 10
Eddie Lewisohn Free Speech matters. 10
Richard Young 10
Margaret Bluman 50
Martin Jackson 25
Robert Freeth 10
Lisa Mellor 10
Sue Lelijveld 25
Nichola Brown Bravo!! Ill back integrity & fairness every time. 10
Jacqueline Osborn No child is born in the wrong body 10
Tanya Mijak 10
Kevin 10
Sharon Cowell 10
Holly brewer 10
Jane Rogers Best wishes, Alison. An important moment for ensuring the future freedom of speech for all. 10
Kat 25
Rosemary Wish I could give more. Thank you thank you for all you are doing. 20
James AD Stand firm, Allison! 10
Jill Nesbitt Well Done Alison – thank you for taking this on 10
Maggie Mellon Donating again so you can win this case 50
Emma 10
Laure Graham Fully support you Allison. 👍🏻💪🏻 25
Simone 25
Christina Magill 10
Denise Anderson Keep fighting the good fight Allison. 25
Siobhan Paterson 10
Ilana Shamir Go get ’em Allison! A fan from Trans-Canada. 10
Marianne Pownall 10
Catherine 10
Maria Starling Thank you for fighting for women and girls rights! 10
Neil Buckingham 10
Tom 10
Sarah Carr 25
Amy Bee Good luck 10
Holly Smith Whatever the outcome of your case you ard an inspiring role model. Many of us share your horror to see the once great Stonewall attacking women’s legal rights, vilifying those who assert that they are same sex attracted, and endorsing the medicalisation of children who don’t conform to sexist stereotypes. Solidarity! 25
Kate Standing with you Allison 10
Elsa Hardman-Clark 25
Gaia Charis 20
Brid Fitzgerald 25
John Paul Mc Keown 10
Kym Barlow Good luck, we’re with you, you’re doing this for all of us who have been doxed. 10
Eleanor Cox Good luck and thank you – more power to you, we all stand behind you 25
Dave Craig 50
Kirstin Adam Good luck Allison. So grateful you are doing this x 10
Jason Snape 25
Elizabeth Butler You are an inspirational woman, I never believed my daughters would face a world so full of misogyny. Thank you for your courage and fighting spirit. 25
Carrie 10
Huw Owens 5
Marieke Bos Solidarity from the Netherlands, Allison. You are an inspiration. X 10
Teresa Thank you 10
Serena 40
C As a fellow female barrister, it frightens me that Chambers and lobby groups like Stonewall can seek to police our legitimate beliefs and concerns. Thank you for your bravery – you are an inspiration. 25
R Rose 20
Samantha Rosich Thank you for stopping this anti women group. 25
Etana Finkler Good luck and fight for us all women! Emergency times. 40
Simon Koelmeyer 100% supportive of you. I love Trans people. I do not love political bullying. 10
Katherine Wishing you the very best – you’re amazing. 10
Caroline Goode 50
Angela Cook 10
Noreen Ferguson-Hughes I stand by you Allison – It is terrifying that Stonewall and the Trans movement have already done such damage – I can only pray it can be undone – a whole generation of young people are being poisoned and brainwashed. 25
Emmelie Gill This is so important! 10
g Morgan I’m grateful that you are willing to take them on. Brava Linda–BRAVA!! 50
Catherine 10
Christian Green 5
Cherry Austin You are right, Allison. Win! Win for yourself, for women and girls, and for homosexual men & women. 5
Elizabeth Geelan Thankyou for such incredible work and courage. 10
Helen Clarke 10
Arlene Oak Thank you for doing this! 5
Fiona Rivaz Thank you. 25
Alison Jenner Win this for yourself and also for us women. x 25
Rachel Devine 10
Enid Bennett 🇨🇦 + 🇬🇧 10
Vhey Benet Thank you from all of us who cannot do this part. Thank you! Women everywhere thank you. 30
Evelyn Schofield Good for you for fighting back. We’re with you all the way! 60
Kelly Green You are making history. 50
Matthew Lilly Thanks for fighting for us homosexuals, Allison. We love you. 20
Ken Maclaren We’re going to need folks like you in NZ soon. Please keep up the good work. 10
Patricia Cairns 10
The Scrotie 5
Rose Barden #IStandWithAlisonBailey 10
Susan Hi Allison,
I’m pleased to have the chance to support you tangibly in our Women’s struggle. Hope your legal fight goes well for you.
