Update #9 – Progress on my Appeal against Stonewall

Good news. I have been notified today by the Employment Appeal Tribunal that my appeal has passed the sift stage and will proceed to a full hearing.

The sift means that a senior EAT judge has looked at my grounds of appeal against Stonewall and determined that the proposed grounds raise reasonably arguable questions of law relating to the approach of the Employment Tribunal to the application of sub-sections 111 (2) and (3) Equality Act 2010.

When the Employment Tribunal dismissed my case against Stonewall, we say that they applied the wrong test for causation and took the wrong approach to inducement under the EqA 2010.

If I succeed on appeal it will mean that Stonewall will bear responsibility for its role in causing or inducing unlawful discrimination and victimisation against me and it will create binding legal precedent.

Findings in respect of my claims against Garden Court Chambers are not appealed. As far as we know they have not appealed either. The deadline for them to do so would have been last year, within 42 days of the judgment, and so we would expect to have received notice of it by now had they appealed.

I will update you further as and when I am able to do so.

Very best wishes,