Read the full Stonewall complaint sent by Stonewall to Garden Court Chambers, and my formal response to it.

Read the complaint from Stonewall
(view appendix)

Read my response to the complaint investigation by Garden Court
(view appendix)

Stonewall’s complaint about me was described by Queen’s Counsel during the preliminary hearing as “outrageous”.  

Employment Judge Stout described it as a “threat”. 

Because these documents were made public during the recent and successful preliminary hearing, I am able to reproduce them in full.

I have decided to do so here for two reasons:

(i) there was some confusion about what was comment or a direct quote from these documents during the live tweeting of the preliminary hearing that I wish to correct; and

(ii) my legal action against Stonewall and my chambers is funded by the public and I think they deserve to see these documents in full.

My case is due to go to trial (the full merits hearing) in under 12 weeks. My lawyers and I need to do all that we can to keep this trial date. 

My crowdfund is almost fully funded but not quite at 100%.  I recognise that by asking for further support to get my crowdfund to 100% I will be asking many of the same people to donate again. But ask you I must.

Once my legal action is 100% funded, I can turn my mind to focus on preparing for the enormous battle that lies ahead.

Thank you.

Allison Bailey

Please note: I have decided to redact the name of the person at Stonewall who sent the complaint, although I am not required by law to do so. I do not want to invite personal criticism of the individual concerned, who is clearly acting on behalf of the organisation. 

You will see other names mentioned, all but one is in the public domain as a direct consequence of these proceedings and the recent court judgement. Therefore their names are not redacted. I have also not redacted the name of one additional person, who by their own actions and words have put themselves into the public domain concerning my case.