In solidarity – from Darwin, Australia
John Cocula Thank you, Allison, for fighting to push back this corrosive capture. 20
Brandy 25
Julie Framingham 25
Paul Tucker 25
Soo-Jin 75
Rachel Smith Right behind you Allison. 10
Justin Bennett 10
Tracy Olverson Thank you for your courage, determination and principled stand Allison. 50
Julie Hotchkiss 25
Stephanie Bell Go get ‘em Allison. 10
Diane Lynch I hope you win and that these events are relegated to the horrible histories section for future generations. You’re amazing! 50
Sarah Mardon 25
eddie mccloy Sick ’em! 50
Charlotte Revely Be proud of what you are doing, women everywhere depend on your courage. 10
Mark Tuffrey 10
Stuart Middleton Get them. 25
Ellie Cumbo 10
Fiona Robertson Love and strength to you Allison, always. 10
Mella McCabe Good luck! 10
Nicky 10
Sarah Gellner 10
Móin Rattling Bog Solidarity x 25
Michael Biggs Wishing you every success! 25
Jim Owen 10
Nicola Your sisters stand with you. 10
Abby 10
Rachel Wadsworth 10
Teresa McMullan Thank you Allison! X 10
David Cheal 10
Ann Conlon 10
Jennifer King 20
Cat Jones Courage calls xxx 10
Maggie Page Thank you for being at the coal face while I remain an anonymous coward. 25
Luc Hughes 20
Selene Thank you for doing this for all of us. 10
Cats Terven 10
Catherine Adlen Time’s up on bullies. 10
Mary Curran I support the defence of women’s legal sex based rights 10
Francois Brutsch 100
Kevin Ebbs Proud to support a worthy cause 20
Francois Brutsch 100
Catherine Bjarnason So admire you, taking this on. All the best 25
Tara O’Connell 10
Rachel Broady 15
Alejandra Teos Fuerza! querida Allison Bailey tu lucha hará historia en beneficio de los derechos humanos. 25
Lydia Best wishes for you and the team and well done for standing for what is right. 8
Margaret McMinn Good luck 25
Ruth Thank you for standing up for the rights of women and girls, and the rights of everyone to speak the truth. The fact that I can’t put my last name on this is telling. 10
Dun 10
Karen Goldrick Courageous lady 50
Yvonne Keep fighting the good fight Allison x 10
Jane Robertson I watched a young white man who works at the same place as me badger and hector Allison’s chambers, demanding punishment. I could not believe what I was seeing. No doubt this young man believes he is righteous. We will probably never see the end of spiteful young men like him, but we can see Stonewall explain their spiteful behaviour in a court. 25
Patricia Glover 10
Richard Dunstan 100
Judith Hunter Cheering you on from Australia 💜 50
Brian Judge 10
Niki Shisler Thank you for doing this 25
Jenny Dee Thank you for your fight and your fearlessness. 25
lorna seaton Best of luck Allison 10
Ashley Finesilver 20
Ade Metca Thank you. I have yet to encounter trans ideology in real life but with a son in primary school and working in the public sector fear that it is only a matter of time. I will fight it if and when it arrives, meanwhile I’m incredibly grateful for your principled stand and glad to help in this small way. 10
Jean Wyldbore There are so many raging TRAs in whose names I would mischievously donate, I cannot pick. So instead, every strength to you and your team, with best wishes from the Coalition for Biological Reality – Australia & New Zealand. 25
Pykus 10
Richard Clarke 50
Manda Thank you ❤ 10
Thane Prince 50
Lorraine Payne 5
Daniel Grayson 50
David Curtis 100
Heather Leask Courage calls to courage everywhere 10
Cedwyn Aled Aled 10
Cedwyn Aled 10
Maggie O Carroll Tired of women being bullied – so happy to help 25
Lesley Maher 25
Sha Davies Stonewall cannot be allowed to stop females from asking legitimate respectful questions about the loss of equal opportunities or protections afforded natal females sex based rights as enshrined in uk law or be allowed to close down the right to discuss respectful, constructive, actual proved biological facts particularly where biology matters eg sport, medicine & rape. Misogyny & cancel culture is not acceptable. Hard won rights to Freedom of speech must be protected for all. 25
Jessica 20
Melissa Kelly Good luck Allison xx 20
LEESA It’s the right thing to do. You WILL win. 25
Jenette Whitfield 10
Stephanie Wilkins 25
Julie Burchill Good luck, Allison! 100
Louise Ferra 10
Rachel Moran Thank you Allison. The best of luck to you, x 25
