Update #8 – I have reopened the crowdfunder

Dear Supporters, 

I have reopened my crowdfunder and I ask you to help me raise a further £400,000 to cover my legal costs.  

This will mean the total legal fees I need to raise on this case come in at over half a million pounds. All the money raised via my crowdfund will go to pay my legal costs. I will not keep a penny of it.  

My legal team of Ben Cooper QC and Peter Daly are brilliant and quite simply the best in the business. 

In February 2021, we successfully resisted an attempt by Garden Court Chambers to have my claim struck out, and in October 2021, we succeeded in adding a claim for direct discrimination, based on my gender critical belief, despite fierce opposition from Garden Court Chambers. 

Obtaining disclosure in this case, particularly from Garden Court Chambers, has been a drawn out, laborious and costly process, but it has been worthwhile, as will soon become apparent.  

This is an unusually complex employment tribunal case. Most tribunal cases last around 5 to 10 days. My case will last for 20 days. The trial bundle of documents runs to thousands of pages. Stonewall and Garden Court Chambers are expected to call some 30 plus witnesses, all of whom will be cross-examined by Ben Cooper QC. 

My case is likely to have far reaching consequences. Stonewall will be held accountable for its behaviour for the first time in a court of law. 

The trial date is 25 April – 23 May 2022. It will be live tweeted by the wonderful women at @tribunaltweets.  

I have assumed responsibility for paying these legal costs, as all of us who crowdfund do. It is an act of faith. I trust there remains huge support for me and for this action, but I will not lie to you, being liable for legal costs of over half a million pounds, win or lose, is a heavy burden. 

There really is no contribution that is too small. For those people that cannot contribute, you can help me by promoting my crowdfund. 

Finally, as I prepare to go into battle, I take great encouragement and strength from your messages of support, so please, whatever your financial means, keep those comments coming. 

Thank you!

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