Update #1

You are all AMAZING!

We hit our target of £20K within 2 and a half hours.

I am almost without words.  How to convey my gratitude? Will thank you from the bottom of my heart do for now? 

Each and every one of you, whether you contributed a little or a lot, have sent a powerful message to Stonewall and to the world: it’s a new day; we will not allow free speech, women’s rights and safety, child safeguarding, LGB and T rights to be distorted and corrupted by the new trans activism. 

The initial £20K target was for the immediate next stages in the case. Having now reached that target we are looking forward for the funding of the remainder of the case. We have not yet received pleadings from Stonewall or my chambers, so we don’t yet know exactly how they will fight the case or how much work will be required – but we can expect the litigation to be hard-fought.  

Please continue to give what you can, whether in donation or publicising the case. No gesture is too small and all of it is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

I will not let you down.