Natasha 10
Joanne Baxter This is so important! Thank you. 10
Karen Scott Thank you for pursuing this. For women and girls everywhere. You are one amazing woman. 25
Sergio Casci 10
Gail Pitty Thanks for all you’re doing in this fight against bullies xx 25
Stephen Stokes 10
Catriona Howatson 20
Mandie Prieto 10
Donna Wallace Happy to help fight this abusive organisation that has completely list its way. 10
Ilona Jasiewicz Solidarity and huge respect to you for what you are doing. Good luck. 10
Anne Reyersbach 10
Sally Burton Always run with the right crowd! 10
Bruce Lesnick Have followed you for a long time and written about this myself. We have to stand up. Thanks for speaking out. 50
Jo Bartosch I never would’ve imagined I’d want to see Stonewall stopped, but they no longer support or advocate for those who are same sex attracted. Stonewall need to be weeded out of statutory bodies & private companies so that employees can speak freely once more. 10
Angie Jukes Wishing you the very best of luck. 10
Helen Wolfe 10
Jonathan Wheeler Best of luck. 20
Sue Riley Thank you for your principles & courage in standing up for girls, women & lesbians & speaking truth to power. 10
Andy Best 20
Indigo Standing with you Allison! 10
Laura Sparling All the best to you, Allison. 10
S Schaaf Good luck – this is important 10
For our Daughters. Thank you Allison. 25
Alexandra Clark 10
Rebecca Bland 10
Robert Burns Sending you my best wishes and love. 10
Jamie Heath Go Allison! 10
Rhys Thomas 10
Samantha Haycock 50
Samantha Bussey With you all the way Allison. 50
Robin Ion 10
Suzy T 10
Nicole Alicea 25
Amanda Heslegrave Xxx 10
Daley Thompson 25
Charlotte Nevarez 25
Louise Esdale Thank you Allison ❤️ 25
Emma Johannesson 5
Natasha 10
Clare Curran 25
Hannah 5
Antonia 10
Gerard Kelly 25
Cathy Dalton With you all the way. 25
La Stempler 10
Federico Lafaire 15
Carol Nefedow Go, Allison! 10
Caroline Hitchen 10
Amanda Freeman 10
Ale Asteriti I wish I could donate more Allison this case is so important and you will prevail if there is justice in the world. You are a wonderful woman and human. 25
Jo Meyertons Thank you for your excellent work! 5
Jayne 10
Raoul & Consuela Lopes Diaz With you all the way Allison, best of luck.
Raoul and Consuela Lopes Diaz.
Mary Humphreys Good luck in your action. 10
David Bridle Good luck Alison. Stonewall’s appalling action is an injustice worth fighting. Who do they think they are? 50
Clate So pleased I can finally donate. This is so important. 50
Deborah Hazell 25
Steve Veal 10
Amanda de Lussey 5
Judith Berridge All the best Allison. Thousands of women are standing right behind you. 25
Christina Arasmo 25
Una-Jane Winfield As a transwidow I support your campaign against Stonewall and the utterly destructive ‘gender identity ideology’ which they profess. Only legal action will get the sex-based arguments out in front of the public. Thank you! 50
Katharine Harris Go Allison. Everyone at LGB Alliance is with you every step of the way. We’ve got this xx 100
Elizabeth Walker We have to fight this terrible threat to women and in the end to all of us. 5
Susan Elliott 50
Lisa Whitlock 50
Euan Clayton 10
Rachel Delighted to be able to support you Allison, shameful you’ve had to raise money this way but also incredibly heartening to see the support you have x 10
Valerie Martin 10
Fiona Desn Wishing you lots of luck 10
Rob Hind Thank you for all you are doing. 10
Nicola 10
Janine Humphrey Thank you so much for having the courage to stand up to this and fighting for women and children. 50
Tish Naughton Solidarity Alison. I. the name of parents whose Gay Offspring are once again believing they are #BornWrong thanks to all the teaching materials supplied by Stonewall or with their endorsement. 10
Trevor Dixon 10
Eve Tallis Full of admiration for you, good luck. 25
Jane Leaper 10
Kate Carr 50
Emily Hallam-Jones 25
Ella Muneer All the best Alison 10
Ross 5
Ruth Murray 20
Jennifer Thank you so much for taking this on and courageously standing up for women and girls. Good luck with the fight, we are with you 💪 15
Brett Olson May God bless and guide your work! 25
Amber Walden Wishing you the best in your battle for justice from across the pond, Allison! You have worldwide support, and your cause is one of the most important issues of this century. Thank you for standing up for women, children, and LGB rights. 100
Amy Smith thank you so much for sharing your story, wish i could donate more, i so appreciate your fight for women and our voices, 5
Cheryl Hercus Thank you for doing this for all women and girls. 50
Emma Griffin I read your amazing statement on the original crowdfunder but it had been pulled before I had a chance to share a few of my pennies with you. You’re an inspiration to women everywhere. Your story and everything you are doing to day is amazing. I wish you all the very best for this important legal action. I’ve been part of Naomi Cunningham’s #DontSubmitToStonewall campaign. I’m going to write to the senior management team about their engagement with Stonewall once they’ve responded to the FOI. Wish me luck too!! xxx 25
Diana Parkin Your courageous actions need support. Women are oppressed on the basis of our sex, not gender. 10
Gillian Philip All the luck and good wishes in the world, Allison ❤️ 25
Carolyn Shirley 25
Alexander Macpherson 10
Lindsay Rawlins-Lamb 25
Anthea Osborne Thank you ❤️ 10
Catherine O’Shea 10
Cara Tivey Happy to support the voice of reason. Good Luck with your case. 10
Kathryn 20
Pam Finch Good luck Alison, keep going 10
Peta 10
Christin Cockerton Go Allison! Thank you for leading the fight for all girls and women. 10
Liz Regan Courageous, tenacious, wise woman of integrity. 10
Carol Bailey So grateful that you are taking this on, Allison – thank you from the bottom of our hearts – Caz and Al xx 15
Anya North Thank you Alison for stepping up to do this important work 👏 5
John Robinson 50
Otto Piffel 10
Angela Lynch 10
Rachel Hughes 5
Brandy 25
Karen Davies Delighted to be in a position where I can afford to contribute. You are an inspiration, and a role model. Thank you so much for standing up to this awful, woman hating ideology. 25
Luke Brennan You’re the best! 10
Dr. J Psychiatrist, feminist Thank you for doing this. It is so important this ideology is challenged. It’s dangerous 25
Graeme Simmons 25
BRACKEN Foley Good Luck Allison 10
Lucy Marsh Standing with you 10
M Watson well done Allison – you’re doing an important thing! We’re all behind you. 10
Susan Good Luck with this case Alison, thank you for standing strong against this movement 20
Sarah Mann 10
Sue Bryan 15
Jan Skelton It’s so sad when a good organisation goes bad. But important now that Stonewall is brought to account. Thank you, Allison, for taking this forward. 20
Liz Harris All power to you Allison. You’re an inspiration. 10
Sue Peters Thank you for fighting for lesbian, gay and bi rights. 10
Mary Hepburn 25
Christine 10
Claire Stagg All power to your elbow., 25
Margaret Egrot 25
John REID 25
Holly Thank you Alison and good luck. 10
Michael Collins These are serious allegations and they deserve to be tested in court. 10
Nick Osmond-Jones 10
Corinne Hills Solidarity, sister 💪🏻
I will donate more, when I can
Rebecca Lush Wishing you all the strength Allison. The way your chambers have treated you is so shabby and shameful. And Stonewall’s influence must be challenged 10
Shelly Cooke I wish I could give more. Thank you for all that you do! 5
Alex Davies I was horrified to hear what Stonewall, and many other once good-intentioned organisations have become. I think this is a fight for all of us. I shall continue to donate what I can. 2
Alison Simmons Keep buggering on. The bastards won’t last much longer. 25
Deborah Holland 10
Sarah Wood 10
Rachel Goddard 100
Ann Stevens 10
Claire Sumner Thank you Alison xx 10
Fiona Ross 10
Tim 5
Tessa McInnes This is a much needed contribution to holding stonewater account and exposing its practices to the public. You are an inspiration and tremendous and you have my 100-percent support 10
M&L We’re cheering for you. 10
Rhiannon Spear Best pal of Nicola Sturgeon. 10
Sief GP The silent majority is with you Allison. A second donation, as you carry the flame for so many. Thank you. ❤️ 50
Claudia Jungere Glad to pick up where we were interrupted by the zealots on the other site. 10
julia findlater Thank you. 10
Helen Bunter You’re doing this for all of us 10
Dom Maxted Thank you Allison. Stonewall must be stopped. 25
Alan Knott 10
Stephen Pollock 10
Al Breen Solidarity Allison x 10
Paul Tracy 10
Darren Holding the line fighting the good fight keep going 500
Sam 10
Cecilia I’m sorry for what you’ve had to go through. Shame on your chambers. You are courageous and we wish you all the very best.! 50
Jess Silverstone Good luck! 25
Jennifer Smith 10
Luisa Compobassi 50
Lesley Sharpe 10
Karen Wilkinson Best of luck to you 10
Gillian Kenealy Best of luck Alison, and thanks for all you do to raise awareness of this madness. 10
RoseWith Reeve With you all the way, Allison.4988 10
Anna Boyle 25
Linda McQueen Go for it, Allison, you have the brains, the contacts and the fire to do this! 50
Rebecca Lawrence 10
Karen Lindquist Thank you for standing up for free speech and also for defending same sex attracted people and women from this assault on our basic freedoms. Best of luck! 25
Eugenia Brides 50
Kim Bryan 25
Bronwen Davies Thank you 5
james rodden I hope you are successful Allison, this whole trans debacle needs sorting. I agree wholeheartedly with your views on this that trans need their own spaces & not womens 10
Natasha Grover Happy to help with such a worthwhile cause 50
Deirdre Baker From one Proud same sex attracted adult human female to another. Thank you for fighting for me and so many others. 25
Michael Boyd 10
Sarah and family Thank you for making a stand against Stonewall and for standing up for women. We have huge respect for you. 100
Joanne Jones 25
Elspeth Bleakley 10
Heather Binning 50
Fiona Macaskill 10
Cathy Hawkins Important challenge 25
Sabrina 10
Gillian P I’m proud to support a brave and strong woman like you fighting such an important cause 100
heather leith Solidarity 25
Sandra Hamilton Thank you for being a strong woman and for standing up to this cry-bully organisation that Stonewall has become. 5
Sian Griffiths I’m with you all the way. 25
Täve Schur I salute you! You got this!! 10
Lynn Massey-Davis We need to challenge. Women matter too. Stonewall has lost its way 5
Patrick Broussard 10
Bibi Shaw Really wish I could donate more. Hope you reach your target and that your case is successful. This is so incredibly important. Thank you 20
Courtney A simple thank you for standing up to this misogynistic bullying. No more. 50
Anne-Tracy Barros-Ruof 10
Rob Kent 25
Caroline Nann 50
Sonya Douglas Hughes 10
Jules Cassidy The defenestration of Stonewall has been so sad to witness. Now they are a well heeled &dangerous enemy of the LGB. Go get em Allison 50
Caroline Spry Spry 50
dawn johnson 5
Stone Wall Look, we made a mistake, take us for every penny we have. 25
Declan Doyle 10
Carly Standing with you Allison. 10
Bob Jones 10
Jan Shepherd 25
Ian Blackford An important challenge 25
Michael Conroy Solidarity. This is a very necessary challenge to an organisation that has completely lost its way. Best wishes. 10
Anita Diaz Good luck Allison and thank you for standing up for women and girls. 25
Mary Gordon Donating on behalf of Owen Jones 25
Sharon O’Brien 10
Victoria Phillips 25
Mike French 50
Jennifer Field 25
Nancy Diaz Go get them, Allison! 20
Claire 10
Patrick Doyle All the very best to you and the team, Allison. 10
Bronwen Salter-Murison Your cause is just and I am privileged to be able to support you, Allison. 25
Miranda Myers Good luck Allison, I admire your courage immensely x 10
Joanne Gibbons 10
Magda Keep going, Allison! Thank you for fighting for all of us. 10
Alan Neale 10
Alan Doherty 10
Rosa G 25
Mary Denis 25
Graham Paterson #RIPstonewall 25
Nasturtium Bennett 5
Hilary Kerr I hope this action leads to the truth about trans becoming widely known. 10
Nasturtium Bennett 5
Marian Aird 5
Susan Tollerfield This needs doing – thank you! 25
Helen Robinson 10
Rose Shapiro 100
Ilona Shannon Stonewall needs to be curtailed, they are dangerous. Thanks for doing this. 10
Rebecca James 10
Claire Williams 50
Susan Reality Matters. Biological Sex Is Real. #WeWillBeHeard 25
Bev Jackson Go, Allison! You rightly seek justice for the shameful treatment you’ve received. And more widely, your action will help LGB people, women and children everywhere. Thank you so much for your courage and perseverance! xx 100
Christine Casey 25
Lynn Thank you, Allison! 25
Emma Grover Allison. 🤛🏻🙌🏻✊🏻 15
Sadie Darroch 20
Samantha 10
Nicola Sturgeon Good Luck from the boss of Scotland Scotland.
Suzanne Swainson 25
C Mackie 20
Peter 10
Karen Stonewall are now nothing more than protection racketeers in their practices of extortion and coercion. With their aggressive mafia-like methods in promoting the pseudoscience of gender ideology, their influence is divisive and regressive. They need to be curtailed. 10
Constance Kavanagh I am so sorry I can’t donate more. Thank you so much for fighting the good fight. 10
Helen Cummins Good luck Alison. 10
Caroline Meagher Thank you for speaking out. You are both stunning and brave. 10
Peter Ramsay 100
Carina Moravec Thank you Allison. Stonewall has become extremely bad news for women. Will be donating again. 30
Catherine Cameron Thank you so much for your courage in taking this action. In doing so you are standing up for human rights in general, women’s rights in particular and genuine equality. 25
Amy Carparelli 25
Lorraine Miller 20
Carolyn Paterson 25
Jane Roffe 10
Fiona McAnena Thank you Allison and good luck. It’s brave women like you who will make the difference we need. ❤️ 25
Lisa Hands So many are rooting for you, Alison! 10
Pauline Robertson 10
Emma Moore We’re right behind you Allison x 10
Cap Katie B Best of luck, women have been collectively holding their breath waiting for this one to come along. X 10
Daniela Conte I will keep supporting you again and again and again, until this fight is over. You are the best of us; thank you for shouldering our burden. 50
Norma Austin Hart 10
Alex Bloodfire I fully support what you are doing Alison! This is a very important case! 15
Pam Thompson 10
Caro Go get them. 10
Helen Steel Thanks for standing up for LGB rights and for all women & girls, especially in the face of such concerted bullying. Solidarity in your fight to resist the authoritarianism of gender identity proponents like Stonewall. Happy to donate again. 25
Wendy Davis This transgender insanity is capturing all our institutions. Even the Feminist Library is no longer feminist 🙁 10
Sal Good luck Alison. You are taking on a rich lobby group who have been doing a huge disservice to LGB for a long time. Thank you 25
Kate Sage Thank you 10
Marie Thank you for doing this. 10
Debbie Epstein I hope you win this important case. 10
Tim Coleman Much repsect for doing this. You are standing up for our rights based on sex and freedom of opinion. 25
Beth Mum 20
Peter Olech 10
Wendelabra Glad to see this back up and running. Totally behind 25
Victoria Burke 25
Joanne Fretwell Thank you, this is so important for all women 10
Heather McCullough Thank you for your courage and tenacity Allison and sending you all my best wishes. 25
ALANA RICHARDS Good luck!! 50
Andrew Important work, thank you 10
Catherine Nicholls If I win the lottery I’ll give you the rest.
Go girl!
Caroline Richmond 10
kerry Daynes 50
David Cook 25
Gillian Cassidy Thank you for what you are doing Allison, this is so important. 25
Lisa Randall So glad someone is challenging the monster that Stonewall has become. Good luck 10
Fiona Thompson 10
Elisabet Mähler 25
Jade Clayton Solidarity 15
Olw Hardwick-Grey 10
Helen Gray We are so far through the looking glass – I never thought I would see in my lifetime such an attack on women’s rights & such insidious homophobia in a western country. Thank you for standing your – our – ground. 50
Abigail Caffrey Glad I can support you Alison. Good luck 20
Sheena Kilpatrick Thank you Alison for standing up to the attempts of Men’s Rights Activists (and their enablers) to silence women. 50
Debbie Sweeting I’m happy to support your Crowdfunder for a second time in this most important case. Solidarity. 50
Ilaria Fulvio 10
Deborah Hatton 10
Kathryn 50
Alan Henness 25
Edna Wilson I support Allison’ s fight against Garden Court and Stonewall. They have gone against their own aims. Sleekit!! 25
Heather You go Allison! Such an inspirational woman. 10
Robert Hansard 10
Rachel Edney Wish I could give more! Takes a huge amount of courage to do this, all power to you xx 5
Helle Larsen 10
L Barry 10
Constance Whyte 15
Jessica Goldfinch Lots of love xxx 5
Gillian S Thank you Allison for taking a stand against this sexist ideology 10
Elizabeth Donnelly 10
Adrian Corrie Keep fighting the good fight Allison 25
Rebecca Thomas Good luck Allison.
I’ve worked for an organisation that helps women and children fleeing domestic abuse. So I get the arguments you are making.
Stonewall has done amazing work in the past but it does seem to have lost its way. Big charities sometimes forget they are accountable to the public – Stonewall isn’t the only one.
Christopher Caffrey Best of luck, so many are behind you. 10
Fiona Douglas 25
Denise Wightman I commend your courage, Alison, in fighting for the rights of all women and girls. Much gratitude 25
Belen Wilson So glad that you have managed to get the fund page going again. The attempt to silence you are scary and a massive injustice. Good luck . 5
Brigitte Lechner Thank you. 10
Melanie Henderson Thank you Allison for all you are doing. 15
Claire Malone 10
Jane W Wishing you every success, much strength to you in the fight ahead 50
Br Heeo 50
Kathryn Jones Thank you for everything you’re doing 10
Janet Lallysmith All power to you Allison. 25
Richard Keatley Keep fighting the good fight 25
Nicola Waters Good luck! 10
Matthew 25
Jemma Winborn Alison we are right behind you 25
Sue Wilkinson 25
kate Biggs Thank you Allison your bravery is inspirational. I never donate ,but your experiences compelled me to do so. 50
Matthew 25
Daniel Nicol Great stuff Allison. Let’s crush this deranged ideology! 25
Norma Ly I’m frightened, and angry because I’m frightened.
It’s time to be brave and stand up for women and girls.
Dawn Thatcher 10
Lorien Helm All the luck in the world. 25
Imogen Makepeace Totally with you. More if/when you need it. In sisterhood 10
Sam M Donated then, donating again now. Thank you for leading the charge. 10
G M Just a small donation to the fighting fund. All the best x x 10
Joy Stewart Fight the good fight. 5
Alex Wallace Dunlop The protections for sexual orientation are not hateful and must be defended. 25
john audifferen 25
Holly 10
Abigail McGyn Fully behind you. Will donate each month if necessary. You are the best of us. 10
Abigail McGyn Fully behind you. Will donate each month if necessary. You are the best of us. 10
Charley 5
Christine Sexton 25
erica bennett 10
R Veals You were treated appallingly. Thank you for standing up to this sinister organisation. Happy to make a second donation. 10
Lesley Semmens So glad you have sorted the crowdfunding! Solidarity 💜💪💜💪💜 100
W B Carter Thanks for fighting for human rights, Allison! 250
Daljit Singh 25
Niamh McCabe 25
Philip 10
harriet wistrich Thanks for being a feminist, an anti racists and a lesbian and gay rights activist and for standing up for your principles in the face of concerted bullying 50
Yvonne McQuaid Challenging Stonewall’s ideology and standing up for women, children and the LGB community is so important. 500
Artemisia Vulgaris 25
Andrew Willgoss Good luck. 20
Kate Roxburgh 25
Andrea Yeomans Thankyou for being so strong Allison, admire you greatly. 25
Ann-Marie Stacey 50
Anne Robertson Thank you for doing this 50
Rachel King Thank you, Allison! You’re an inspiration. 10
Victoria Berman Good luck and thank you 20
Kate Tyler Very best wishes, Allison, and thank you. 10
Angela Smith 25
Jacky Holyoake It’s an honour to be able to support this action, in which you engage on behalf of so many others. Thank you. 100
Martin Cleaver It’s time to get Stonewall back on track. 25
Lynda Boyd 25
Carol Cook Good luck and thank you. 10
Jade Mccready Thank you Alison, for fighting against Stonewall’s trans inclusivity policy which conflicts with the protections, safety and dignity of women, girls, children and LGB people. I don’t believe they are helping trans people either. 25
Eileen Higham I supported the gay community during the Aids pandemic and my support has never waivered. However, Stonewall is no longer a friend of women. My grateful thanks to you. 10
Douglas Campbell 100
Isabelle Latham 20
Clare Griffiths 10
Barbara Lindsay Thank you, thank you Allison for your courage. Such an important cause. 10
Aldo Peternell 35
Jane Waring Thank you for your courage & determination. 10
Jessica Shepherd 50
C Linden Thank you for bravely taking on Stonewall, whose secretive influences really need to be understood by the public. I hope that there will be a future case to remove Stonewall from schools. 100
Denise Banks 10
Mary Buttolph This is a really important case. Thankyou for your courage.4129 75
Gabe Beckmann 25
Dorothy Henson 100
Kirsty Great to see this back live again. You have so much support. Stonewall needs to learn they can’t bully people into submission 10
CAROL LAWRENCE in sorority 5
Alison Dowling Stonewall must be held to account for the damage they’ve caused to women’s protections, safety and dignity, girls, children and LGB people. 10
Denise Chester 20
John The donate button is working but there seems to be a lot of traffic. Brava! 5
Robert Lederman Another small donation from abroad 10
Annie Colliss 10
Zeev Suraski Godspeed! 100
Pat Thank-you Allison for standing up for women, it’s sad to see what Stonewall has become 25
Miriam Peck I’m donating as the daughter of a gay man who had to hide what he was under the persecutory regime the UK imposed on one of its colonies and whose life was shortened because of what he could not say. Thank you Allison. 50
Jane Dace I couldn’t afford much but its such an important cause I had to contribute & I figure lots of small donations mount up 10
Jude Grant 10
Vanessa Howard 10
Ann Sinnott Stonewall has a pernicious stranglehold on organisations and institutions to the detriment of our society and to individuals such as yourself. Thank you for your courageous action to bring about needed change. 25
J Gourley 25
Debra Good Luck and thank you Alison 10
Catherine Chalmers 25
Triona K Fantastic that you too control of this process after being tactically shut down by the so-called “progressives”. Good luck! Such an important case. 10
Clara Bella Allison, you got this. Thank you for your tireless efforts. 1000
Jo 25
Jacqueline Thankyou for standing up to these bullies who are wrecking society with extreme, divisive & harmful intent. 10
Joanne Lawrence Thank you 50
Jonathan Harris 100
Rebecca Heath 50
Liz Vickers 10
Sarah Tucker 10
Jason Mantovan 10
Becky Nixon Good luck! As a bisexual woman who presented as a boy when I was a child I’m horrified by what’s happening and Stonewall’s part in it. 10
tina johnston 10
Brett Gallard Best of luck Alison. You have a good case! 50
Kate S Go Allison! You’ve an army of us standing with you x 20
Matthew Greenfield 10
MINA ZNAIDI Bon courage!!! 25
Carina Bennet 25
Jo 25
Becky 20
D.J. Mills 10
Duncan 100
David Nicol 25
Issy Ismail Hugely important case, wishing you all the best Allison! 10
Amanda Gosling 50
Clara Bella 100
Ann-Marie Good luck Alison and thank you for advocating for same sex attracted. 20
Rona Duwe Stay strong! 25
Nicola Brown Brave people like yourself stand for what the silent majority believe in. Good luck! 25
Anna Christie Keep up the good work. 10
Carole Irwin 20
Sarah Wilton I admire you enormously Alison. Courage calls to courage. Supporting you all the way. 10
Gretchen Morgan Best wishes from Australia 10
Nicola Carr Solidarity – this is the fight of our lives! 10
Christine Fraser 25
Lorraine Nutt 10
Anna O’Connor This is important. Thankyou. 50
Suesan Matthews Good luck! 25
Val Stevenson Right behind you. 10
Nicole 10
Louise Osborne Wishing you every success Allison, you have an army of women behind you cheering you on. 10
Serah Ogunsanwo 25
Kathleen Stock Thank you Allison for all that you do. 50
Raquel Rosario Sánchez Well done, Allison. I am proud of you for standing up for yourself and setting up your crowdfunding website. Please stay strong. We are all with you until the end, and beyond! 😉 25
Maya Forstater Stay strong Allison. Well done for setting up an independent site. The number of organisations that cower in the face of this bullying is shocking. We keep going . So much respect for you. 25
Lydia Morris-Jones Woo hoo! Go Allison! We’re right behind you in this historic fight for justice. You’re an inspiration to us all. 5
Sarah Phillimore You are doing this for all of us Allison. Tonight I sat in a ‘diversity’ event and had to listen to a discrimination barrister say that women who thought there was a conflict of rights between women and transwomen were ‘completely mad’. This has to end. There has to be freedom to debate and to challenge. 100
Elaine Harrison Go BluskyeAllison! We’re all behind you! xx 10